Saturday, January 7, 2012

No more hiding! Out with the old, in with the new!

I have good news and bad news...

The bad news is...I'm STILL fat.

I was hoping after getting my teeth all yanked out I'd have lost some such luck. There is a good chance I'll always be fat...but I still hope to work on it and be a little less fat sometime in this lifetime.

The good news is...there will be no more pictures like this:


Or like these:

me hiding collage1

And thank God, no more like THIS! (gross picture warning)

004 cropped


On Jan. 3rd, I had a dentist pick up my new smile!!

No more hiding! Gotta work on my smile a bit, I haven't used it much in a long time, I need to practice...


me framed
I'm still fat...still pretty ugly...but by golly I now have pretty teeth! Now...if only I can figure out how to eat with them!

Talking with them was hard at first, but I'm getting the hang of it...the eating is another story. I was told to eat only soft foods for a while, make everything small, and to put food in both sides so I can chew evenly not one sided. I've been doing that, but for some reason the food tends to go down between the bottom dentures and my cheeks and I feel like a chipmunk LOL. I've been eating about 5 bites per meal with the teeth in, then I give up and take them out to finish. Practice practice practice I guess. Someday I'll get the hang of it...I hope!


Goodbye 2011

2011 wasn't the best of years.

It seems it was the year of breakdowns & repairs.

I think the basement flooded twice.

We had sump pump breakage.

Leaky pipe.

Leaky sinks.

Clogged drain in basement causing big mess down there (and left me unable to use the kitchen sink for several days).

It was also a year of toilet overflows, have I mentioned we have a carpeted bathroom? Yeah..big mess.

In July I think it was, our less than 5 yr old fancy refrigerator broke down. Fix it guy had a fix for it, but said its iffy, might last 3 days, 3 months, 3 years or 30...just never know. We gave it a lasted about 5 months. A few days before Christmas it died. It was unfixable. We had to move the spare smaller frig from the basement upstairs, and the old one went out the door.

We also had dryer issues this past year. Even now it has its good days and bad...

Our portable dishwasher also took a dump. It started leaking & wasn't getting stuff very clean, I got sick of mopping up the mess and now I use it to store stuff in and on LOL, and I wash dishes by hand.

Bill's truck also needed some expensive repairs, not only once, but twice...

All that (plus some I think I forgot), and also some dental issues & health issues that caused major expense.

It hasn't been the greatest year.

I'm hoping 2012 will be a GOOD year. Good health, and no repairs or replacing of household items! A winning lottery ticket would kick off the year right...I guess I need to play to win though LOL.

Happy 2012! (I know I'm late, sorry)


Christmas Past

I know, its Jan., and I haven't blogged about Christmas... Better late than never right?

Christmas Eve the girls got to open their traditional present, new PJ's to wear to bed. This is something I've been doing for the kids since they were babies. Even though they know what the present is, they still get excited. Unfortunately Jilly's excitement was short-lived this year, when she put her PJ's on and found out they were to small. The pants fit, but the shirt was up above her belly button, she was NOT a happy camper.

It was after 11 when the little girls finally fell asleep. Santa was pretty tired by then, but he did manage to stop by and leave a few things. Surprisingly he didn't leave coal, since the girls probably deserved quite a bit... They ended up making out pretty good.

Kelsey got a nice new watch & camera. Jilly got some games, and from her dad she got an iPad. Bree got a dollhouse and other things.

christmas college1

The bottom corner pic of Bill is him opening the one small gift I got him...a 5 lb box of Atomic Fireball jawbreakers! He loves those things! We have a hard time finding them in stores, so I ordered some from Amazon. He thought it was pretty funny that I got him such a big thing of them.

One of the things Bree got was a cardboard playhouse that you can color. Santa didn't realize how darn big that sucker was going to be! We set it up and it took up most of the living room! I had to take the tree down the day after Christmas so I could make some room.

cardboard house collage
As you can see, its nearly as tall as Bill! Bree has really enjoyed this house. Once we moved it to its place, we put her new dollhouse inside it, and a few other toys and she'll hang out in there playing for hours at a time.

Christmas was pretty good for us (except for a broken frig). I hope yours was pleasant as well!