Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm so glad the room stopped spinning

Yesterday starting in the afternoon, I started to feel icky. As the day wore on it got worse. Slightly head-achy and super dizzy. DIZZY, not DITZY :) Bree fell asleep for a late nap, so I ate some dinner hoping it would help, then I went to lay down. I was hoping Bree would sleep through most of the night, but no such luck. She woke up at 7:30, I had only dozed for about 20 minutes. Then she was up until midnight. Fun! Hard to take care of a toddler when the room is spinning. I sat on the couch pretty much with my eyes closed as much as possible, she played and watched TV, and climbed on me. I was so glad when she finally went to sleep. I got her to bed and went to bed myself. I was totally bummed when she woke back up at 4 a.m., it took a bit, but I got her back to bed shortly before 5. Then of course the dog wanted to go out. After that, I got in bed, got comfy, and Bree was up again. Between 5 & 6, I tried to get her back to sleep and in bed several times, she kept waking and crying. Finally around 6, I got her into her bed, she woke up a bit so I laid with her a few till she got into a solid sleep. I finally escaped her room and went to mine. Guess what...dumb dog had to pee again! I think she & Bree work together to keep me awake. I get back to bed around 6:45, and after about 10 minutes I was back to sleep. Then Bill came home. He came in to change clothes, making noise with hangers...oy. I rolled over and covered my head with the pillow and drifted back to sleep, until the phone rang at 8. So I gave up. Bree woke for good shortly after anyways. Is one good nights sleep to much to ask for? Apparently so. Oh well. I'm just glad the room was no longer spinning when I got up. Would have made for a rough day if it was.

Today I didn't do much of anything. I cleaned the living room, twice so far...I'm sure it will need a 3rd soon. I got some laundry going, fun fun. Played with yakky Bree, that is always fun. She makes me laugh.

Once Bill got up, Bree played "tato" with daddy, in other words, play doh. That is their favorite thing to do together I think.

At 3 I picked up Jilly & Kelsey. Bree fell asleep on the way back, so she had another late nap...oy, going to be a long night again. Baths have been given, dinner has been cooked, but not cleaned up yet...I'm hoping the cleaning fairy shows up soon. Kels is in the kitchen now making a snack, saltine cracker candy. I have had it before, a long time ago, and it was good. Not sure how it will be with Kelsey making it :) If its not good, that is a plus, my fat ass doesn't need it anyways...

Bill is off his day job this week. Tomorrow we'll be going to my moms for a bit, he has a mattress to deliver to her, and Bree wants to visit and play. Once we get home, I should move the bunk beds to the other wall in the bedroom, so the girls can see the TV better. I'm hoping to get Mr. Bill to put up the rain gutter shelves we are going to do in there too. Sometime this week, we need to finish Jilly's Valentine Box from hell...oh joy.

Have I mentioned that Bree has been talking A LOT? All day long... She's been talking about the abominable snowman, I'm amazed she can even say that! The other day I asked her if she wanted a graham cracker, she said, "No mommy, I don't want a GRANDMA cracker!" LOL. Today she was saying, "Daddy teaches me naughty words" He doesn't really, well not on purpose.. She has definitely mastered the art of tattle-tailing already too.

Whelp, I've probably bored you plenty already, so I'm outta here for now...Toodles

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Creepy phone call

Last night, or should I say early this morning, at 3 a.m., my phone rang. Middle of the night phone calls always jolt me and make my heart beat fast, because usually if someone is calling at that hour, something is wrong, at least thats what my mind says. But it wasn't bad news, well in a way it was, but more CREEPY than anything. It was a guy. Although on caller id, its a woman's name. Anyways, this is how it went...

Me: Hello?

Him: Hello

Me: yes?


Me: YES??

Him: I couldn't hear you well. Were you sleeping?

Me: Yes I was sleeping, its 3 in the freakin morning!

Him: Oh
Him: Where are you at?
Him: Are you in *insert my town name here*?

Me: Umm WHY?

Him: Because I'm looking for someone

Me: Well, I think you have the wrong person.

Him: Do I?

Me: Yes.

Him: Just know, when you go out later, that someone is looking at you.
Him: I love you.

Ummm WTH? Who is this crazy person, why is he looking at me, and why does he love me?!?

It really freaked me out. Especially since it was just Bree & I at home. I double checked the doors to make sure they were locked. I turned the humidifier off in the bedroom so I could hear other house noises better in case whoever it was would try to get in. I prayed like crazy that Moo wouldn't need to go out to pee till at least day light, because I was afraid to take her out! I was half tempted to call the police non emergancy number and see if they could have a cop patrol near my home just to see if there was any crazy person lurking around.

Bree woke up a few minutes after the phone call. We cuddled until she went back to sleep. Than I went to the bedroom, wrote about the phone call on paper so I'd remember it all. Than I laid there tossing and turning, and listening....nerve wrecking! I finally dozed off at about 5:15...then at 5:30 Moo had to pee :( I was still leary about taking her out. I let her out, ran back in the house and locked the door, and sat in the warm house until she was ready to come back in. Than I grabbed her at the inside garage door, and took her with me to the back door to shut and lock she was going to protect me LOL.

I should post the phone number here from the caller id...and have all my friends and family call crazy person today, SEE HOW HE LIKES IT! Bastard.

Thats it for now...time to guzzle more coffee in hopes it wakes me up a bit. Toodles.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Do you know...?

Just a quick post tonight. Miss Bree is STILL awake, and I'm super tired, if I don't post something quick I'll not be able to keep my eyes open to type.

I was just wondering if you and your significant other have seperate computers. If you do, are they password protected? Do you know your significate others password?

Bill & I have our own pcs. We both have passwords. He has always known mine, I got to thinking the other day, that I have never known his. I asked him about it the other night. He was hesitant, but he did tell it to me (I think he did, could be a wrong one lol.) I don't have any plans to use it really, I was just wondering if he'd tell me :) Its only fair, he knows mine, I should know his.

Anyways, thats it for now. Miss Bree is turning cranky so maybe she'll finally stop talking and cuddle and go to sleep...Cross your fingers. Toodles!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Are you kidding me?

I have 1 credit card in my name, its to my favorite fat lady clothing store, (In case you didn't notice, I'm fat.). I got to my spending limit last year, and I've been trying to get the darn thing paid off. Unfortunatly I am only able to make the minimum payments on it, and with interest, I'm getting NO WHERE. It's super frustrating.

I have been receiveing eStatements from this company via email, and then I'd go to the site and pay online. Easy Peasy. Yesterday early afternoon, I got an email saying they switched banks that take care of all this, and I'm to go register there and start paying through them. Ok. They sent this to me yesterday, but they took over a few days before on the 24th...they should have sent something prior to that. Anyways, I go there and register, pain. in. the. ass., and then click the 'pay online' part. This takes me to the 'Terms of Use agreement' to read, and then accept or not. Normally, I don't usually read these much (my bad). I do a quick skim through and hit accept...but I didn't do that yesterday. I came across a part in the terms of use agreement that said, "FEES" *gulp*, this was going to be bad news, I just knew it. Sure enough it was bad news, crazy, insane, stupid, are you freaking kidding me news. Apparently, to pay online, there is a fee, every time, of $15!! Yes, $15! Are they insane? They expect me to pay $15 to pay my minimum $15 charge payment? So I'd be paying $30?! Talk about robbery. No. Way. In. Hell. will I be paying online now.

So now, either today or tomorrow, I need to drive out to the store and make a payment there, since its due tomorrow. If they had notified me of this change earlier I could have taken care of it yesterday morning while I was just 2 stores away from the store I need to pay at. I'm so annoyed. I think when I'm there I'm going to tell them where to stick their new fees, and discontinue using my FB card permanently. :(

Till later...Toodles

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Finally, several days late, FRF's finally sent the child support to the SDU, and finally into my bank account! For some reason they screwed things up again, making it very late. This is the second time in 3 months this has happened. Of course it happens at the worst times, when money around here is ummm non existent! I'm relieved it finally showed up. I wonder why now this is happening after about 10 years of NO trouble getting it on time. Maybe there is a new girl doing it or something...but they better get their act together, people depend on that money.

I was able to go pick up some groceries today. Not everything we need, but enough to get us by for a while. Later when I pick up the girls I'll be filling up my gas tank, it will be nice to have it FULL instead of hoovering around 1/4-1/8th of a tank.

Does anyone want a dog and 2 cats? I'm getting tired of middle of the night pee trips with the dog (I get enough wakings from Bree!). This morning I woke up to cat crap on the hallway carpet, and also a small spot on the bathroom (which is carpet btw). Then I came out to the living room to cuddle with Bree this morning, and there was cat puke all over the living room carpet. GROSS. I made Bill clean that up :)

Yesterday, Jilly brought home her recorder from school (BOO). They were supposed to arrive last week, but got delayed (YAY!) So, if anyone has some spare earplugs around, send some my way! Last night, Kels was trying to teach Jilly how to play, because Kelsey things she is an expert apparently...that didn't go well. It only resulted in Kelsey being bossy and Jilly getting frustrated and telling Kelsey basically where she could stick the recorder haha.

Next week Bill & I will celebrate our 3 yr anniversary. It seems like we've been married a lot longer then that. Hard to believe I married him after he did something mean to me. He had shoulder surgery in Jan. before we married... a day or so after surgery, he asked me to help him take a bath, since he couldn't shower because it would get his bandaged area wet. I agreed of course, being the good soon to be wife... So, I'm cleaning him, he gets up and I had to clean his I washed his butt crack he freaking FARTED!! Not just a itty bitty one, but a big loud ass blow my hair back fart. DISGUSTING. I slapped his ass and said a few choice words to him. He is lucky I loved him so much or I'd be outta there! LOL I did marry him, and he still farts...but there is a little more distance between us when he does. Thank God.

Anyways, thats all I have to chat about at the moment. Time to change a poopy diaper and start cleaning. Fun fun! Toodles!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Money Money Money

I'm probably dating myself here, but does anyone else remember that song? It was by Abba. Money Money Money.

Money, money, money
Must be funny
In the rich man's world
Money, money, money
Always sunny
In the rich man's world
All the things I could do
If I had a little money
It's a rich man's world
No kidding, right? My world would be a lot sunnier,and funnier, if we had a little money right now. Money is a very big stress right now in our life. We are struggling, along with a lot of other people in this world. To make a long story short, we need $1000, and we need it now. Money fairy, please leave me with a nice surprise. Hey, I can dream can't I?
I have nothing fun and exciting to really post about today. I did nothing today other then laundry, lots of it. I didn't go anywhere other then to take the girls back and forth to school, and to the gas station to put my last few dollars from my wallet into my gas tank. Tomorrow is pretty much the same. But instead of gas, I'll probably be squeezing a few dollars out of my almost nothing bank account for diapers, milk, and a few other necessities. But hey, at least we have a home to live in, and heat, and electricity, and internet! :)
It's been snowing today. Not a whole lot, but what we did get is blowing like crazy, its pretty windy out there. Hopefully the ground is covered again, I was starting to see the ugly dead grass because the previous snow was melting...we can't have that! I'm a snow lover. I'm not so much a cold lover though... I'm dreading taking the dog out for her end of the day pee here shortly. Brrr.
Kelsey asked me to take some pictures of her today. She got her hair cut yesterday (paid for it herself too with babysitting money), and she wanted some new updated pics to share. So, pictures I took...several. Of course I am going to share them with you...I hope you don't mind.

K & B
J & B
B & J

I hope you enjoyed those. Now, its time for bed for me! Have a marvelous night everyone. Toodles.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Don't even think about it!

I belong to a forum (a few actually, but I'm talking about only one right now). It contains mostly women, and most of them blog. Anyways, the latest talk on that forum is about a certain woman, who has a blog, and on that blog are bunches of pictures that she has taken off other peoples blogs. Pictures of their children. That is just so wrong. It appears she claims they are pictures of HER children. She obviously needs some professional help...

I don't believe she comes here. I hope she doesn't. But, for safety, I think I'm going to put a watermark type of thing on my pictures from now on. So if you happen to see my pictures on another site, pictures with a watermark saying who the photos belong to, PLEASE come here and let me know. I hope it doesn't come down to me having to stop posting pictures of my kids...because I love to share photos with my friends & family. But if I ever see my pictures on this crazy lady's blog, you can bet your sweet booty I'll be removing pics here.

Here are a few pictures to share with you tonight. The first is my silly daughter wearing her undies on her head haha. The next are of her dressed as "Princess Aubrey", Jilly dresses her up then announces her arrival and Miss Bree poses. Crazy girls.

I hope you enjoyed those. Crazy blog lady, if you happen to see these, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT taking them!

Thats it for tonight, I'm sleepy and I'm hoping to hit the sack here shortly. Toodles!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Be creative, have fun...yeah right...

Jilly came home from school yesterday with a lovely (sarcasm) project sheet. Her teacher has managed to take a nice little holiday, Valentines Day, and ruin it. Remember the days when you made cutesy little boxes for your school Valentines? You know, red, white, pink, hearts, lacy stuff, fun stuff like that? Whelp, Jilly doesn't get to do that. Instead she has to make a box to coincide with their science chapter. Its a "do at home" project...probably because its such a pain in the ass the teacher wants nothing to do with it! It also means its a parent help the student project because its way over the students head kind of project. Its also a project that will probably cost money to make...unless I can get super lucky and scrounge up some stuff from my husbands tool box and work station downstairs. I hate 4Th grade.

This lovely (sarcasm) project is due on Feb. 8Th., we started working on it tonight. At the rate its going, it might take us till the 8Th to complete it. I think we've already spent about 3-4 hrs on it. Trying to come up with a plan, and what supplies we are going to use, and how it will go together. We are no where near done.

Here are a few of the requirements for this lovely box:
* This project must be big enough to hold and retrieve 25 Valentines cards. (OK, doable)
* The project needs to show the colors red and white (no problem)
* This project must use at least one recyclable material-such as a shoe box, a cereal box, a cardboard tube, plastic, etc. (got it)

Here is where it gets a little tricky (IMO)...
* The project must use at least 3 different simple machines such as a hinge, screw, wedge, inclined plane, lever, wheel & axle, or pulley. More than 3 simple machines may be used. * optional-you may include or explain how a light, sound, magnetic, heat, electrical, or mechanical source was or could be used to enhance your Valentine Box project.
* Use an appropriate theme to tie in with your design. Example: The Love Bug (car) The Valentine Express (Train)
* Each child must orally present their project to the class and explain what safety measures they used, the effectiveness of reusing the recycled materials, and give the size measurements of their project. (No larger than 12" x 12" x 12")
* The project needs to be at school on Monday, Feb. 8.
Be Creative...Have Fun...
Yeah, right...What the hell is she smokin?

So anyways, as you can see, its not your ordinary Valentines Day box. We have decided to do a "Valentines Delivery Van". Its going OK so far, I think...but its so time consuming. Tomorrow we need to get hinges, screws, maybe a lever...who knows. I just want it done, and out of my house. Not sure why they need to have projects that are so parental involved...its not like parents have all the free time in the world. Bill thinks its ridiculous. If I ask him his opinion on it, he gets all pissy because he thinks its stupid and the teacher is crazy having a project like this. Thanks a lot Mrs. M..


Friday, January 22, 2010

5 Question Friday

I'll give this another try. I'll take part in Mama M.'s 5 question Friday, why not? :) The object is to take the 5 questions from her blog, answer them here, and link back to her...and leave the link of my blog on hers. It might bring more traffic here...or like last week, it might not! LOL Here we go...

My Little Life

1. What is better, growing old with out money or dying young and wealthy?

2. Who takes out the garbage at your house?

3. Have you ever had the same dream many times?

4. Can you play a musical instrument?

5. If you owned your own store, what would you sell?

1. What is better, growing old with out money or dying young and wealthy?
Well, being poor sucks...but I would rather be around for many years to see my kids grow up and have kids of their own etc...

2. Who takes out the garbage at your house?
If I'm lucky, my husband does. But often he forgets, or just doesn't feel like it, and he goes off to his night job...leaving the dreaded garbage & recycling take out to me. I hate those nights. Its usually the nights when we have a ton of trash & recycling. I have to wait for Aubrey to go to bed before I can take it out, by then I'm so tired, taking trash out is the last thing I want to do.

3. Have you ever had the same dream many times?
Yes I have. When I was younger. I dreamt (is that a word?) that I would die before I got to be 26 yrs old. Thankfully that is a dream that didn't come true...I'm still alive and kickin' at 41.

4. Can you play a musical instrument?
I could at one time...not sure I still can. I started band playing the cornet, then switched to the flute. I played a few years.

5. If you owned your own store, what would you sell?
I don't know if it would be considered a store...but its selling stuff. I've always thought it would be super cool to have a wedding mega super center. Everything wedding under one roof. You could buy your dress, flowers, tuxes, have the wedding there, as well as the reception, which would be catered there as well and the cake would be made there too. Only thing you'd have to go out for is the honeymoon :)

Thanks for stopping by!



Ever watch 'Wow Wow Wubbzy' with your child? There is a character on there that pops up every now and then and says, "Thats koooooky" which made me think of my post title for today, but also because I'm posting about cookies :)

Sorry I didn't post last night. It was crazy house here. The girls were wild, and Zach was here too. I thought about posting once Bree went to bed, but at 11:30 when she did, I was to darn tired! I sure hope her nap is earlier today so bedtime won't be so late.

Anyways, earlier in the week I was hungry for cookies. I had the ingredients to make some from a recipe I found on a great food blog. I quickly baked them up before having to take Jilly to the doctors that day, with the intentions of icing/decorating them when we got back. But, we all know what kind of crappy day I ended up having (well you know if you read my blog that day I should say), and I never got around to finishing them. I put them in a container for another day. That day finally came yesterday...better late then never. These cookies were not for any special occassion, just to eat, and to try new things on. Unfortunately, I made my icing to thin for decorating, and I was to lazy to fix it so I just did the best I could with what I had made. That said, these are not the prettiest cookies I've made haha, it was still fun to play around with the icing a bit. Here are some pics of my cookie playtime :)

Not my best work, but not horrible either...

I've come to the conclusion that I like MY cookie recipe best so far. Second I think is one from Amanda over at i am baker . I will still probably try some others, just to see what they are like. Mine is a bit of a softer cookie, somewhat like the 'Lofthouse" brand you can buy iced at the grocery store.

I think I will be nice, and post my recipe for you :)

Renee's ravishing cookies:
1 Cup Butter
2 Cups Sugar
1 Cup Evaporated Milk, soured with 1 T. Vinegar
1 tsp. Baking Soda
2 Eggs
5 Cups Flour

Cream the butter & sugar. Add eggs and mix well. Add the baking soda to the soured evaporated milk (use a container for this that has some room in it, because when you add these together and stir it grows a bit). Alternatly add the milk mixture, and the flour to the butter, sugar, egg mixture. Mix until combined. This is a sticky dough. You will probably need to chill it a while, I do it in the bowl.
Roll out on a WELL FLOURED surface. Not to thin. Cut out into desired shapes. Bake at 350 degrees until done. I don't have an actual time with this recipe, I'd start looking at about 6 or 8 minutes. You don't want them browned, check for a hint of golden color on the bottoms.
Ice/frost however you'd like. I used to only use buttercream icing on them, but recently I gave royal icing a try.
Enjoy :)


P.S. If you try my recipe, please let me know how they turned out and if you liked them. I used to have family & friends request these from me. I used to only make them at Christmas time, and I'd always have to at least triple the recipe!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ice Ice Baby

Mother Nature: I said I wanted a little bit of new SNOW, I said nothing about ICE.

Today we are getting freezing rain, sleet, and that type of crap. It started a little before lunchtime. School got out early since it was supposed to get bad. About an hour after school got out, the sun actually came out! I was thinking what the heck, thats it, no more ice storm? The kids got out early for sunshine?! Things were quiet for a bit, but then the freezing rain/sleet came back. Now the temp is dropping some, so we could be in for a yucky slipperier (is that a word?) then shit mess tomorrow.

I hope like heck that our power doesn't go out. It totally sucked when it did at Christmas time. I need to hunt down the flashlights again just in case...Wish us luck!

Thats all for tonight...Toodles

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Girls

Today has been rather boring. I've had a headache today and took 2 Aleve this morning and it made me super tired. So, I have nothing fun, exciting, or interesting to blog about tonight. So, I'll just fill it up with another picture overload. These are from tonight. You may notice Jilly had something different on in some of the pics, that is because after I snapped a few pics of her while she was relaxing, she decided she had to change out of her PJ's and pose...

Bree found some make up (right after her bath)

Yes, its a pad...its clean...

Jilly & Bree

Jilly, she looks sad
CRAZY! (not her Mt. Dew, it was mine)

I hope you enjoyed those. Till tomorrow...Toodles.

Monday, January 18, 2010

WOW, its been one of those days!

Ever have one of those days where everything goes wrong? Where you can't wait till bedtime, so the day can be done? That is the kind of day I have had here.

It started out with me waking up to shoulder pain, again. I'm getting rather tired of it, it can leave any time now. Sad thing is, later in the day, my other shoulder started hurting too...I hope its just a one time fluke, and not an every day thing like the left one.

When I woke Jilly up, she was complaining of symptoms that mean one thing pretty much...UTI. So she stayed home from school, and we made a doctor appointment, which was at 11:30. We got there, and sat...and sat....and sat...and sat some more. Then we got called into the room, where we sat some more! We were so bored. They don't have magazines or anything in there anymore, because they carry more germs, so there was nothing to do. I had Jilly count the dogs on the wall paper, and divide it by 2. Then she counted the ceiling tiles, and more things on the wallpaper, and I had her divide those too. I figured we might as well get some math work in while waiting LOL. We finally got out of there at 1:15! That place is so slow all the damn time.

So, we went to CVS, I had Jilly run the prescription in, and to see how long of a wait it was going to be. I waited out in the van with Bree who was sleeping. They said it was going to be 20 minutes or more, so I said screw it, we'll come back later for it, I needed to get home to pee. So off we went...

There is an intersection here in town near a viaduct. There is a little bridge right before it, then a yield sign. As we got near the bridge, the pick up truck in front of me stopped. I'm like umm what the heck? He had several feet to go yet before the yield sign. Just then, he reverses it, and gives it gas! Ummm HELLO! I'm behind you! Before I could even honk the horn, he crashed into me. Just what I needed, ugh. It shook me up, I've never been in an accident before, especially one with 2 of my kids in the car. We got out and talked for a second, then moved over to the other side of the road where we wouldn't be blocking traffic. We called the police, and got each others information. The dude was an old guy. He was looking for an address/street, thought he missed it and reversed, he said he didn't see me. He will be getting a citation. Tomorrow I have to go pick up the police report. None of us are hurt, thankfully. I'm a little achy from being jarred, but nothing serious. Here is a picture of my van. I blocked out part of the plates, for safety reasons...


So, we finally get home, and try to make a quick lunch. Bree wanted grilled cheese, Jilly wanted tomato soup. I made Bree's first, since Jilly had snacked all morning it wouldn't kill her to wait a few minutes. Then I started Jilly's soup. Then, she went to watch TV, and I went out to take pics of the van...and we forgot her soup! Next thing I know, I'm smelling something...Crap! It's the soup burning. It boiled out over the pan too, spilling all over the burner and the burner thing underneath. Oh goody. I let it cool, and I said I'd clean it later...yet I have yet to do so...

Then, Jilly went into the kitchen for something, and she knocked over the toothpick holder thing, so there are toothpicks all over the stove now too, and down in the burners...I'll clean that up when I clean up the soup mess.

Later, Kelsey is in her room cleaning (she's been working on it for 2 days now...she must be ill) she had a framed picture thing on the floor, and she stepped on it, and broke the glass. Thankfully she didn't get cut.

Just a few minutes ago, again while Kels is cleaning her room...she was cleaning her closet, and she got off the chair she was on to toss a stuffed animal out the door to Bree, when she went to get back on the chair she slipped and fell, smashing her leg between the chair things and I think her desk or something...couldn't quite make it out, she was crying at the time. Now her leg is bruised up.

I think for the remainder of the evening, we are going to wrap up in bubble wrap, and sit in the center of the room, where no danger can get us. LOL.

*Edited to add...I made cookies before Jilly's doctor appt. today. I was going to decorate them and give them to Bria when I picked up the child support check. But after being at the docs for so long, then the accident, the picking up Kels & Jackie (Jilly's friend) from school, and everything else, I never got around to finishing them. So, even though my intentions were good, I wasn't able to deliver the cookies to brighten her day.

How was YOUR day?


Sunday, January 17, 2010


Thursday & Friday I did a lot of extra cuddling with Jilly, because she was sad. Aubrey was not a fan of this, she does not like to share her mommy. I explained to her that I'm her mom, but I'm also Jilly's mom, and Kelsey & Zach's mom too, so its ok for me to hug and cuddle them too. She let me cuddle with Jilly but she still wasn't pleased...

Then came the questioning...I swear, this weekend, I've heard this question at least a hundred times.
Bree: MOM!
Me: Yes?
Bree: Are you my mommy?
Me: Yes, of course I'm your mommy!
Here is my picture to prove it!

Aubrey 007
That photo is from Aubrey's birth, Dec. 19, 2007

Thats it for now..Toodles

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Crazy Concoctions?

Do you have any crazy concoction that you eat? Something really weird like a sandwich with peanut butter, mayo, mustard, lettuce and radishes? My mom used to make those btw, they are actually good.

I personally, like to mix mayo and ketchup together and eat it with a lot of things. I use it on burgers, on egg sandwiches, on hash browns, french fries, name a few.

People think I'm weird for doing that. I don't think its that you?

Hmmm now I'm hungry...Toodles

Emotional Mess

Thats me. I'm an emotional mess. These last few days I've been so weepy! I'm not liking it. It started when Jilly said goodbye to her little brother, then our cry together after we got home that day. Now, everytime I think about Jilly's dad being gone, and everyone involved that is heartbroken at the moment, I start crying.

Not only is Jilly missing her dad, and brother, but they are missing her. Bria, Jilly's step mom is missing her husband and son. They are missing her. Bria's older kids are missing their step dad & brother, they are missing them too. Bria's older son will be going to live with his dad, since he doesn't want to move to Norway with the others in June, he is leaving in a few weeks. Bria is heartbroken by that too. So many sad people right now.

I can't help but feel its partly my fault that there are so many sad people. See, Jilly's dad came to the US from Norway, back in 1999 to be with me. There was nothing else here for him at the time. We married, had Jilly, and were a family, even if it was for only a short time. But, if he hadn't come here, there wouldn't be so many sad people right now! Of course Jilly wouldn't be here either if that was the case. When Espen and I got together, of course I thought it would last forever, I never predicted we'd split, nor any of this other crap would happen. I still feel I'm to blame. I'm glad that once we split up he was able to find someone else, and make a new life, and have another child and all. I've even come to like Bria, she has always treated Jilly well, and that is what is important. I've become closer to her the last few days, since Espen left. I know if I were in her shoes I'd be a basketcase without my husband and son, for 6 months. I hope I can be there for her if she needs someone to talk to during this time. My heart aches for everyone involved. I'm so sorry you are all going through this.

I feel like I've failed Jilly, by not staying with her dad. If I had, she'd probably not be missing her dad now. But then again, who knows. Money was tight then and things were not going well...for all I know, things could have gotten worse.

I sure hope I can get all my weepiness out this weekend, before Jilly gets back from Bria's. I don't want her to see me like this, I need to be strong for her.

So, thats my emotional mess situation...I hope I made sense. Thats it for to get some kleenex. Toodles.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Something new, 5 Question Friday

I occasionally read Mama M's blog. She is pretty funny, and has some great stories to tell about her job. She does a thing every Friday, Five Question Friday, so I thought I'd give it a try this week. If nothing else, maybe it will bring a few new readers to my blog. I probably picked a bad week to start this, because the answers to these questions I have are kinda boring, because I'm kinda boring! Anyways, here we go...

My Little Life

1. What is the worst trouble you got into as a teenager?

2. Are you a morning person or a night person?

3. Are you a one handed or a two handed texter?

4. Democrat, Republican, or Independent...or maybe even Green Party (whatever that is)?

5. Are you a pet person?


My answers

1. I don't think I got into any major trouble as a teen. I didn't drink, do drugs, hang out with wrong crowds, nothing. I was a good girl I believe...or maybe my memory is failing me...My mom might say otherwise.

2. Neither? I'd LOVE to sleep in, although I never get to. I'd love to go to bed early, although I never get to do that either. I'm an old fart, I need bad I can't get it. If I had to pick one or the other, I'd probably say morning person.

3. I don't text. It costs extra, hubby won't let me. I'm probably the only person in this world that does not text.

4. None of the above. I am not into politics. I'm not a registered voter either. If I were, I'd vote for whoever seemed best for the job and who I liked, no matter what party they were from I think.

5. I have pets. I wish I didn't. I could live with the cats. We have 2. We have a dog as well...that I wish we didn't have. She is nothing like the great dogs I had as a child. This dog is crazy. She eats her own crap. She still isn't totally house-trained. She kills rabbits in the backyard :( And she can't be trusted around our cats, or our youngest daughter.

So there ya have it. Pretty boring. Maybe if I remember to do this next week the questions will be better suited for me. That's all for now. Toodles. Thanks for stopping by.

The Note

Jilly slipped a note to me, she left it on my desk. She must have done it while I was begging and pleading for Bree to go to sleep last night. If you've read my blog before, you'll know her dad moved to Norway, he left yesterday. We did a lot of cuddling and crying yesterday together.


I found the note this morning. It made me cry.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Today was THE day, and other stuff.

Last weekend was Jilly's last time with her dad. Today he left for Norway, with her little brother. Before leaving to the airport, he called her as she got out of school to say goodbye. Listening to Jilly say goodbye to her little brother got me all teary. Jilly seemed ok in the van on the way home, I think it was a front she put on because her friend Jackie was with us. As soon as Jackie got out of the van and headed to her house, Jilly grabbed me and hugged me and cried. We took it inside and hugged and cried together for about 40 minutes. I feel so sad for her. I hope she is able to adjust well, and that they are able to talk frequently. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts.

In other news...Money sucks. Or should I say lack of it sucks. Sucks big. Because of a mess up, my husband accidentily paid our mortage twice this month! While that is good to pay extra from time to time, now is a BAD time to do it. We are super low on groceries and now we can't get anymore until next week. Yesterday I used up most of my money getting the necessities that will hopefully get us through. I really hope I can work on the potty training with Bree so we don't use so many diapers, because that is something we might run out of. I'm thinking positive though (trying anyways) it is a good time to really work on potty training, and its a good time to diet, since there aren't any good snacks in the house! LOL

Speaking of potty training...Today, Miss Bree was wearing her super cool Blues Clues big girl panties. I kept asking her if she needed to use the potty, and she said no. Well...a bit later, I heard the sound of pee hitting the floor. I looked over at her and saw a wet spot on the carpet, and streaks of wetness going down her legs. I said to her, "Oh Aubrey, did you pee your panties?" She replied back, "yes mommy, and I pee'd on Tigger too!" Tigger is our cat. Tig was laying on a blanket Bree had on the floor, apparently Bree was standing over top of Tig when she had an accident in her thin big girl panties...and it leaked out onto Tigger. I at first thought she was being silly...until I felt the cat. Tigger didn't seem to mind much, she just laid there, debating on if she was going to go back to sleep or not. I washed her up good with a baby wipe.

Since we are talking about Tigger...she is a cool cat. She has 6 toes on each foot. Neat eh? Sissy our other cat is special as well...she has a chunk of hair that sticks up on the top of her head. My husband has tried cutting it off, but it grows back the same way. She is very odd.

Thats it for now...Toodles.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Since I'm to annoyed, ticked, frustrated, and tired to actually post and be funny via my words, I decided to put up some silly pics instead. Enjoy...

Until next time...Toodles

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bunk Beds!

Since Jilly's dad is moving, we got the bunk beds she had there at his house. This is totally exciting, because it frees up some space in Jilly & Bree's room so I can move some of their toys in there yay! So, now Jilly has the top bed, and Bree the bottom.

Yesterday we picked them up, and put them together. Bill did most of the work, but Bree helped too...
I swear, she asked at least 100 times, "Are they ready yet?"
Finally, yes, they were ready...
Bree & I had to cuddle in her new bed
She loves her new bed, to play in, and hang out in...but sleeping? Not so much. Last night she slept pretty crappy, which means so did I :(

Today, we brought up the toys to put in her room, and get things all organized. I'm almost totally done, I just need to go through some of the gazillion clothes that Jilly brought home from her dads and find a place to keep them. I put some wall sticker things up too. Some are picture frames, that are empty at the moment until I can get more color ink to print pics for them. I also need to get a sheet or bed skirt for the bottom bed to cover that ugly box spring. The mattresses that Jilly's dad gave us were not bunk mattresses, and they were sagging, so we added a box spring to the one, and used our old firmer trundle bed mattress for the top bunk. It will do for now. Bree loves it her room and has played in there almost all day.


After playing all morning, this is how she crashed for her nap...


Thats it for now...Toodles!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jilly & her dad

As I mentioned in a post last month, Jilly's dad is moving to Norway. Jilly is not. He leaves this week on the 14th. Today was her last day with her dad. From now on, most of their conversations and visits will be done online, via yahoo messenger, and a webcam. Not sure when she'll see him in person again. There is a chance he might come in June, so he can help his wife pack up the rest of their belongings and help her get to Norway with his step kids. If he doesn't come then, who knows when she'll get to see him. I'm very sad for her. Every little girl should have their dad close, even if their parents are not together anymore. Please keep Jilly in your thoughts, she is going to miss her dad.

Here are a few pictures of them together. The first is from last winter, when he came to take her to the daddy daughter dance here in our town. The next 2 pics are from December when he came to see her school program, they were taken afterwards in the school hallway.

(tomorrow I'll post about bunkbeds! that is how we spent today, putting them up)