Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Spy (Bench)

Happy Thursday!

I'm joining in with my friend Dazee and her I Spy meme again.


This weeks theme/prompt is BENCH (S). I happened to find some for pictures last week, so here they are:


Notice the bend in the middle of this one? Probably from me sitting my fat butt on it! LOL not really I didn't sit on this one. These are both located at the lake here in town.

Now for a photo of my choice....hmmm I don't know that I have any good current ones...Let me find an older one...



Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Survived!

I'm happy to say I survived my dentist visit and all my teeth extracted yesterday. I was super nervous! I took my valium at 8 like I was supposed to, my mom drove me. Soon as we got there I used the bathroom and then they were ready to take me back! I guess thats better then sitting around waiting nervously.

I sat in the chair and they got me ready. Let me say one thing, THANK GOD FOR THE GAS! That stuff made it much more tolerable. The gas was started first, then the novacaine...ick. My mouth was so huge (or felt that way at least) that half the time I wasn't sure if I had it open or not lol. The whole thing seemed to go pretty fast (even though it was nearly 3 hrs). If I felt anything I was given more novacaine...except at the very end. They had pretty much maxed me out on it and since my blood pressure was so high (160/100) they didn't want to risk giving any more, at the very end I felt a few stitches being put in. It hurt a tad but not awful since I did have some numbing (just not enough). According to the dentist all went well in the removal.

I had to sit a bit after to make sure all was well and I was given care instructions. At this point I had tears in my eyes , from relief of being done, then all the sudden I got the giggles! I kept laughing and nothing was even funny! My mom was back there with me at this point, she was laughing at me/with me. LOL. I was so glad to get out of there! Mom drove me back home. I talked a lot I think but I doubt she understood a word I said because I had so much gauze in my mouth.

Once we got home mom went and picked up my meds (Thanks Mom!), and I got settled on the couch, where I remained almost all until 3 a.m. The evening was hard while I had gauze in, because I kept having to write notes to everyone because no one understood me. Bree didn't like that I couldn't talk to her. Late evening I took the gauze out and thankfully the drooling stopped, for I had gone through a ton of gauze & paper towels trying to catch all the slobber LOL. I spent the evening chilling out, and watching DWTS, while my family made a mess...which I had to clean up today. Kels did make Bree dinner, and take Moo out for me. Jilly felt bad later that night and folded a basket of laundry for me.

I stayed on the couch most of last night trying to sleep, I was trying to stay upright as much as possible. I was awake far more then I was sleeping unfortunately. At 3 a.m. ish I said screw this I'm going into bed... I still had sleeping issues after that. Today I'm sore, swollen a bit and exhausted, and a tiny bit hungry. I got in 2 bites of yogurt this morning, and about 3 for lunch...enough to get food into my stomach to take my pills. I'm crossing my fingers that once my husband gets home tonight I'll be able to take a little nap!

I told you I'd take a before pic, and I did. I'm going to post it, so if you don't want to see turn away now. Its just what my smile looks like, I couldn't get into my mouth to show you all the other broken yucky teeth, but I'm sure by looking at the front you'll get the idea.

004 cropped
Now you know why you rarely see pics of me, and if you do I'm not smiling. Soon I'll try to get some full body pics too for a before pic, I'm hoping I'll shed some pounds and by the time I get my teeth I'll look a lot better!

Time for me to ice ice baby...trying to get swelling down.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Today is the day. When this blog post shows up I'll probably be sitting in the dentist chair. Hopefully I'll be so drugged up I'll be at ease... Please keep me in your thoughts and/or prayers, I NEED THEM. I was going to post a before pic, but at the time I'm typing this I have a major headache and I'm not in the mood LOL. I will try to post one as soon as I'm able though.

If I don't survive...please know I appreciate you readers. It's been fun. Make sure my husband cremates me, and I want my ashes kept with my kids...the last of my children to die (hopefully many many MANY years from now) needs to take my ashes to their grave. There, I've covered that base..

I hope for the best, prepare for the worst... thats the worry wart in me.

If ya follow me on Facebook I'll try to get a text sent to FB to let ya all know how it went, if you are interested.

From now on you can call me GUMBY haha :)


Saturday, September 24, 2011

SOOC Saturday (9-24-11)

Happy Fall!

Today I'm going to join up and do Marvelous Mommy's SOOC Saturday meme again. Its just posting a photo that you took, straight out of the camera no edits done to it. I like this because I suck at editing lol so I don't have to worry about this one. I don't have any good edit programs, I just use picnik when I edit. Someday if I ever get lessons on how to use a program like photoshop or lightroom (of course I'd have to save to buy them first...those suckers are expensive), maybe I'll dally more into edits, but for now I just do basic things when I do them.

SOOC Saturday

Here is my SOOC picture, I took it last week over at Lake Mendota:


Not to bad for SOOC eh?

If I do a little vibrance & boost to it, it turns out looking like this:


Happy Saturday!


Thursday, September 22, 2011


As you know, Monday is a big day for me. A scary day. A exciting day. A painful day. A new beginning day. It will be the day the journey to a pretty smile begins. On Monday I am going to the dentist and getting all my teeth taken out. To say I'm stressing about this would be an understatement. I'm a tad freaked out LOL. Well more than a tad a LOT freaked out.

I lay in bed trying to fall asleep and I think about the dentist. I have dental phobia. Even calling a dentist freaks me out, I get the craps, cramps, feeling icky. Knowing I'm going on Monday has already started that ball rolling and I've been visiting the bathroom lots already. Anyways, as I was saying, I lay in bed trying to fall asleep and I think about the dentist, and whats gonna happen, about the sounds & smells of the dentist etc. it keeps me awake. When I finally do fall asleep I have dreams about the dentist. I told you about the one I think, where he told me I owed him money and how he claimed I use my boobs to try to get a discount...I told ya right? That was about a week or so ago. The other night I had one that I was at the dentist, strapped to the chair, and he was threatening to put novacaine injections into my FEET to prevent me from leaving! Eek.

I worry about everything. What if I choke on a piece of gauze? What if I have a reaction to the valium I'm going to be taking? What if he overdoses me on novacaine? What if I feel the pain as he pulls my teeth? The shots...EEEEK I hate those things. What if I bleed to death in the dentist chair? What if what if what if. I think because I've wanted this to happen for years and dreamed of dentures and a pretty smile, thinking it would never happen due to costs, now that it IS happening I fear the worst because I'm getting something I want. Sorta like that'll teach me for wanting something so costly and for appearance sake (although its for health reasons too).

Keep me in your prayers, I need help with this anxiety and constant fear, and of course I'll need them for Monday.

I am looking forward to no more toothaches, no more pain from cold winter air hitting my teeth, no more teeth breaking when I chew my food...

Another huge thanks to my Mom for making this dream a reality for me. I love you mom, and if I survive Monday I'll be sure to give you a big hug after my appointment. Maybe I'll give you one before too, just in case I don't!


I Spy (lamps)

Happy Thursday!


I'm going to join in with my friend Dazee again with her I Spy meme. This weeks prompt was LAMPS. Lamps...? Seriously?!? I think its a crazy one, not one I'd have picked, and one I have struggled with LOL. I don't really have any lamps in my home, ours broke and never got replaced since we have ceiling lights why bother ya know? I didn't want to lug my big camera into a store to sneak pics either, because I was afraid I'd look like a loon (more than usual). So I was a wiseguy, and took this pic:

I drew it in chalk, on my driveway.

The FedEx guy that came today probably wonders why there is a lamp drawn on my driveway...oh well let him wonder :)

For my bloggers choice pic I think I'll go with this one:

I took this one out by the lake this morning.

Next weeks I Spy prompt is BENCH (S). I've got that one covered already yay me!


Monday, September 19, 2011


My 3.5 yr old daughter has quite the imagination. I love listening to her play sometimes.

Today she made me laugh a lot.

I have an alarm set on my phone, when it goes off that means its time for her to go use the potty and then we head out to pick the girls up at school. So Bree is in the bathroom doing her thing, and taking a while...I go look in to check on her and was shocked by what I saw. She is in there with her pants around her ankles. She has a big wad of TP stuck in her butt crack, and she is hopping around. When she saw me, she said, "Look Mom, I'm a bunny!!" I cracked up, and did what any computer loving mom would do, I facebooked about it LOL.

Earlier today she was in the bathtub playing. She pretended she was a mermaid deep in the ocean (her words, that is what she told me), and she had a job, selling ice cream deep in the ocean in an ice cream truck. She lives in the ice cream truck too she said. When I asked her what the ocean smelled like she said to me, "Umm like seaweed, DUH!" what a hoot. I asked her what kind of pillow she used in the ocean, she told me she sleeps on a pillow of ice cream.

Bree sure comes up with some wacky stuff. I love her imagination.



Saturday, September 17, 2011

SOOC Saturday

Busy day today. The girls & I went to Honey Hill Apple Orchard in Waterman, we go there every year. We got some YUMMY cider & donuts, and some apples that I'm going to make applesauce with later. Then we stopped by my moms for a bit to visit.

Today is SOOC (straight out of the camera) Saturday, which is a meme by Marvelous Mommy. I like to join in on this when I can, because its simple :)

SOOC Saturday

Here is my SOOC picture, of a goat at the orchard today, I had the camera right by his (or maybe it was a her...) face.

Isn't it cute? Don'tcha just wanna give it a big ole smooch? Yeah... me either. LOL.

I hope you all had a great Saturday...

Off to eat a donut ;) Toodles!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Spy (on time :) )

As I mentioned in another post, my friend Dazee started a new meme thing called I Spy. I'm joining in this week ON TIME :) Yay me!


This weeks prompt is BUGS EYE VIEW, crazy isn't it?! LOL

Here is my idea of a BUGS EYE VIEW, 2 photos:



And, then I get to put a BLOGGERS CHOICE picture up, I pick this one:

These are the flowers from the bugs eye view pic, before I made them look like bug vision LOL.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Stuff 3

A few months ago I did the 'Stuff ' post, where I put stuff that I'm doing now to words that were given. I figure I should do one now, just for the heck of it.

Listening: MadTV is on...stupid show

Eating: NOTHING, could really go for a caramel apple parfait from McD's though.

Drinking: NOTHING, but could go for an ice cold coke from McD's, or a mug of hot tea.

Wearing: PJ's...which consist of a tank top and shorts

Feeling: Yucky. I'm tired and I've had a stupid scratchy throat all day...if I'm going to be sick it needs to get it over with already, I have big plans in a few weeks and I can't really be sick at that time.

Weather: Clear, hopefully cooling off by now, I believe it was in the mid-80's today. I'm turning the a/c back off tonight (turned it on yesterday) and hopefully it STAYS off until next summer.

Need: To win the lottery! (LOL I think I answered this question the same each time)

Thinking: That I'm so ready for bed!

Wondering: Why are goldfish called goldfish when they are ORANGE not gold? Why does the lid on the tuna can never come all the way undone with the hand held can opener? I always gotta twist it to get the last tiny bit undone.

Internet find: Hmm not sure I found anything today really...


I Spy (better late then never)

My dear buddy Dazee has started a new meme thingy, and last week was the first one...and because I suck as a blogger I missed it! So, because I missed it, I'm unable to link up to the others, but I figure I can still blog about it :)

It's called I Spy. Dazee gives us a prompt for a photo, and then we take one or use one that goes along with the prompt as we see it. Then, we can put a photo of our choice no matter what the theme. Tomorrow (correction, THURSDAY) is a new one, hopefully that one I can get on time lol, but for now, here is my version of last weeks...the prompt was WEATHERED


Here is my WEATHERED photo(s):

I took this pic this morning after dropping the girls off at school. This water tower has seen better days...I wonder how old it is. It definately is weathered...

And MY CHOICE photo:

This was on the drive home Thursday night. Along lonely road, normally a boring drive with nothing but corn & bean fields to look at, but the sky made the trip home nice.

The next I Spy's(tomorrow) prompt is: BUGS EYE VIEW and Bloggers choice... hopefully I can get it done on time.

Hopefully if I get my rear in gear I'll also get my SOOC post done Saturday too, I missed last weeks and I think the week before :(.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Still Alive

Yep, I'm still around...sorta. :)

I've just been lazy when it comes to blogging! :( I suck. I've been trying to keep up with swagbucks, irazoo, superpoints etc., and trying to read the bazillion blogs I subscribe to, and I've neglected my very own blog. Sorry. I'm pretty boring anyways, not like you are missing anything really exciting...

I did go to my dental appointment. It was tough. I had the craps days in advance I was so stressed over it. As soon as I walked in the door and sat down in the waiting room I lost it. I got all teary, I'm such a BIG BABY! I don't know why my fear is so bad, but it is. I got lots of x-rays taken that day, and talked to the dentist about the dentures. Just for the record, I do NOT have a BIG MOUTH. :) The ladies that took the x-rays said they had to use the smallest thingy for my mouth because it was so tiny. I told them that was the first time I ever heard that one! LOL. Most tell me I have a big mouth. Anyways.. I'm going to get all my teeth taken out at once, and I hope and pray the valium, and the gas calm me down enough to get through it. I'm not looking forward to the oodles of shots of novicaine, and the sights/sounds/smells of the dental visit that day. I would really love to be knocked out for the process, but that costs a lot more. I'm sure I'll have some pain for a few days at least. I just pray everything goes smoothly. I will be without teeth for a while, not looking forward to that, I think I'll become a hermit for awhile so no one sees me toothless. I'm thinking of taking a "Hello my name is...GUMBY" sticker with me the day I get my teeth yanked, then as soon as they are all out I'll slap that on me LOL. I have an appointment for Sept. 26th for the teeth removal...please say prayers for me that morning and keep me in your thoughts! I'm going to try to take some before pics not only of my crappy teeth, but of my fat body too... and hopefully when I get my pretty new teeth I'll have a less fat body to go with them, and we can compare before & after pics...

I'm already super nervous about that appointment on the 26th. I'm even dreaming about the dentist, and not really in a good way LOL. Last night I dreamt that I took Jilly for her appt., the dentist yelled at me because her teeth were so bad, then yelled at me that I owed him $150. Then he told me that I was trying to use my big boobs to get a discount! I was so mad in the dream that he said that, because I wasn't using them. Sure I had boobs, but they are attached to me, its not like I can leave them at home, and in my dream I was not flaunting them in any way to where he'd have thought that. It really upset me. I was waiting in my van for the receptionist to come out so I could talk to her (she is a friend of my moms) and the dentist came out and I wanted to run him over! Nice dream eh?

August 23rd was Jilly's 11th birthday, and also her first day of 6th grade. It was a half day of school, so after she had a few friends over for cake. Three 11 yr old girls...oh my, they acted so goofy and drove me up the wall lol.

Jilly had a nice day, despite having to go to school that day.

The weekend after Jilly's birthday, we took the girls to a place in Yorkville called Hoppers. Its an indoor place that has a bunch of bouncehouse things, and a velcro wall. They had a blast. We were there for several hours.
We look forward to returning. Even parents could go on the stuff, it was fun. Bill took some pics of me, but I look like a big fat pig with a broken tooth and it was disgusting, so I'll be posting no pics of me there!

Last weekend we went to the fair down the street from our house. Our town puts on a pretty pathetic fair.. Its rather sad. I wish they'd take lessons from the Sandwich Fair. I did take a few pics of our fair, but nothing really special, so I won't bore you with those. This week was the Sandwich Fair, and again we went for wristband day. We got there around 10:30 a.m. and left at about 7:20 p.m.! The girls & Bill got wristbands so they could ride as many rides as they wanted. I didn't get one because I get sick on nearly everything! I was the watcher of the stroller and the picture taker for the day. Last year Bree LOVED the giant slide and merry-go-round. This year she only went on the slide about 5 times. She did try a few other rides but didn't like them. First it was the bee ride, Kels rode with her. She was ok when it started out, but then the bee went up in the air, and Bree did NOT like that at all. Later she tried the teacup ride...which is a smaller version of the teapots at Disney sorta. She was excited but nervous to try it. Once the ride started I guess the cup kinda tilts a bit and it freaked her out, Jilly ended up hugging and consoling her the rest of the ride. Bree did still enjoy the merry-go-round (which she calls the miracleround lol) and she rode it with Bill and the girls several times, she does not like riding on the horses on it though, she must ride on the bench or she freaks out. Kels rode a few rides with Bree & Jilly then went off on her own for the rest of the day. Jilly rode a few rides, her favorite was the hang-glider one. My favorite thing of the day was a turtle funnelcake.. which is funnel cake, powdered sugar, a ton of whipped cream and caramel & fudge drizzled over the top.

The second to last pic is Jilly in an inflatable wheel thing, she was like a hamster lol. The last one is her chowing on a deep fried pickle on a stick... Everythings good on a stick right? She loves pickles and wanted another!

Yesterday Bill & I went and got some much needed haircuts! My hair is short again and it feels great!

I think that is all for now. I'll try to keep up a little better with my my mom can stop bugging me about it LOL (kidding mom).