Wednesday, March 30, 2011

*Yawn* Can I go back to bed?

I'm so very tired this morning. Yesterday I rolled out, cut out, and baked a ton of cookies. I was baking from 11 until about 6, only stopping for about 45 minutes during that time to go get the girls from school and run an errand. After baking I relaxed a bit before tackling cleaning of the kitchen, yuck, I hate clean up. I had to watch Dancing With the Stars too before I could start that job. I was disappointed at the elimination choice, I was hoping it would have been Wendy. Oh well. Hopefully she'll go next week :) Kitchen was finally cleaned at 11 p.m. then I took the dog out for a final pee and I hit the sack exhausted and yearning for a solid nights sleep. LOL what was I thinking? I knew as soon as I laid down I was in trouble. Bill was taking over most of the bed. I only had a tiny area, if I laid on my side I could make it work, I had to suffer with his elbow in my shoulder blade area. The worst part though was his head was near my pillow, and he was facing my side, meaning his snoring was going right to my ear. He snores LOUD. So loud that if I'm in the living room watching TV and he is sleeping in the bedroom I can still here him out here. Ugh. I laid there awake, thinking of smothering him with a pillow. I was mumbling a few things that were not so nice, they might have even included some naughty words... I turned the TV up in the bedroom to try to hear something, I figured I'm awake I might as well watch some TV...not so easy. If I really wanted to hear it I'd have to turn it way way up, and would probably wake everyone else. Teen Mom 2 was on. Some of those girls...oy...I just wanna slap them. So finally a little after 1 a.m. I was able to fall asleep. I woke twice, for peeing and such. Then Bree woke me up at 5:50. Today I'm sleepy. I'm wishing I could take a nap. My day today will be spent in the kitchen again. I have to start decorating some of the 187 cookies I made. :) I actually made more, but some little girls keep sneaking them. I'm probably not going to decorate them all today. I'm going to freeze some for later. I wonder if today's post will have spacing. One can only hope... If not, sorry! Have a super duper day. Toodles!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


**Frustrating Blogging day. I've tried several times to post this morning, but for some reason when I click on preview my spacking is all gone, which makes things hard to read! Trying one more time. If it shows up without spacing I'm sorry, I don't have time to fart around with it anymore, I've got work to be doing!** UGH UGH UGH, just previewed and it shows no spacing AGAIN! I'm going to color each paragraph a different color, and hopefully that will help seperate things for you in reading. Sorry. :( Time for a quicky Dear... post. Please join in! If you blog it, be sure to hop over to Dazee's blog and link up. I'm not putting the picture in today for the Dear... letters because that seems to be screwing me up today. I believe I have a link to her blog on the side ----> I'm afraid to try to link anything else in fear of messing up what I've typed already LOL. Dear Customer...Thanks for your order! I was surprised & shocked to see an email last week for an order of 3 doz. cookies decorated and 2 cakes! I'm glad you enjoyed the cookie platter I sent to the school several months ago, which made you want to order from me. :) Dear cookies & cakes, Please look and taste awesome! Dear Swagbucks...I wanna be the hourly random winner! Pick me pick me! No fair that some peoples names are picked twice in one day! Dear readers...Anyone wanna join Swagbucks? :) If you do, let me know and I will refer you. I would love to get extra swagbucks to earn some cool stuff! Dear Bree...I hope your cold/allergy crap goes away soon. Dear Bree...I know you love to wash your hands, but ease up on the soap! We just got that new bottle of soap on Saturday, and its over half gone already! Dear Kelsey...thanks for FINALLY cleaning the litter its time to do it again. Dear Jilly...Please stop dirtying 2 million dishes a day. If you don't, I'll be teaching you the joys of dishwashing... Dear Self...SLACKER. Shame on you. Dear Warm Weather...Get back here! You teased us a few days, then brought in the cold again. Not nice. Dear Money Fairy...Please drop me a load. I want to get a fancy camera, and some photography classes (among a ton of other things). Speaking of photography, Kelsey asked me to take some pictures of her over the weekend so the girls & I did an indoor photo shoot. Most are of Kelsey, Bree wasn't into cooperating, and Jilly got bored with it quickly. I took over 500 pictures. The better of the bunch are on my Flickr account. Please feel free to check them out here: Indoor photo shoot . Let me know what you think! Toodles!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

So Mistreated

My 17 yr old thinks I'm mean, and I mistreat her.

Why do you ask?

Because she has a CHORE!

*gasp* God forbid *gasp*

Its not a list of chores, like we had when we were little. It is just ONE thing, and it needs to be done 2-3 times a week. All she has to do is clean the cats litter boxes (there are 2). Yeah, its a stinky job, but its not a hard job, especially if it is done on time. That's it, one easy, yet stinky job.

For doing this job, she has the privilege of a cell phone, with unlimited text and calling. She agreed she'd do her job, and keep it up for this phone when we got it.

She's become a major slacker, and has barely done the litter boxes even once a week. When I remind her she gets all pissed off, and has a temper tantrum, and usually says some very bad/disrespectful things to me. Then she runs off to her room and slams her door.

Every time, she brings up the fact that her younger sister doesn't have to do any job. This is true. But, her younger sister does not have a phone. If she did, by golly she too would be doing something for it.

Maybe, I should give her younger sister a chore or two. Then give Kelsey a few more as well....she does have a phone to work off.

I'm so mean.

I get so annoyed at her hissy fits. She should feel lucky she doesn't have a list of chores like most of us have had growing up. My brothers & I had dishes to do, vacuuming, dusting, the works! My kids have it easy!

My husband who pays for the phone, wants to shut it off. No chore done, no phone. I've held him off for a while now, but I think maybe its the only way someone will learn.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I like pancakes.

Bree likes pancakes.

We ALL like pancakes :) I've seen some very cool pancake art sites online. I'm totally not an artist, but I like to have fun with pancakes, and Bree and even the older girls enjoy them too.

Here are some I've made lately.


It's fun to do. Takes a while to make them though.

Just thought I'd share :)



I like bubbles.

Bree likes bubbles.

Moo (our dog) likes bubbles too.

See my bubbles..



Bree behind a bubble...
"Oh mommy, I'm going to pop your bubble..."
"I'm getting closer..."
"That was fun! Let's do it again!" LOL she had a great time. BTW, that is not snow in the dead grass. Its stuffing, Moo ripped the heck out of her toy, and there is stuffing all over the back yard. I'm hoping some birds snag it to use in their I don't have to pick it all up :)


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kicked Booty

On Monday, in my Dear... letters, I mentioned that I needed to get back on track in the working out area, since I had been slacking.

I did just that.

Monday I did some pilate type exercises upstairs, then I went down on the treadmill and did my most intense workout yet. I did 5 minute walk/5 minute jog intervals, and I did it for over an hour. I did 4 miles!

For those of you that work out often, and are in better shape than I, this is probably no big deal to you. For me, this is major! Normally I do 20 minutes or so tops. Maybe a mile or a little more. Never as much as I did Monday. I was quite proud of myself.

I was tempted to just be done working out after that. Instead, I pushed myself even further. I did a work out on the wii. I was so beat after that. I was sweating like a pig, a stinky one at that. I went upstairs to shower.

Then, I popped 2 Aleve. I needed them, I was already in major pain with my stupid heel, and I knew more pain would come as a result of my hard workout.

The rest of the afternoon I crept around, it hurt to move. I relaxed most of the afternoon.

After dinner it was time for one of my favorite shows, Dancing With the Stars. Instead of just sitting here like a couch potato, I went downstairs to watch it while doing the wii fit plus free step. This is basically just stepping up and down on the wii board. They have 10 minute, 20 minute, and 30 minute ones to pick from. Once you get it started, you can flick over to regular tv and watch tv as you step, the sounds you need from the wii come from the wii-remote. I chose the 30 minute step. I didn't just do it once. I did it 3 times while I watched DWTS! Those 3 times equalled 9020 steps!

My total calories burned from the wii time I did yesterday was the highest ever for me.

wii calorie
Excuse the crappy picture, I took a pic of the tv with my phone, it went all wacky on me...but you get the gist I think.

So, yesterday, I burned a total of 1241 (actually probably a bit more from my pilates stuff, I don't know how many I burned on that) calories. To me, that rocks. Yay me.

Today...well thats a different story LOL. I'm really sore today, and I've been busy, so today I only burned off about 250 calories.

Today was also disappointing....the scale said I gained a pound...after I lost one yesterday. It might be that I weighed in at a different time...who knows. Damn wii weigh in is moody lol.

I'm hoping tomorrows weigh in shows a loss... cross your fingers.



We have had a few nice days in the last week or so. I've tried getting Bree outside for a bit on each of those nice days. She loves being outside.

The other day, Bill was taking down the Christmas lights (yes finally, he works 2 jobs so he isn't home much to do it, plus we were waiting for decent weather). While he was doing that, I was watching Bree play.

She has quite the imagination. She gathered up some sticks, and arranged them on the front porch. She said it was her stickfire (campfire). Then she got another stick, and put a leaf on it, that was her marshmallow, that she was roasting. Silly girl.



Monday, March 21, 2011

Late...(or Early) Dear...

I didn't get around to Dear... letters on Tuesday, so I'm late...or I'm early for this weeks, however you want to look at it.


Dear spring weather...Its good to see you! Bree has enjoyed some outside time this last week.

Dear snow...I still love you, but we need to take a break from each other. We need some time apart, to see other spring, summer, and fall... You'll always be in my heart, but please keep your distance...until Nov. 1. xoxo

Dear Kelsey...I'm glad you spent a lot of quality time with Bree yesterday, and that you even gave her a bath. I like that you did my cool thing and colored the bathwater with food coloring for her. time can you do a little less coloring please? Bree came out looking sunburned from the red coloring LOL.

Dear self... You've been a bad bad girl. Slacking on the workouts, eating to much crap... You need to get back on track, get your rear in gear.

Dear Cindy...I hope your first birthday without Elliott went better than you thought it would, and that you enjoyed the company and the cake :)

Dear grass...Hurry up and green up, you look mighty ugly right now. I need you green so I can go outside and take some new pictures of the girls.

Dear lottery... I need to play you and win. I want a fancy schmancy camera, a bigger house, bills paid off, new wardrobe, and the ability to go on a vacation more often.

Dear Key Lime Cove... We miss you :) The girls talk about you daily and they want to go back!

Dear Bree... That poop you did this morning totally looked like an ice cream cone! It was very cool...for poop lol.

Dear Dancing With The Stars (DWTS)...I'm looking forward to tonight's show! Thank God you don't have any Palin's on this season.

Dear Readers... I hope I've pleased you all now. I took off the 'hard on the eyes' stuff, and increased the font size.. anything else?

I think that's all for now...


Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Look part 2...

Apparently the former look was "hard on the eyes" according to my old readers :P (lol kidding girls).

Soooo... being the people pleaser that I try to be, I changed it again... I hope this one is easier on your eyes.

Still not what I want, but I have no good pictures at the moment to use to make a collage.


Friday, March 18, 2011

New Look...

Since spring is almost here, in just a matter of days, I thought I'd take off my winter blog header and do something more springy.

I wanted to do a collage, like usual, but I don't have very many good pictures right now of us to put in it. So... I ended up making a 'wordle' then jazzed it up a bit on picnik.

I don't care for the colors to much, but wordle didn't have much options so I picked the best of the crappy choices lol.

Of course I then had to come and change the fonts and stuff here to match...because I like matchy things... That is why it is really bugging me that my community thing and my feedjit thing don't match the rest of the blog...but I'll have to figure out how to change those later to tired now.

I hope you enjoy this new look. I'm thinking its only here for a short time...until I can get some good pictures.


We Have a Winner!


Sorry for the delay in posting a winner for the Yoplait Kids prize package. I was hoping for a better turn out, so I waited an extra day, but apparently people are busy, or something.


I decided to do things the old fashion way, instead of using I wrote out the names of the commenters on paper.


Then, I folded them all the same way, and put them in a bowl.


Then I called in my little helper to shake up the bowl some more and pick a paper out of the bowl....Here is my lovely assistant and the winner announcement:

Congratulations Dazee Dreamer! You have won some Yoplait Kids yogurt and a lovely prize package courtesy of Yoplait and MyBlogSpark! Enjoy your winnings!

Have a great weekend!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Giveaway & Review! Yoplait Kids!

Greetings Dear Readers!

I'm excited to let you know that I've been given the opportunity to do a review AND giveaway through MyBlogSpark and Yoplait!


Are you excited? I am!

I've been planning to do it for a while now, but life got in the way. Aubrey had a tummy bug, then we had our little vacation, and then I kept forgetting to pick up the product! But finally I did and I'm going to tell you about it :)

My girls love yogurt, especially my youngest daughter Aubrey. Yoplait provided me with a coupon to pick up some of their Yoplait Kids yogurt to try. Aubrey & I visited our grocery store on a mission to pick up Yoplait Kids yogurt. We located it in the dairy section and I let Aubrey pick it out. I thought for sure she was going to grab the Dora ones, but she found Disney Princess packs! I had never seen those before, I had only seen the Blues Clues & Dora packs. Aubrey was totally excited to have yogurt with Cinderella on it! She was sold!

I too was sold, when I saw good things on the package, such as 2 Box Tops for Education! There was good news about the yogurt containing live & active cultures , vitamins, calcium, protein, and less sugar!


I love that my kids love yogurt, its good for them, and a much better choice then junk food. I am glad I don't have to 'twist their arm' to get them to eat it, they ask for it!



Are you looking for a wholesome snack for your kids? Look no further, Yoplait Kids is a great snack!


Guess what!

Yoplait, and MyBlogSpark, have provided me with a Yoplait Kids prize package to give to a lucky reader! They also provided me with one, and let me tell you, it is awesome! See for yourself:


This *Yoplait prize package includes a coupon** for any Yoplait Kids product, a "My First Scavenger Hunt" game, a pack of four ice cream spoons, alphabet shaped kiddie bands, a big bounce ball, a magnet frame, and a fold-able cooler for taking your kids packs on the go.

Awesome right? Want to win? It's easy! Just leave me a comment. Be sure to include your email address so I can easily contact you if you are the lucky winner. I will pick a winner on Thursday morning.

Want some Yoplait Kids to hold you over until you win? You can click HERE and get a coupon to save some money on your purchase!

*The coupon**, prize package, giveaway and information are provided by Yoplait through MyBlogSpark..Thank you!

**This coupon offer for a free four pack of Yoplait Kids yogurt is not valid in some states, including California, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota and Tennessee.

Be sure to "Like" Yoplait on Facebook, and "Follow" Yoplait on Twitter to get the latest Yoplait news!

Whew! I hope I got everything in there that needed to be said :) Enjoy your Yoplait! Oh, one more thing... The little cups that the yogurt comes in can be washed out and used for other things, they make great water cups for when your kids are painting



Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Come on in & sit a spell, I've got some letters for you to read. Joining up with my dear friend Dazee and her weekly Dear... letters. Letters to whomever, good or bad, like venting and/or praising, just getting stuff off your chest out of your mind... that kind of thing.


Dear Key Lime Cove...We had a great time at your place over the weekend. I hope we can come back sometime in the future, we miss you already.

Dear slippery floors at Key Lime Cove...get a grip! You are so slick both Bill & Bree fell on you over the weekend. Bree fell twice, once hitting her head.

Dear Build-A-Bear...You have a way of sucking little girls in, and draining their daddy's wallets...

Dear Rainforest Cafe...You are such a cool place but dang you are noisy. We couldn't hear ourselves talk during our lunch the other day without yelling. You are also a money draining place. So is Key Lime Cove lol.

Dear Bree...You talk a LOT! You start as soon as you wake up, and keep talking until you fall asleep. Sometimes you even talk in your sleep.

Dear Bill & 3:30 a.m. on Monday morning, you were snoring in unison.

Dear Wii Fitness...Please be kind to me on weigh in tomorrow after my diet vacation.

Dear heel on my left foot...I don't like you, enough of the pain already. I'm tired of being in pain with every step. Tired of limping. Tired of popping pain pills. Pretty sad when my 10 yr old tells me I'm taking to many pills lately.

Dear Keurig...I'm pleased with my k-cup order and loving my Keurig machine. I was happy to see one at Key Lime Cove in my room too.

Dear Moo (or dog) was great having a vacation away from you.

Dear readers...Be sure to read the other posts from today too :)

I guess that's it for now. I could go on and on, but I would just bore you...


Happy Birthday Old Fart!

Today is my husbands birthday!

He's old.

He's goofy.

He's a hard worker.

He's often grumpy because he is tired from working so much...I would be too I suppose.

He's a good dad.

He's older than me.

Happy Birthday Old Man.


Yes, he acts goofy like that case you were wondering.



Our family, Bree, Jilly, Kelsey, Bill & I, went on a mini-vacation over the weekend.

We drove to Gurnee, IL, and first went to the Gurnee Mill's Mall. While there, we had a great (and expensive!) lunch at Rainforest Cafe. We all love that place, so much to look at there. Then it was Build-a-Bear time. Each of the girls wanted something. Kelsey got a Peace Sign Bear, Jilly got a dog, and Bree got a Hello Kitty. The younger girls got dresses for their animals. Bree picked out a Cinderella outfit & shoes for her Hello Kitty, Jilly got her dog a dress. Bill's wallet was a lot lighter when we left that store. After that, we did a bit of window shopping, trying to save some money for the rest of our vacation!

We left the mall and headed to Key Lime Cove! We got checked in, then had dinner in one of their eaterys. Next came time for the waterpark! The girls had a blast. After that it was the arcade time, they loved that too. Most of the weekend we ate, spent money, swam, played games, and ate some more. It was a great weekend.

Our room had 2 queen beds, and a fold out couch. Kels & Jilly shared one bed, Bree & I the other, Bill took the fold out couch. I was happy to see our room had a Keurig coffee maker :) The room also had a mini fridge, which came in handy.

For the rest of this post, I'm putting up a bunch of pictures for you to enjoy. I'll also put up a few videos...if I can get it to cooperate.

rainforest cafe

our room

K.L.C. waterpark

Kelsey at K.L.C.

Jilly at K.L.C.

Bree at K.L.C.



junk food bree


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Tuesday is here, which means its time for the weekly Dear... letters. Letters for good or bad to whomever...


Dear Tummy Bug...Leave Bree alone, and stay away from the rest of us too. Poor Bree has had yucky poops for several days now and on Sunday she was puking up a storm. Enough already.

Dear suck.

Dear wii weigh in...$%^$ you.

Dear my fitness pal... you blow.

Dear fat...flee the premises.

Dear are a loser, but not the kind of loser you are supposed to be!

Dear pain...You totally suck. I hate you. Go away. I'd like to be able to work out without being in agony with every step. Actually I'd like to be able to even walk without being in agony with every step. You left for a year or so, then you came back after my jogging last week, and you came back with vengeance.

Dear Aleve...I know you can work better & faster... please?

Dear city...Not thrilled with the fact that we have to have city tags for the pets and you are going door to door to verify. Just another way for you to rob us of our money.

Dear Great Clips...I wish I could get a Great Clip at your place...95% of the time I get a crappy clip. Got a bad haircut last night. Oh well, at least I had a coupon so I got my crappy haircut for half price.

Dear Dancing With The Stars...I'm glad to say I don't hate anyone in the new cast...yet. Not sure who to root for.. I'll miss Derek this season!

Dear Bill...I love you, but I hate your damn snoring!!

Dear Kelsey...Stop forgetting stuff! I'm tired of bringing stuff to school for you that you forget. Gas is expensive now ya know, and you are a big girl, capable of remembering your calculator & stuff.

Dear gas prices...geeze..chill out.

Dear weekend...can you get here a little faster?

Dear massage...I wish I could get you when we are at our mini vacation. There is a spa there, Bill was going to let me get one, but I was stupid and said we should spend the money on the kids instead. Now it looks like we'll be spending a butt-load at Rain forest Cafe, and Build a Bear etc... I'm pretty sure there won't be any left for that massage...what was I thinking?

Dear Keylime Cove...I hope you are as fun as you look and you provide the family & I with a wonderful time.

I'm tired.