Wednesday, April 27, 2011



It's time for weekly Dear... letters, letters for good or bad, venting/praising, whatever... My good friend Dazee's meme. (BTW, I hate the word meme) Please look over to the side --> there is a button over there that will take you to Dazee's blog, Crazy Daze & Nite Dreams.

Dear Rain...GO AWAY! Soon I feel we'll need to build an ark. Enough already.

Dear May...please bring lots of flowers and a lot less rain.

Dear self...You've been bitten by the creative bug. Feeling the need to do prom flowers big time...I think a trip to Hobby Lobby is coming up real soon.

Dear hot cop neighbor...why is your girlfriend mowing? Come on, I want YOU to mow...and do it in your cop uniform please...don't forget to bend over to pick up sticks while you are at it...I'm sure it would make for a nice view for me :)

Dear McD's...When I purchase apple dippers for my daughter, I do not want to come home and take them out of the bag and find that they have already been OPENED. Gross. It has happened more than once. I guess I should check before leaving drive thru...but by golly I shouldn't have to. Your people should notice an open bag before putting it in with my order. Duh.

Dear Robin...I'm worried about your babies, I wish you had built your nest outside of our fenced in yard. I hope Moo doesn't snack on your offspring when they practice flying.

Dear Sun...I miss you.

Dear glasses...I'm finally getting used to you. Didn't have much choice after my old glasses broke last week. I still don't think you are exactly as you should be, reading isn't as easy as it should be, but things have improved. I can now wear you without getting dizzy & nauseous, and feel like I'm going cross-eyed all the time.

Dear cleaning are FIRED. You haven't shown up for work in ages. Shame on you.

Dear carpet...Oh how I dislike you. I wish I had hardwood floors. I cleaned you about 2 wks ago, and already you are a mess again. Thanks to cat puke, cat poop (damn cats), and Bree's chocolate puke the other day. Hardwood would be so much easier to clean up.

Dear swagbucks...addicting you are. I'm still waiting for you to pick me for the hourly drawing of 1000 swagbucks...I keep checking and checking. Hurry up already. Oh yeah, and your surveys suck donkey, just thought you'd want to know.

Dear Blockbuster and/or postal system...What the hell is going on? I see my movies are sent, and an approximate delivery date...yet that date comes and goes and here I still wait for my freakin movie. This has happened several times lately. I've also gotten movies that are cracked...kind of hard to watch cracked movies! I'm getting annoyed and frustrated. I was supposed to get a movie on the 21st...its the 27th and still no movie.. Shape up.

Dear sleep...I miss you.

I guess that is all for now. Have a super day. I hope you all get some sunshine.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Congratulations Kelsey!

Guess what.

Last week Kelsey stayed at her dads for some quality daddy daughter time. During the week there she went to get her drivers license...and she passed! EEK!! Congrats Kelsey! Drivers beware lol.

Now we just need to get Kels a job, so she can get a car, insurance, pay an arm & a leg for gas... welcome to grown up life...

Kelsey also did a good deed last week. Kelsey donated blood for her second time. Way to go Kelsey! I'm proud that you do this to help others.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cake Decorators in the Making

I'm going to attempt to do a post, with pictures...I hope to God it doesn't screw up the spacing again. Cross your fingers!

My dad LOVES cake. Especially cake with a lot of frosting on it. So, every now and then I'll bake up a bunch of little cakes for him, frost them, and cover & bag them, and give them to him for his freezer.

I made 6 of these cakes on Friday. I decided to let Jilly & Bree each decorate one, for fun, kept them busy for a bit. Bree piled on colored sugar, and I mean PILED. She did try her hand with a decorator bag too, and did good for a 3 yr old. She was making leaves. One leaf got really big, so I said, "Wow, that is a big leaf!" She said, "Mom that isn't a leaf, its BROCCOLI!" ahhh ok...

Jilly did pretty good too. She tried her hand at making roses for each corner of the cake, and did pretty well. I think she would have done better if she wasn't watching TV while doing it, God forbid she miss Big Time Rush.

Saturday we delivered the cakes to Grandpa, and I'm sure he's enjoyed one, or two of them already.



Tuesday, April 19, 2011

O M G!!

Just posted my Dear... post, and it is showing SPACING! YAY!! I hope its fixed permanently! Woohoo!

Sorry, just had to share my excitement!

Now go read the previous post :)



Howdy Partners.

I'm still alive. I bet you were wondering, since it's been so long since I posted.

I've just been in a cranky mood, didn't really have a lot to say. Plus Bree's been sick and clingy so I didn't feel like blogging with a child attached to me, it makes it hard to type.

But...what has probably kept me away the most is knowing that whatever I type on here, the spacing will not show up, making it hard for my reader to read. And that pisses me off. Blogger needs to fix this problem, like NOW, or better yet, like YESTERDAY. Damn its been weeks now. I'm so frustrated.

Anyways...on with the Dear... letters (letters good or bad, to vent/praise, whatever). Please go over ----> to the side there and see Dazee's link to visit her blog Crazy Daze & Nite Dreams. She's the wonderful fun gal that started this all and she has become quite my buddy, we talk every day, all day long lol. I <3 Dazee.

Here we go...

Dear Blogger...Fix the damn spacing issues already.

Dear Weather...Where did our nice spring weather go? Its now spring break for the kids and the weather is cold/windy/rainy.

Dear Bree...I'm glad you are finally feeling better! Last week was rough. Puking in the van is gross. Fevers of 104 are not good either. Stay better now please.

Dear Bree...Forgot to mention...enough of the bratty attitude ok? Dang it's almost like you are PMSing. You've been watching your sisters to much.

Dear Repeats...Enough already. Give me new episodes of Greys & Private Practice. Repeats suck.

Dear Jilly...Can you ease up on the dirty dishes? Dang, I swear you dirty enough dishes in one day that a normal family of 5 does.

Dear Corn...I love you, why are you so very mean to me?

Dear Swagbucks...You are taking way to much of my time lol. I want bucks bucks and more bucks...gimme :)

Dear Robin...I hope your babies stay safe. Building your nest in our backyard was a bad bad idea. You see, our dog likes to eat things, like bunnies, and I'm pretty sure birds are on her list of tasty snacks. I fear your babies will fall out of the nest and become Moo's mid-day snack :(

Dear Renee...You've been bad bad BAD!! You totally went off your diet, and probably gained back all you lost. Get your ass back on track.

Dear doofus next door...You are crazy for starting to mow your grass already. Once you do it the first time of the season it starts growing faster. I know you love to mow, you like do it every other day...but we, your neighbors, do not like to hear your mower blaring every other day. Especially when my husband is trying to sleep. Plus, have you seen the outragous gas prices? Why would you want to mow so often and have to get gas for your mower all the time? You must have money to about sending some my way?

Dear Hot Cop neighbor...You can mow anytime you'd like...would it be to much to ask for you to wear your cop uniform while you do it? mmm mmm good :)

Dear Kelsey...I hope you have a great time at prom on May 7. Dang prom stuff is expensive. Thank God you have a free dress (Thanks Aunt Beth!). There are tickets, dress alterations, hair, flowers...its all coming at a bad time, May is a killer money month. So, you BETTER have a good time darn it LOL.

I guess thats it. I'm not going to spell check, or anything, because I'm feeling excuse errors.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Good morning. I hope today my post has paragraph spacing. I'm getting totally frustrated at this issue. It makes me not want to post. I've looked into it, and apparently I'm not alone, others have this problem too...yet no one has said there is a fix for it yet. It's time for the weekly Dear... letters. Letters for good or bad, just to vent/praise, whatever. Please join in. If you'd like to blog your own Dear... letters please hop over to Dazee's blog and link up. I'm not going to post the link, or the picture on here, in fear of if I have spacing it will mess up when I add that stuff lol, thats when it all started last week. So please go ----> over there and grab the link to Crazy Daze & Nite Dreams. Dear Special K...I like the flakes in your Chocolate Delight cereal, but those fake chocolate wanna be chunks SUCK. I should have known the name 'Chocolate Delight' was to good to be true. Dear Kels, Jilly, Bree...I like that you are sharing, but I don't want you to share germs and sickness! Seems stuff is going around and around lately... Get better, and keep better, all of you. Oh yeah, and don't give anything to me! Dear Key Lime Cove... You made quite the impression, the girls, especially Bree talk about it all the time. Bree just told me that after we pick the girls up from school today we need to go back to the waterpark. LOL. I wish it were that easy. Dear bathroom carpet...if I have my way, you will be HISTORY. Soon hopefully. Carpet in a bathroom is a BAD idea. The toilet has overflowed one to many times and its disgusting and smelly. I'm trying to talk my husband into letting me get you out. I don't like you. Dear TP companies...You should send me free product. I keep you guys in business. Dear Bree...ease up on the TP, you caused the toilet overflow the other day. Dear Tuesday & Wednesday nights...I don't like you. You are filled with LOUD snoring, crappy sleeping, and restless hours. Dear readers...Have you noticed the new header? Or the new page? Dear rainy days...Boo. The whole week on the forecast last night showed rain rain rain rain. Bah humbug...snow would at least be prettier. :P Oh well, hopefully it will green up the grass, and get some stuff blooming, I'm tired of leafless tress, they are gloomy and boring. Dear gas prices...damn. give us a break already. We may all become hermits, and not by choice. Dear swagbucks...Umm, I'm addicted. LOL. Gimme my bucks. :P I do wanna say though, I hate your damn surveys. I always have to answer a bunch of stuff then you tell me I don't qualify, and I get now swagbucks for it. That is frustrating. I need a nap. Toodles!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finally Escaped From the Kitchen

WOOHOO! I'm FREE I'm FREE! At least for now anyways :) Last week I seemed to spend all my time in the kitchen. Today I've spent all my time in the living room (and umm the bathroom, tummy troubles today!) relaxing and catching up on some things I've been needing to do on the computer. If you haven't noticed, I changed my blog header. I used some of the pictures I took last week. I hope you like it. If not...TO BAD :) Hmmm I wonder if this post will have spacing, since the last few posts I've done the paragraphs haven't worked! Cross your fingers. If not...TO BAD LOL. Seriously, if this shows up with no paragraphs I'm not sure what to do...any suggestions? I hope everyone has had a great weekend. Tonight we are supposed to get some sever storms I heard. Yikes. Thunderstorms I don't mind, as long as power stays on. The thought of tornados, and night time tornados freaks me out! Cross your fingers that the bad stuff misses us. Here are a few pics of the things I've been making in the kitchen, enjoy! Toodles!

spring flower cake

Heaven Sent baby shower cake

cookies spring