Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hair Highlights from...?

Chalk! Did you know you can put pretty colorful highlights in your childs hair with chalk? I didn't, until I heard about it from this great hair site! That site has a ton of awesome hairstyles I look at that site all the time and wish I could do some of those styles on my girls. I try...but they never look that good! Practice I guess...

I did it on Bree's hair right away after seeing it on that website. I had some crayola chalk sitting in the house so I figured why not give it a try! Bree loved it! Jilly loved it too and later did her hair by herself. I have pics of Bree's but I didn't get a pic of Jilly's darn it. I'll have to be sure to get one next time.

Cute huh?


I'm tempted to put a pink streak or two in my hair :)



I've been anxious for snow...yet Mother Nature has been mean and not provided me with much. There was one day we had a few flakes fall, I ran out to see them, then ran back in to get shoes on, by the time I did it had stopped. Then, a few days before my birthday we got a tiny dusting, not even enough to cover the grass, and barely enough for a snowball. I was excited we got some, but majorly disappointed in the lack of it. Every day, I wish for snow. It is December after all, and nearly Christmas, the ground & trees should be white and pretty, not ugly drab colors of dead grass and trees... I check the forecast online often and I get a :( face because there isn't any snow in the forecast day after day...even yesterday when I looked at the 10 day there wasn't any other then next week a rain/snow mix. Imagine my surprise when I went out to the kitchen this morning and glanced out my window and saw this SNOW! I was so excited! I called for Bree to come look out the window, she too shared my excitement. We grabbed our shoes, coats, and her mittens, and grabbed the dog and headed out to play in the snow while Moo (the dog) did her business. It was awesome. I'm in snow heaven. I want more...I'm greedy that way, sorry.

I know, most of you are snow haters...I'm sorry. Please don't rain on my parade :P


Bree's 4th Birthday Party

Bree turns 4 on December 19th, but we had her party early so Kelsey could be here for it, she'll be out of town this weekend. So on Dec. 11th we had a few people over, my mom, and my brother and his family. Invited a few others but they didn't come. It was a small but sweet party, Bree had fun, and thats the important thing!

Bree is in love with Lalaloopsy toys. Lalaloosy dolls "were once rag dolls that magically came to life when their last stitch was sewn. Each doll has their own personality that comes from the fabrics used to sew them." says their website. They are kind of cute, but the one thing I don't like about them is they are so top heavy they won't sit or anything, they just fall over... They may make a good weapon too with that hard head. Anyways, Bree loves them. She got her first last year at her birthday, she got the larger sized Princess Jewel Sparkle...and it has snowballed from there. Now she has about 10 mini lalaloopsy dolls, a bus, a treehouse, lalaloopsy pj's, and a ds game! She's in Lalaheaven.

She wanted her birthday cake to be Lalaloopsy of course. I made a drawing of how I hoped it would be, but of course plans changed and it didn't look as good as my drawing. I did a big pic of Princess Jewel Sparkle (Bree's favorite) on the top, and a bunch of others faces on the sides.

We got Bree a pink crown to wear, like Princess Jewel Sparkle, and we curled her hair all pretty for the day too, but the curls didn't last very long.

Here are some pictures from party day Enjoy.

4th birthday party collage

Lalaloopsy cake collage


What the girls do when they are bored

A few weeks ago the girls were bored.

Kels was letting Bree torture her. Bree decided she wanted to give Kels a make-over. First she started with a crayon...which worked surprisingly well by the way, later we switched over to real make-up.

Isn't she pretty?

Bree doing Kelsey's make up collage

After that Bree decided she wanted to give herself a make-over...

Bree's make-up

She had a blast playing with make-up. I'm glad I was busy, or she might have tried to do mine!


I know, I've been MIA.

December has been busy, and stressful.

We've had appointments. Dentist for me, still waiting for my pretty new teeth, should be soon though. Doctors appointments for Kelsey (she is suffering from depression and we are trying to get meds and dosages right etc.).

I've been mom taxi carting the kids back and forth to school, dances, and bowling practices & games.

Bree's had a cold, which she shared with me, and we've both been feeling tired and icky.

I turned another year older. I'm now 43, I think. See, so old I don't even know for sure...

I've been doing extra cleaning, because we had a little birthday party for Bree on Dec. 11 th.

I spent my birthday baking and decorating Bree's party cake.

I've just been tired. I've been cranky. I figured I'd stay away so I wouldn't scare people away LOL.

I'm going to try to get a few posts done today...providing my computer cooperates, its been having some scary issues the last few days... say a prayer for it!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Giveaway WINNER!

Thank you to those that entered to win the MyMemories Digital Scrapbooking Software giveaway! I wish you could all be winners, but I am only able to have one. I went to and had them pick the winner. picks winner

Hmm crap that came out small LOL. Hopefully you can read that, if not it says the winner was picked from the numbers 1-9, and that winner is #5! So comment #5 wins, that would be JOANNA!

Congratulations Joanna! I'll be getting in touch with you soon with the information you need to get your prize. Enjoy it and create some beautiful stuff!

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Thank you My Memories for giving me the opportunity to host this giveaway and for supplying the software to me to review and give to the winner.


P.S. Can someone PLEASE send snow my way? It's December, I need snow on the ground...just not on the roads :) Thanks.