Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I'm a little early, as it is only shortly after 8 p.m. here...

Just wanted to wish you a very happy, SAFE, New Year!

My girls are already celebrating...I only have the 2 little ones home (and Zach too). Kels is spending New Years Eve with friends.



Enjoy your night, enjoy family & friends, don't drink & drive. Thanks. :)

(Did you notice there is a new blog header today?)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It's that time again friends... I'm doing Dazee's Dear... letters and linking up. Please join in!


Dear Mother Nature...I hear you are going to take us into warmth later this week, like will melt all my snow. NOT COOL.

Dear makers of Midol...Please send a truck load to my house. I have many people here that are apparently PMS' everyone in the damn house.

Dear Jilly... I hope you adjust well to your new glasses when you get them in a few weeks. Please be careful not to break them. :)

Dear Bree...late naps are bad news. If you MUST nap, please do it early so I don't have to be up all night.

Dear January...Please get here FAST!

Dear new pj rock. My legs are all nice and toasty warm now, thanks.

Dear dishwasher...please stop leaking.

Dear self...only a few more days of eating whatever and being lazy...come Jan. you need to get busy on the wii, and treadmill. Fatass.

Dear friends...please be sure to motivate me...

Dear feet, knees, and body in general...I plan to give you a work out prepared, don't fail me. I need you. :)

Thats it for tonight. Have a great day!

QOTD: would you rather...lose your memory -OR- lose your vision?


Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas Eve as I type this, a little after 6 p.m.. The kids are fed, and have opened their Christmas Eve present of new pj's to wear tonight (our yearly tradition). I'm hoping little Miss Bree goes to sleep soon. She was really tired around 4, I had to struggle to keep her awake then, but it appears she may have gotten a second wind. Oh no!

I'm excited for Christmas morning. I'm sure the kids will be surprised. I'm surprised myself, I think we did decent for them this year, not sure how, but we did. I'm pretty sure they won't get as much as their friends, but well, they'll have enough, and they'll have things they wanted, so to me, I think that is good.

I have heavy thoughts tonight. I'm thinking about a lot of friends going through struggles right now.

I have friends going through their first Christmas since the loss of their son.

I have a 'friend' who's blog I've followed over the years that just lost her husband in a car accident on Dec. 22. I don't really know know her, but I feel bad about what she is going through. It is something horrible, and to have it Christmas week makes it even worse. She & her 6 kids will be alone tonight.

I have a friend that is hurting tonight, and mourning the loss of a friend in another way. A friend that feels betrayed, and accused.

I have a friend trying to mend a family tonight that has been apart for many years.

My Jilly is without her father this Christmas, he is living in Norway now. He too is missing her so much.

I am missing my brothers and their families.

And of course I have my dear friend Dazee who is wishing she could be spending Christmas with me :) LOL Ok, maybe she isn't...

Anyways... Please keep my friends & Jilly and her dad in your thoughts tonight & tomorrow. I'm sure there are many others struggling this holiday too. I wish everyone could be happy.

Please everyone, have a safe, and happy Christmas. Eat good food and enjoy good company. Celebrate life, friends, and family.

(time for me to enjoy a wine highball...its been a L O N G day.)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Hey Peeps!

How was your day?

Mine hasn't been spectacular.

Its time for my weekly Dear... letters to link up with my dear friend Dazee.


Dear Body...My idea of 'sit & take a load off ' apparently isn't the same as yours. Sitting on the toilet, with major cramps, crapping my guts out is NOT WHAT I MEANT! That was pure evilness.

Dear TP companies...You. Are. Welcome. I keep you in business.

Dear Imodium AD...I love you, and so does my sore anus. LOL sorry, TMI. :)

Dear SKYPE...You SUCK today. Shame on you for being down ALL DAY! Don't you know I have friends that I like to talk to?? Meanie.

Dear Christmas...Can ya get here already?!

Dear January...see above...can YOU get here already too?

Dear McD's...I'm still begging you, don't get rid of your $1 large cokes!

Dear family...if you don't start hanging up your coats instead of tossing them on the floor in front of the closet, I am totally going to sick a hanger someplace you'll not enjoy it.

Dear movie...thanks for the laugh tonight! I needed it. (She's Out of my League)

That's all for this week. :) I'll probably post before Christmas again, but in case you are traveling and won't be around reading blogs...Have a Happy Healthy, SAFE, Fun, Fantastic Holiday!


QOTD: Watch any good movies lately?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Aubrey!

Three years ago today Dec. 19, I was up early and at the hospital awaiting my c-section. I couldn't wait to meet my little girl, the one that did flips inside me and kicked the crap out of me.

My beautiful little girl arrived weighing 7 lbs 4 oz, and 19 inches long. Here is one of her first pictures.

Aubrey 007

Isn't she beautiful?

She has sure grown over the last 3 years.

Now she has long blonde hair.

She talks a ton.

She tells bad knock knock jokes.

She makes up funny stories.

She drives me crazy.

She is LOVED.













Happy 3rd Birthday Aubrey!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Time for this weeks installment of Dear... Play along if you'd like. Dazee is my buddy and she'd love to know that a lot of people are playing along.


Dear have a ton of blubber on you, WHY are you so cold lately? You should be all toasty.

Dear bank account...I hope you have some money left in you once Christmas is over...Mr. B seems to be buying a lot of stuff, not sure where the money is coming from...

Dear McDonalds...Please please, I'm BEGGING NOT get rid of the $1 drinks at the end of this month. :( When you do that, I can no longer afford to visit you as often as I do, and I can't get my McD's coke fix, and it makes me very sad & cranky, because NO ONE offers coke as good as yours. But once you do away with it I have to go to Casey's, where their drinks are under $1.

Dear Self...once all the good food in the house is gone, you need to start dieting, and exercising more. You look like a big fat pig, and you are gross.

Dear Bree...I believe I've asked this of you before, like a million times...could you PLEASE start sleeping through the night? You are almost 3 now, this up several times a night thing is totally sucking donkey schlong and mommy is tired.

Dear Jilly...I hope you feel better tomorrow. When you do, clean your room and put your clothes away, I've been asking you to do it for a week now.

Dear place that fixed my van...THANKS. Its so nice driving a quiet van now, no more moaning, no more embarrassing looks from the moaning I'm thankful!

Dear laundry...I still hate you.

Dear bra...I still hate you too! Have I mentioned my hate for my underwire bra? Sheesh...torture! I like the mountains it gives me though, instead of my usual slopes.

I guess that should be it for now...


I've been blog lazy.

Hello Friends.

I haven't blogged since the 10th.

I'm sorry. I've just been kind of lazy...

Well not totally lazy, I've been busy with life things, just haven't blogged.

On my birthday, I cleaned all day. Lovely way to spend my birthday :)

I also made a cake, for Bree's birthday party which was on Dec. 11.

For my birthday we went to dinner at Applebees. It was nice having dinner out. Even if I got sang to and embarrassed. I bet my face was as red as the apple on their logo.

Bree's face when we got sang to was so funny. She looked totally puzzled and kind of freaked out! She did love the big ice cream sundae they brought for me though. The girls all shared with me. Well I should say they ate it..I had 1 bite.

On the 11th there was snow predicted, some actual nasty weather was coming. Not to many showed up at Bree's party, only my mom, and my Sister In Law with Trinity. It was sad that I did all that cleaning on my birthday for nothing lol. Oh well, we had a nice time visiting. I was surprised my SIL came out actually, she lives 2.5 hours away. We kept close tabs on the weather so she could get back with Trinity before it got to bad out. Speaking of Trinity, wow she is so cute, with the bluest eyes. I wish we lived closer so I could see her more.

Bree loved her cake I made her (Strawberry Shortcake), and she loved her gifts. She got a iXL and some games from us, she calls it her DS, she likes to be like the big girls. She plays with this all the time, it was a great investment. Next we'll have to invest in rechargable batteries since we are going through a LOT of them. She got a giant Candyland game from my mom. She got a Strawberry Shortcake & Lemon Meringue doll from my Brother, SIL & Trinity. She loved everything.

brees birthday collage

Hmm lets see. The nasty weather did come on Saturday night & Sunday. It was so bad Sunday that Bill came home from work and told me I am NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE HOUSE. Shortly after the police called to say the same thing, do not go out unless there is an emergancy. No sweat. I wanted a day to chill out and relax, and that is just what I did. I sat on the couch and read an entire book. It was good. I cuddled up in my nice soft blanket Bill got me for my birthday and I just read and chilled out...and texted some friends. :) Bree played her iXL and watched her shows, the girls did the same. I felt guilty for being so lazy, but hell, I deserved it!

I think I was a tad lazy on Monday too. :) I don't remember. I do know that I'm kinda sick of bowling season. It means a lot of back and forth here and there driving. Gets tiresome getting Bree set to go out and in the van and out again, only to get in again in an hour etc. .

Kelsey has been taking her finals early this week instead of next, for she is going to stay a few days at her grandparents house. She'll be going there Sunday.

Been busy the last few days making some cookies. I love doing them, but they take a long time. I'm going to ship some out to my dear friend Dazee, I hope they arrive in one piece, not crumbs. Gosh, I totally better get them shipped tomorrow..

Last night I slept crappy. Bree woke up several (like 5) times. Jilly also woke up once around 3:20ish. She was up in the bathroom crying that her throat hurt. I had her drink some warm liquid and go to bed. She woke up still feeling sick this morning so she stayed home from school. She slept until 2 this afternoon! I'm sure it was just what she needed though. I'm hoping she is better tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow...I'm looking forward to it. I'm going with my Mom to get a pedicure. My feet will be so thrilled...they are pretty rough and yucky right now, they need some TLC.

So there ya have it. That is how I've been spending my lazy time. What have you been up to?

QOTD: IF you could be famous for a day, what kind of famous would you want to be? Would you want to be a movie star? rock star? president? inventor?


Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to....

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yep, today is my birthday.

I'm old.

Very old.

Older than dirt probably.

But...even tho I'm old, I still love having birthdays.

Granted its not as fun as when I was young...

But I look forward to cake, with MY name on it, that I didn't have to make.
(I'm a fat girl...I like cake)

If I'm lucky I get a few gifts.

Wishes from friends make my day.

For one day a year, I feel special.


Happy Birthday to me. :)

I hope my birthday is a great day for all of you too.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yeah, today's been fun. NOT.

Last night I needed to dry some laundry, only to find out that my dryer is broke. Oh goody. Seems every month something breaks down lately. Bill of course had to work last night so he couldn't look at it to see if he could fix it at the time.

Today it seemed like everything was going wrong. I was in a pissy mood, and very teary for some reason, and in case you were wondering, NO I'm not PMSing. Anyways, its not been a fun day.

Tonight, I had the pleasure of going to the laundromat to dry 4 baskets of laundry. The worst part was hauling it all in and out. Inside wasn't so bad. I filled up 4 dryers, spent about $3.00 and dried and folded all the laundry in about an hour. To bad it can't get done that fast at home. I took Bree & Kels with me. Bree loved running around there. Kels pushed her around in one of the cart things, she had a blast.

On a good note, it is SNOWING. When I went to the laundromat there were like CLUMPS of snow falling it was very cool for this snow lover.

Tomorrow will be a day of cleaning, and cake decorating. I'm hoping things go smoother...cross your fingers.

QOTD: Have you been to a laundromat recently?


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The View From Here

I want to share with you the view I see daily. It is not a pretty view.

Hold on to your hats...

cat rear
Do you know what that is? Its my cats BUTT!

I love my cat, both of them actually... The cat you see in this pic is Sissy. Sissy used to be so afraid of me and everyone. Now she is like a little leech, and she won't leave me alone. If I am sitting here in my chair at the computer, and I lean back to relax a second, she takes that as an invitation to jump up onto me. She climbs onto my boobs, then proceeds to walk in a circle. She makes the trip around, sticking her rear in my face several times before she finally plops down and starts rubbing her face against mine.

She seems starved for attention. Probably because Bill & Zach are always mean to her. The other girls are more into Sissy has taken an extra special liking to me, and getting my attention. I give her some often...but I could totally do without her butt in my face.

That cat butt is the most wicked cat but you'll ever experience. You should hear, and see the stuff that comes out of it. I have never HEARD a cat fart until I met Sissy. She farts like a grown man, with major stomach issues. You can hear it from the other side of the house! Its very scary... Which is another reason why I do not want her rear anywhere near my face.

Just thought you'd like to see my view... Be thankful you don't get to see it in person :)

QOTD: Have you ever HEARD a cat fart before?


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

To Elliott with Love

Sunday we went to our friends Dan & Cindy's to celebrate Elliott, who was celebrating his birthday up in heaven. We enjoyed cake, and conversation, and we released balloons for Elliott. Here are some pictures.





I made the cake :)



I didn't get to post about this before, because we had a busy weekend. On Friday night, we got SNOW. I was so excited. Saturday I was busy with cake making and stuff, but the girls got to enjoy the snow a bit with Bill's supervision. I popped out to take a few pictures.



I love the girls faces in this last picture. Snow is so cool :)



Its the most wonderful time of the year... Or at least the week anyways :)

Time for me to hook up with my dear friend Dazee and her Dear... letters. Join in, won't you?


Dear need sleep.

Dear city that I live in...there is a thing called SALT, its good for melting ice on roads. You might want to consider using it. Then we won't have ice building up and up all over the streets during the winter. There is to much ice already...get with the program.

Dear Mother Nature...Thanks for the snow :)

Dear've been very mean to me the last few days, shame on you.

Dear unlimited texting...I LOVE YOU.

Dear cold...I don't like you much.

Dear idiots at the school drop off area...there is a lane to pull over to drop off your kids. Don't stop in the middle of the road and hold up traffic to let your kid out, PULL THE HECK OVER. Its already a cluster&#*@ there and you are making it way worse then it should be.

Dear McD's...please please PLEASE don't stop your $1 any size drinks at the end of this month. I'm begging you. I love you.

Dear you really need to bark your head off every time you go out to pee? I don't think you need to announce your presence.

Dear Radio come every time I shop at your store, it takes FOREVER to check out? Went for a simple pick up of something I ordered online, and it took about 20 min. their computer cash register was slow, then the printer didn't work...oy.

Dear funky looking old mall walker rock. You were really cruising this morning, your nickname should be SPEEDY.

Dear fleas...GO AWAY. You are not welcome.

That's all I'll bore you with for now. I'm tired, time for bed... In case you were keeping track, only 3 days till my birthday ;)

QOTD: What store gives you slow service? Any?


Friday, December 3, 2010

The Best-est and Busy !


Happy Friday everyone. I hope you all have some fun plans for the weekend.

My weekend is going to be BUSY.

Today, I have cakes to bake. One for an event this weekend, and the other is going to be for Bree's birthday party which is next weekend (the day after MY birthday). I'm going to bake hers while I'm baking, and freeze it to decorate closer to her party.

Tomorrow, I have a cake to decorate. Remember my friends Dan & Cindy that I talk about now and then? Their son's birthday is today. It is his first in Heaven. On Sunday they are having a celebration of Elliott's life. There will be cake ... the one I am making, friends, and I think we are doing a balloon release. Please cross your fingers that this cake turns out great. Please keep Dan & Cindy in your thoughts today too, its a hard day for them.

Tomorrow evening is Bill's company's Christmas party. My mother in law is going to watch the younger girls for us and Bill & I will have a night out. Exciting huh? Doesn't happen very often. I hope the party is fun, and the food is good...and that Bill isn't cranky LOL. They usually have raffle things all through the party, I hope we win something good this year! Cross your fingers :)

Sunday, we have Elliott's life celebration party to go to. I also have to pick up Kelsey who will be at her dads and spending time with her grandparents. Unfortunately, cancer has been a monster again, and this is probably her grandfathers last time with him is important. Kelsey is upset she might be missing Elliott's life celebration, but we think its important she gets time with her grandpa now.

I also want to give a shout out to my friends. I don't have very many. Most are online (and to far away :( ). The friends I do have though are THE BEST-EST friends ever. I just wanted you to know. :)

QOTD: What is your favorite Christmas song?

Toodles...I have cakes to bake!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Yay! It is December! My favorite month. :)

I bet you've all been anxiously awaiting my next installment of Dear... letters, come on, admit it...

Once again I'm joining my friend Dazee and linking up to her. I hope you enjoy it.

Dear Mother Nature...Thank you for bringing me snow, finally. Could you bring me a little more please? I want ground coverage at cover up the leaves that didn't get raked. Thanks.
Dear Santa...I've been somewhat good...can I still qualify for a good gift?
Dear Unlimited Texting... You are my new love. LOL.
Dear Friends & Followers...My birthday is coming up, have you started shopping yet? LOL kidding...about the shopping part.
Dear Zach & Kelsey...I think you BOTH need Midol.
Dear can stop hurting any time now.
Dear Self...get your rear in gear, you've got lists to make, supplies to buy, cakes & cookies to make and decorate.
Dear Self again...Good job getting all the presents wrapped already, before December even!
Dear Sissy (one of our cats)...Just because I'm sitting, and relaxing, it doesn't mean I want you sitting on my boobs begging for petting.
Dear Sissy again...Stop farting. Seriously. You have issues. Cats shouldn't fart like that. Your farts can be heard from the other side of the house...that is just wrong.
Dear Tigger (our other cat)...please leave the ornaments on the tree alone.
Dear Moo (our dog) are getting heavy! I wish we could find a new owner for you, so you can run around a house not be stuck in one room to avoid you eating our cats. You deserve better.
Dear Bill...Thanks for putting the Christmas lights up on the house last weekend.
Dear house...can you please stop getting messy so fast? They make self cleaning ovens...I need a self cleaning house.
Dear Donna...You rock. I'm very thankful to be your friend.
Dear Jilly...If you keep eating non stop, you'll end up looking like your mother. Speaking of eating, when you make something, pick up after yourself, and eat it all or don't make it. You don't need to make 5 things, only take a bite out of each and waste the rest.
Dear Bree...your knock knock jokes are cute, but after the millionth one, I'm kind of getting sick of them. Can you learn something new and cute so we can move on from the jokes? :) I never did like knock knock jokes, even before you started telling them 24/7.
Ok, thats enough...until next time...
QOTD: Christmas lights...colored? white? flashing? or still? How do you like them?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wittle whistler :)

Bree has taught herself to whistle! She started trying one day while we took the older girls to school, and has been practicing and practicing each day. She is getting better and better! I think its awesome. This video was from a few days ago, I was lazy and just now uploaded it...

She rocks doesn't she? :) Not bad for not even being 3 yrs old yet. Soon she'll be whistling tunes!


Secret is out...

The other day in my Dear... post, I did a Dear Self comment. Some of my readers thought the secret was that I was PREGNANT! Hahahahahahahahaha! No, that is NOT the secret. The secret was that I made a gift for a friend, and I was excited to show it to her. Thankfully I didn't have to wait as long as I had originally thought.

If you've been following my blog, or know me in real life, you know of my friends Cindy & Dan, and their son Elliott, who sadly passed away back in April. Elliott suffered from cancer for many years, and the complications from it called him to heaven. Dan & Cindy have been having a rough time, for obvious reasons. This time of year is especially hard. First Thanksgiving, First Birthday, and First Christmas without Elliott. I wanted to do something special for them, to try to cheer them up a little bit. Since money is tight, I needed to be creative in an inexpensive way...

One night I was in bed, trying to sleep, when the idea came to me. I wanted to see if some of Elliott's friends would be willing to come take pictures at the forest preserve, and help me with my plan. We met on a chilly Sunday morning, there was my girls, Mrs. W. (Elliott's former tutor), Caitlyn & Emily (Mrs. W.'s daughters), and Stephen who is Elliott's best friend. I had the kids use their bodies to spell out E L L I O T T, and took pictures. We also took many candid pictures. We even had fun while doing it!

It felt like Elliott was watching the action that day. We set our coats on a picnic table, and on the table right in front of us said, "I LOVE CINDY" How cool was that? Maybe it was a sign of him being there.

Later I ordered prints, got frames, and loaded up the pictures. It turned out pretty well I think. I was going to give the pictures to Dan & Cindy at Elliott's birthday celebration in December, but since not everyone that participated in the pictures was going to be there, we decided to give it to them last night. I wrote a little poem to go along with it too.

C & D opening pictures
I think it is safe to say, the gift was loved. I'm so happy. I hope the tears of happiness last night were a much needed break from tears of sadness.

I'll share a few pictures with you, my friends. I hope you enjoy them.


Heart & friends collage

table & kids

FOE collage

FOE collage1
What do you think? I think they turned out great! I should have done the L's a little different, lined the kids up over top of each other more, so they lines didn't look so long...but other than that I like it all.

QOTD: Has anyone ever made you a special heartfelt gift before?


Call me crazy...

I hope everyone had a marvelous Thanksgiving with friends & family. Did you over stuff yourself on all that great food? I sure did. It was great food, even if I did cook it! Our day consisted of just us, and my parents. My brothers had other obligations. They were missed a lot though.

I didn't sleep well Thanksgiving Eve, felt like I was awake every hour by something. At 5:30 I said screw it and just got up and started about my to do list. I showered, cleaned, cooked, cleaned again, we ate, cleaned again, mom and dad went home, put the tree up, cleaned again, felt exhausted, tried to nap...with no luck, then at 11:30 we left to shop! Yep, the girls & I (even Bree) were out the door at 11:30 p.m. to go Black Friday shopping. We wanted to make sure to get the stuff we wanted at Wallyworld, their sale started at midnight. Bree had a little nap before, I was hoping she'd stay sleeping in the van and at the store, but no such luck, she woke up as we left. Walmart was a madhouse, but we were able to score everything on our short list, check out, and be out the 1 a.m. Ummm the next sale isn't until 4, so we sat in the van. And sat in the van. And SAT IN THE VAN. Steak and Shake was open, and making a killing, SUPER BUSY. We ended up getting in the drive thru line for some fries. We were in line for 45 minutes. Wow. But, since we had nothing better to do it was ok! We kept warm while the van was running. We went to park again and eat the fries...after that we needed a potty break, so we drove to a gas station that was open. Then back to the parking lot at JcPenney. Thank goodness they ended up opening a bit early, at 3:30. We were out of there by about 4:30, and home by 5 a.m.. What a LONG night. The girls all behaved, even Bree who stayed awake until about 4, when she crashed in the stroller. I was so glad to get home and go to bed...but not before I had to clean cat crap off the bathroom carpet, ugh stupid cat. Getting in bed at 5ish (little after) and waking at 7:20 to talk to my husband when he got home, then back to sleep till 8:30...just was NOT enough sleep! But Bree got up, so I had no choice but to get up too. Mommy duty called. Kels slept half the day. Jillian slept until like 3:20! She only got up because I made her. Must be nice. Bree never did nap yesterday...until we were driving to our friends house. I didn't get to sleep last night until nearly midnight, I was SO TIRED! But, I guess it was worth it, to get some good deals on Christmas presents for the kids. With money tight, you gotta save when/where you can!

Did YOU go Black Friday shopping? Did you get some good deals?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Good morning friends! I'm linking up with my Dear Dazee with her Dear John type letters. I love these because they can be a nice letter, or a ticked off one :) Play along if you'd like...either here in my comments, or on your own blog. If you do your own blog, maybe you could link up to my friend Dazee! :) That would be nice.

Dear self... The secret must be kept from friend for a few more weeks, stop getting excited and wanting to spill the beans early! You can do it! (NO, I am NOT pregnant.)
Dear Dazee...Thanks for talking to me daily. Its nice to have grown ups to talk to in my child filled world.
Dear DWTS, ABC, and America...Thank you for not letting Bristol Palin win DWTS last night! Yes, I know she improved some, and tried hard...but she is not the best, and she isn't a star, she shouldn't have been on there anyways. Thanks.
Dear DWTS...I'm so glad this season is OVER. You made my blood boil each week!
Dear Bree... You are nearly 3, its time you start sleeping through the night... Mommy is tired.
Dear Mother Nature...Take back your stupid tornado warnings, severe thunderstorms and all that junk, and bring me some freakin SNOW.
Dear Zach...Do not tell your baby sister a donkey will come kill her in her sleep if she doesn't eat dinner...she has enough sleep issues and this does not help. Butthead.
Dear Butt & Bladder...night time is not the time for business...I want to sleep, not visit the john. Especially at 6 a.m. on a morning I don't really need to be up.
Dear Thanksgiving meal... please cook up nicely so the family is able to enjoy you tomorrow.
Dear housework fairy...have I got a job for you... :)
On that note, Dear Money Fairy..can you please drop me a load? I want to shop on Black Friday!
Dear headache...LEAVE.
. usual, I could go on and on...but I'll stop for now before I bore you to tears. :) You are welcome. LOL.
In case I don't get on here tomorrow... Please everyone have a safe, fun, happy, healthy, enjoyable holiday. Don't eat to much turkey! Hugs!
2nd QOTD: I heard on the news that pumpkin pie has some arousal factors for men...anyone have any experience to share about this topic? :)
.WTH is bloggers problem today? I try spacing between paragraphs and it shows it as I'm composing my post, but when I publish all spacing is gone...hence the dots between...didn't know what else to do to make it less jumbled. Behave blogger!

Crazy Weather

Happy Thanksgiving Day EVE! :)

The turkey (me) has arrived.

I bet you were missing me weren't you?

I've slacked a bit in the posting area. I blame Dazee for talking to me all the time LOL just kidding.

We had some crazy weather the other day out here. Tornado warnings, IN NOVEMBER. Bizarre. Just as it was time to head out to run an errand and to pick up the girls, the tornado warning thing comes on tv. Thankfully it wasn't for my area, but to some nearby. It got me nervous.

Zach & Bree & I went to CVS, then to the school. At this point it had started to rain, heavily. We waited, and waited..and discovered they were not letting the kids out! Zach had to go to the bathroom, so we zoomed home quick, so he could do that, and I could check the phone to see whats up with the school stuff. Sure enough, they had left a msg at 2:55 to say they were holding the kids over because of the weather. Ummm maybe next time they should call earlier, or make some kind of loud speaker announcement for the people that were already THERE waiting! I thought my cell number was in the school info for these type of things but I didn't get any call on my cell. While we were checking the phone, the rain came down harder and harder, the winds picked up, the garbage can blew out in the street..some small chunks of hail fell too. I pulled the van into the garage once I saw hail :) Then I made Zach go out in it to fetch the trash can before it blew to far away...he got soaked!

Finally after several phone calls, we heard they would release the kids. First we went to Lincoln, the closest school, that is where I usually pick up all 3 girls, two get bused there. Zach had to run in to get the neighbor girl, they wouldn't let her go on her own. I had to park in a huge puddle that came up mid tire, because the intersection was flooded!

flooded intersection
As I was waiting for Zach to get Jackie, Jilly called...she missed her bus. Oh goody. Kels had called earlier to say she missed hers too... So once Zach & Jackie got in the van we were off to Jilly's school, snagged her, then off to Kelsey's school. Whew. That was exhausting!

No time to relax just yet though. Kels ran in to change, then I had to take her to bowling practice.

Finally, relaxing time. :) It was a crazy afternoon. I was glad to go to bed that night.

QOTD: Have any crazy weather lately?


Friday, November 19, 2010


Thank you so much everyone who left a comment to win the awesome prize pack from Pillsbury & MyBlogSpark!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My First Review and Giveaway! (closed)

**Giveway is over, thanks to those who played!


Today I'm going to share with you my very first review AND GIVEAWAY!
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Thank you so much MyBlogSpark and Pillsbury for giving me this opportunity!

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Would YOU like something to smile about? Need a fast breakfast that is also yummy and easy to eat on the go? I've got the perfect thing for you.



I was very excited to get this offer, because we have tried TOASTER STRUDELs before, and we all love them. If you have never had them, then you are in for a surprise. You just pop them into a toaster to heat them up, when they come out you have a little icing packet, and you can doodle on your strudel! How cool is that? Nothing like a little art work with your breakfast, it makes the kids smile. Speaking of doodling on a strudel, you can virtually doodle on one by clicking over to Pillsbury on Facebook , you can even share your strudel artwork with your friends. How fun is that?

When I went to the store with my coupon for my TOASTER STRUDELs, I let my youngest daughter, Bree, pick out what flavor we got. Bree picked out the blueberry variety. She is a big blueberry fan. Sometimes Bree is a picky eater, so I figure by letting her pick out the item, maybe she'd be more likely to enjoy it. Guess what? She ate ALL her strudel!

After cooking ours, we like to doodle on them, then right before we eat them, I like to smear the icing goodness all over the strudel, so not one bite is without the icing. YUMMY!

doodles strudels

smiles strudels

I would also like to point out that on the box of TOASTER STRUDEL is a Box Top for Education. So not only can you & your child get a good breakfast, but if you collect box tops for your school, they can profit from this too! Good deal!

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