Friday, August 19, 2011

SOOC Saturday

I enjoyed last weeks meme of SOOC (straight out of the camera) Saturday, so I thought I'd join in again. It means I put up a picture I took that is straight out of the camera, no editing done to it.

This meme is put on by Marvelous Mommy. Please visit her site and enjoy her pics, and those that have linked up to this meme.

SOOC Saturday


I couldn't pick which ONE of these bubble pics I took, so I'm posting both. Bubbles are cool.


There ya go, my SOOC pics. Not perfect, but still cool.

While I was looking for these pics I came across some other pics that I like and some old videos that had me laughing. Bree, Kels & I ended up watching a bunch together.

In the same folder as the bubble pics I came across this one of Jilly it too is SOOC I believe, might have cropped it I don't remember, but I didn't change the pic in any other way. Its one of my gazillion favorites...

I like her blue eyes, and her blonde hair, and the freckles on her nose.

Oh, and then there is this one of Bree covered in chocolate, and splashing in our ugly gold cute

She's such a nutbutt.

Ok, going to stop looking at photos now or I'll be posting all my favorites!

Have a great weekend!

Big Changes Coming Soon

I wasn't sure how to title this post.

I thought about "Dream coming true". Or, "I love my mommy" :) . Or, "Out with the old in with the new" or "I'm full of crap"... and a few other things.

I got a shocking surprise from my mom earlier this week. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when she told me the news.

My first thought was 'oh my God, for real?' I was very excited, for it was something I've been wanting to get done for years now. My second thought was 'OH SHIT! I have to go to a dentist!'. Since then I've been spending my time doing a happy dance, and sitting on the shitter because I have a nervous stomach and its in knots...(I know, TMI, but its the truth).

You are probably wondering what I'm talking about...

My mom has told me she is going to pay what insurance will not for me to be able to get my teeth pulled and dentures! If you've followed my blog for a while now (or if you know me in real life) you know that I am terrified of the dentist. Between my fear of the dentist, and years of no dental insurance/money, I haven't been to the dentist since I was in high school. Yes, thats a LONG TIME.

I am totally freaked out about going. My appointment to talk to the dentist is Monday morning, and I'll know more after that. I'm so scared my stomach is a mess and my booty is sore LOL. But I'm also excited in a way too.

I'm really embarrassed and ashamed to have to open my mouth to them on Monday, and allow them to see the horrible state of my teeth. I've mentioned before they are in a bad way and I'm not kidding. Most of my teeth are broken, even a front one is broken in half from top to bottom only half of it remains...I look like a hillbilly.

I'm excited that soon I will get rid of these yucky teeth, and get some new ones, ones I can eat easier with, and ones I can SMILE with! I will be able to smile, and maybe even want my picture taken once in a while! You don't know what its like trying not to smile, or letting people see you smile, for fear they'll be freaked out by my appearance.

Another good thing that I'm excited about is I might be able to shed a few pounds during this teeth removal process. I won't be able to eat much for a while probably, that is a GOOD THING. Maybe I'll get thinner, and be smiling more too, and I'll start to feel better about myself, and have more energy.

So as I said, there are some big changes coming soon. Please keep me in your prayers & thoughts for these things:
*That I can get through my appointments without passing out or something.
*That the dentist isn't freaked out and making me feel worse about the way my teeth look and the way I feel about them.
*That I can get this done quickly!
*That the tooth removal goes smoothly, no complications and healing is quick.
*That the dentures feel good and LOOK GOOD.
*That I lose a LOT of weight :)

Please give a big shout out to my Mom. If it wasn't for her generosity I'd not be getting this done! I love you mom, thanks so much, you will get my first pretty smile. :)



Bree wanted to play hopscotch today.

I didn't want to go outside to do it because it was hot...and I'm fat...and hot and fat don't mix well LOL.

So we compromised.

We did hopscotch INSIDE.

Masking tape to the rescue!



Even Kelsey got into the fun when she got home from school.

Now seems like every time we go down the hall we do the hopscotch LOL.

It's fun to watch the kids doing it.

Scary watching ME do it...I'm big, and fat, and have old lady saggy boobs....if I keep hopscotching I might knock myself out with my boobs.

Go get your masking tape...and get to hopscotching too!


She's BACK!

Jilly is HOME from Norway! She was supposed to be home in the middle of the night on Sunday/Monday, but their last flight got cancelled! I wasn't pleased, I wanted my Jilly home. She finally made it home early Monday afternoon. I was super happy to see her, and so was Bree!

I would post a picture of her, but I haven't had a chance to get any! She/we have been busy all week. Jilly's dad is in town until tomorrow, so Jilly's trying to get as much time in with him as possible. She's been gone pretty much from the time she gets up each day until past bedtime. I'd like time with her too, but right now her time with her dad is more important because soon he'll be gone, so I'm letting her have as much as possible. She was home long enough to get her school physical on Tuesday, and her dentist appointment on Wednesday.

Tomorrow is going to be a sad day for Jilly I'm sure when she says good-bye to her daddy again. Please keep her in your thoughts and him too, I know its just as hard on him.


Friday, August 12, 2011

SOOC (Straight out of camera)

I saw that Dear Dazee my buddy joined in this meme, so I thought I'd jump on the boat too. I like this one, its posting a picture straight out of the camera, no edits. I'm not a professional photographer nor do I edit much so this is up my alley.

The meme is from Marvelous Mommy, please click the buttons below to check her out along with those that linked up to her meme.

SOOC Saturday

Marvelous Mommy

Here is my entry. This was taken back in October, on the way home from Somonauk.



Worried about what others think..

I need a haircut. I haven't gotten one in months. I put it off for a while because money was tight. Then I worried that I'd go to get it cut and there would be a flea in my hair (dog & cats had fleas bad) and it would freak out the hairstylist and embarrass me... My hair is getting pretty unmanageable now, and I'm getting tired of having to put it in barretts or headbands (which hurt my head! I must have a big head...). I'm at a point where I NEED something done to it, I just don't know for sure what.

Yesterday I was surfing the web, in search of hairstyles... I came across something that caught my eye. At first glance, I thought 'I like it, but to risky for me.' I kept looking for other styles, and found a few ok ones, but my mind kept going back to the risky one. The more I looked at it the more I liked it. Maybe the fact that its on a model that isn't a twig helped pull me in. Maybe its the fact that it is a SHORT & EASY style that pulled me in... I like short hair, I like it on me, and I like the easy styling in the morningss... My husband isn't the biggest fan of short hair though.. But, who is going to wear it, him or me? Most of his time is spent working/sleeping/or on his computer, so its not like he'd be seeing much of me either LOL. But I do still worry... about what people would think...

So, my problem is... Do it because I like it, and pray it would look ok on me? Or don't do it, because others might not like it?

HERE is the style. I might (if I get it) have them go a tad shorter by the eye, for I hate stuff in my eyes. It is also making me think about wanting to get my ears repierced...I haven't worn earrings in probably about 10 yrs!

Nervously considering...