Thursday, June 30, 2011

Super Moo to the Rescue!

This is Moo

This dog drives me crazy in more ways then you know... But, tonight she actually impressed me.

Jilly & Bree were playing in the little kiddie pool in the back yard. Moo & I were sitting on the swing watching them.

Jilly started to splash like a crazy girl and started screaming.

I think Moo thought she was in danger.

Super Moo to the rescue!

Moo darted off the swing and went to the side of the pool, putting her front feet on the side. She barked loudly like she was trying to get my attention (even though I was already watching).

When I didn't get up (no need to, Jilly was playing and not in danger), Moo took it upon herself to jump into the pool and go to Jilly like she was rescuing her!

It was very cool.

Maybe we should rename her Lassie :)

Jilly thought it was so cool, that she kept trying over and over. Each time Moo would be sitting quietly till Jilly started splashing and flailing around...then the barking started and she'd jump in.

Moo has a special bond with Jilly...Jilly is Moo's humping toy LOL, she doesn't want anything to happen to her. Gross eh? Moo is very attracted to Jilly's leg. Moo is a girl by the way...and she's fixed...not sure why she's so in love with Jilly's leg...


Wednesday, June 29, 2011


When Bree was little she couldn't say Jillian, or Jilly. For some reason she called Jilly "NINNY". Jilly didn't seem to mind it much. To this day, Bree still calls her Ninny 99% of the time, sometimes she even shortens it to "Nin". Bree can say Jillian now, but she still likes to say Ninny instead.

The other day, Jilly asked me, "What exactly is a Ninny anyways?" so, we looked it up.

Ninny is:
Short for nincompoop. A stupid idiotic person. A fool. A dull-witted person.

Jilly said, "HEY! That's mean!" now she isn't thrilled at being called Ninny. LOL. Not sure she can make Bree change her ways...good luck Jilly :)


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stuff 2

Doing this again, going to try to do it regularly...

Listening: To Disney shows, Bree's yakking, Jilly's TV blairing in her bedroom, and the ceiling fan.

Eating: Nothing! Shocker right? LOL. Last thing I had was dinner, grilled chicken with chicken rice and corn.

Drinking: Mtn. Dew. Probably not the best thing to have at all, but especially after 9 p.m.!

Wearing: Wow, I still have my day clothing on! Thats not normal. Why am I still wearing a bra after 9 p.m.?! Have I lost my sanity?! LOL yes I have, long ago. I'm still wearing shorts and a tank top, along with a bra & panties of course. I think its way past time, I should have gotten my pj's on ages ago.

Feeling: Warm, tired, anxious for bed!

Weather: Warm & clear.

Need: To win the lottery!

Thinking: That I wish I'd win the lottery...and I wish Bree would go to bed. :)

Wondering: What the hell the person/people were thinking when they came up with Yo Gabba Gabba. I mean seriously, whats up with Muno? He looks like a giant sex toy with one eye. That is messed up.

Internet find: Oh golly... I see tons of stuff... I'll go with this link, to a very cute dress, makes me wish I could sew! Check it out :)



It's been a while since I've done these. Sorry for slacking. Dear letters are letters for good or bad, just to vent or praise, get the word out etc. It's all my dear friend Dazee's idea :)

Dear Jilly...Please take better care of your teeth so we don't have to get anymore pulled, and so your's don't end up like mine.

Dear dear bugs are DISGUSTING. Go away. I hate you, you gross me out, get outta my home.

Dear basement... you stink. I'm assuming its from being flooded last month, or was it this month? I don't remember anymore... I did clean you, but you still are smelly, and I think my house is smelly because of you.

Dear Moo (our dog)...I wish I knew why you itch so much.

Dear Kindle...I LOVE YOU.

Dear Janet Evanovich...Thanks for making great Stephanie Plum books. They make me laugh out loud quite often and they are fun and easy to read. I can't wait till the next one comes out.

Dear Bree...You are keeping the bandaid companies in business. Do you think bandaids are a fashion statement? Why must you have them everywhere? Oh, and just so you know, they don't take away the pain of owies, they just cover them up. They aren't really needed unless there is blood. I think we are going through a box a week lol.

I think thats it for now...if I come up with more I'll try to add them :) I'm kinda slow in the head today.


What I've Been Up To

Most of this post will be in pictures...

Jilly got a tooth pulled last week. I didn't take pics. She was quite nervous, but she survived and did well.

Friday we did the Relay For Life...well a new version of it anyways. The Relay for Life got their money still, and that is the important thing. Instead of going to the one in Yorkville, where a lot of the stuff was going to be done in the hot gym, we opted for a little different view. Dan & Cindy had us come to their place, and we set up camp there, and walked the street by their house. We slept (or for the most part didn't sleep) in our tents in their yard, had a campfire, shared memories and good conversation, and had lots of fun.

That is Dan, Jilly, and a neighbors grand daughter in the picture. There was probably 20 or so of us once everyone arrived.

Bree got a new bike...she's still learning the pedal thing,she tends to push her feet backwards, which stops the bike instead of making it go...but practice will make perfect, someday...


We've had what seems to be lots of rain, the other night we even had a double rainbow.


The girls have been enjoying summer. They had a silly string fight. Here is Kels on the losing side of the fight LOL...


Bree has been enjoying her pool...even Jilly & Kels join her sometimes.


I won a plant on Facebook, all I had to do was 'like' a status of the radio station I listen to, and they picked a few winners. I was one of the lucky ones. :) Thanks to Jilly's old 1st grade teacher (and my friend) Becky for picking it up for me! Isn't it pretty?

It's a good size plant, I need to find a place to plant it.

Does anyone know what kind of tree this is:

It is in my front yard. Its a fragrant tree and I've always wondered what kind it was...trying to find out but not having much luck. It has like 2 different color leaves, the dark green, and ones that are more a yellow/green, and it has yellowish flowers. I don't think it blooms every year...if I remember right last year it didn't and I was disappointed. Another thing I've noticed is the lightning bugs seem to love to hang out in it during the day! LOTS of them. Speaking of lightning bugs...the girls are outside now trying to catch some :)

I've been spending a lot of time doing this:

Search & Win
and some of this:
iRazoo its pretty much the same as swagbucks just a few differences.

Between the 2 of these I've earned over $70 so far.

Did I tell you all I got a Kindle? I think I did... I LOVE IT. I've gotten a lot of free books to read. I did buy a few for $.99, and I splurged on the new Janet Evanovich book, Smokin' Seventeen...I used my Amazon gift cards that I won through Swagbucks & iRazoo to get it :) The book was GREAT! I love Janet Evanovich books, I can't wait till the next one comes out in November, and in Jan. there is a MOVIE! Woohoo! :)

Today Kels & I made different kinds of flipflops. I'll try to get some pics of them soon and share about them.


Thursday, June 23, 2011


I saw this on a blog I came across when searching stuff for iRazoo (like swagbucks) and I thought it was a nice thing, so I'm doing it here.

Listening: To Bree singing, and the sounds coming from the TV, Jilly is watching Wizards of Waverly Place.

Eating: Just had a snack of a apple pie (hand held thingy), something bad for me..

Drinking: Sweet tea, made at home

Wearing: pjs! shorts & t-shirt

Feeling: TIRED, and happy because my brother & SIL had a baby today, his name is Jude Scott.

Weather: Chilly, cloudy, rain off and on today.

Need: A good nights sleep!

Thinking: About all the stuff I need to accomplish tomorrow, about how I hope the weather cooperates for the Relay for Life, about how I'm so behind on my weekly Dear...letters, and about how I can't wait to start reading the new Janet Evanovich book on my kindle later!

Enjoying: Listening to Bree singing and playing. Enjoying my kindle too.

Wondering: Will I ever get caught up on my Dear...letter posts? LOL

Internet find: Hmm I don't think I found anything overly interesting today...maybe I'll change my mind after I get caught up on my google reader...


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I'd like to wish my dad a very Happy Father's Day! I don't think I have any pics of him from lately to post. He doesn't go anywhere near a computer, so chances are very high he won't even see this post lol. But...I still wanted to wish him a Happy Father's Day.

To the fathers of my children (Yes, fatherS...I'm on my third/FINAL marriage, if you didn't already know that, and I've had children in each of those marriages)...Happy Father's Day! The girls & I have made a little something for the Dads.

D.A.D Jilly collage

Jilly dad collage

D.A.D Bree collage

bree dad collage

D.A.D Kels collage

K-dad collage

I hope all the Dads out there have a great Father's Day! Special hugs to those dads missing their children who are far away or in heaven.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Time Blog Slacking

I suck.

It's summer time, and I've been slacking at blogging. Sometimes I've been lazy. A lot of the times I've been busy. Sometimes I've got nothing to say. Other times I've got nothing NICE to say LOL.

So far this summer I've been driving Kels back and forth to speech class, and helping her with speeches, thankfully class ended last Wednesday. We've had a few days at a friends pool (Thanks Cindy & Dan). The girls & I went strawberry picking for the first time. My husband had several days off so I didn't blog then. We spent a day outside tiding up the yard some and trimming our overgrown bushes. We had a trip to the zoo last week too. Just been too busy and tired to write much around here. I'm sorry. I'd like to make a promise that I'll do better...but I can't. I know things are going to be busy so I might not be posting much...

Tuesday Jilly has a tooth to get pulled. Please say a prayer that she can remain calm, and that its not to terribly upsetting and painful for her.

Soon Jilly will be going to VISIT her dad in Norway. She is excited. Her passport finally arrived a few days ago. I'm anxious for her to get time with her dad, I know she misses him. I'm also worried about her being gone.

I've got 2 Relay For Life events coming up, so I'll be busy with those. I hope the weather cooperates this year!

Sunday I was supposed to do a photo shoot, but it got cancelled, I'm hoping it gets rescheduled soon. I'm excited about taking someones pictures other than my own family!

I got a kindle :) So I'm going to get in some summer time reading. I did some work for it, and I'm so excited to have it!

I'm going to close this post with some pics of things we've been up to lately...Enjoy!


zoo collage





waterballoon collage