Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Windy but pleasant

Not much went on today, so I'll just load you up with pics. Bree played with Zach at the park for a bit. After school the kids played outside. Tonight I watched Dancing With the Stars and I must say, I'm ticked that Mark Ballas & his partner are off already! I don't care for Shannon much, but I'm a Mark fan, I love his dancing and will miss it. Anyways, I'm tired, its past my bedtime, I'm going to finish this post quick and hit the sack :)

It was windy at the park...




I love this picture btw.

These are from playing at home...



WIPE OUT. Poor Bree. She took about 4 of these wipe outs while playing outside today.

What do you think of Bree's drawing? What do you see? I see a stick figure dude, with a big head, glasses, arms & legs...and he is bowling. :)

Time for me to say Toodles, and go hit the sack...now for todays QOTD

QOTD: If you were to take a 10 day trip in a car with your family or friends, what would they most likely hear you complain about?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Yak yak yak, blah blah blah

I don't know if Bree's mouth got tired today or not, but my ears sure did! The little stinker talked non-stop today. She can be so funny. This morning in the van, she informed me that I was the Mama rock star kitty and she was the baby rock star kitty. Goofball. Sometimes she'll talk and talk about stuff I have no clue about, so I'll just acknowledge that she is talking by saying, "OK, whatever". Well tonight we were laying on the floor together and she was yakking...then she said, "Mom! Aren't you going to say whatever?!" Hahaha. So silly.

We spent some time outside playing this afternoon. I'm hoping it wore her out so she will sleep all night...lol yeah right, who am I kidding?

This evening we hung out watching Dancing With The Stars. Well, I saw as much as I could, hard to see it all with 4 kids bouncing around in here and talking. Yes, I said 4, Zach came out tonight to spend a day or so here. Supposedly he is taking Bree to the park by the house tomorrow to play.

Who, besides me watches Dancing With the Stars? What did you think about tonight's show? Who needs to go? I say Buzz. Kate's not so hot either, but I kinda hope she sticks around a while. She is the one that has no dancing skills, and no acting skills, she has to be taught, its all new to her...which is what the show is supposed to be about. I know a lot of people say she should be home with her kids...But, she is earning money for them. A lot of women work outside the home, this really isn't much different. Derek & Nicole were hot tonight, and so was Evan & Anna.

I don't remember if I mentioned it or not, but I've started doing daily crafty/learning type things with Bree. Last week we did things that started with the letter A, this week is B. Its messy, and fun...and I hope she learns from it. Today we made a cotton ball bunny, we blew up a balloon, put a letter B on it and bopped it around, we also made nests for birds we are going to make later this week. Oh yeah, and we made a funny bunny hat too:


Tonight, Jilly ran into the kitchen for something and slipped and fell. She hit her ear on the corner of the kitchen counter on the way down. She has a big bruise thingy on her ear, its very painful. Ouch. Hopefully it teaches her to slow down a bit...

Before I close tonight, I would like to ask you to continue to keep my friends son Elliott in your thoughts. He still isn't doing well.

First a few cool bubble pics, because I think they are neat...you may disagree lol but its my blog and I can post them if I want. After the pics will be today's QOTD.




QOTD: If you could climb into "cartoon land," which cartoon character would you most like to be? Why?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I just wanna be ME!

Happy Saturday!

Bree is driving me bonkers :) She doesn't have far to drive haha. She is into the baby & mama connection thing. All day long she tells me I'm the mama something and she is the baby something. Today, I have been the mama dog, mama cat, mama dino, mama yellow car, mama kitty kangaroo...and others I can't remember at the moment. Of course whatever I am the mama of, she is the baby, and Kelsey is the sister of it. Its cute. To a point. But, sometimes I just want to be mama to Zach, Kelsey, Jilly & Bree, just be ME, not mama dog, cat, or whatever. My little Aubrey is so silly, she has quite the imagination.

This morning we went to a Easter egg hunt. Bree was excited to go. She seemed to switch the h for a c when saying where we were going though, Easter egg *unt. Eek. Oh that reminds me, don't ask her to say SCUM sucker when out in public...You'll be sorry, and get lots of evil looks. Yes, she knows what a scum sucker is, we go to Walmart and have to view the fish every stinkin time, and they have scum suckers there. I know now not to point them out, and invite conversation about them from Miss Bree. Sorry, got off the topic there. Anyways, we went to the egg hunt. Bill's employer put it on for the kids. We got there and they handed out buckets with shovels, and bubbles and a pencil. The bucket of course was to use to gather the eggs. Each child got to find 10 eggs. This was quick. :) Thank God it was quick too, because it was a bit chilly out this morning! The wind made it extra cold. I put a sweatshirt on Bree and then a fleece coat thing on her, and she was still cold. I didn't wear a coat (rarely do, even in winter), I was a bit chilled myself. Here is a picture collage (my new favorite things to make if you can't tell that already...) of her first egg hunt:


Once we got home, it was just a day of lounging. I even took a tiny nap, when Bree took hers, since I was tired from being up with her during the night. I have tons of housework I COULD have done, but I said screw it, I'm relaxing today, the housework will still be here for me to do later.

Oh, one more thing before I get to the QOTD and closing...Ever see Jeff Dunham's comedy show? He has a puppet dude named Walter. Its a grumpy old dude. Well, for a few weeks my husband had a picture of Walter for his facebook profile, and I thought wow that is a fitting picture! Ha. See, Bill works 2 jobs and is very tired, which makes him grumpy often, I don't blame him, I'd be grumpy too. Anyways, I saw some similarities in their pics. So, here is a pic of Bill today, and a pic of Walter, side by side...what do you think? :) I love you Bill :)


So there ya have it. Thats all I got in me today. I'll say Toodles now, and put the QOTD (Question of the Day), please comment and answer!

QOTD: If you could bring someone back from the dead to see & talk to them for one day again, who would you bring back? Or would you decline the offer, for saying good bye a second time would be to difficult?

Friday, March 26, 2010

5 Question Friday 3-26-10

It's Friday! Yay!! That means its time for Mama M.'s 5QF! Lets get the show on the road! I'm not going to do it vlog style today because the answer to one of the questions is pretty long, so the video would be long too, so I'll try it another time.

My Little Life

1. Did you pass your driver's test on the first try?

2. What is your most embarrassing moment?

3. What TV show would you like to be on- Oprah, Biggest Loser, or What Not to Wear?

4. Would you ever get plastic surgery and what kind?

5. What are your favorite jeans to wear?

1. NO! I didn't even get to drive the first time, I was failed before that. You know how you get in the car, and you have to test all the lights and the horn for the instructor before driving? Well, we had a crappy old car...I was doing this part of the test, the instructor told me to honk the horn, so I did. She then told me that the horn was not LOUD enough! And I couldn't take the rest of the test until I had the horn fixed or a different car. What a bitch! Next time I went, was when we had a rental car that we used for a trip to visit family in MI, so when we got home, we quick went to the DMV and tried again, and I passed.

2. Ok, this is the question with the LONG answer...I'm going to copy and paste it from another place (my mommy forum) to save me some time :) Here it goes:

My mom has donated blood for many years and she had been trying to get me to do it. I was afraid of needles and couldn't understand why anyone would choose to go get stuck by one when they didn't really need to...until I read about baby Allie and how much she went through, and how many transfusions she needed etc.. So, I figured I'd finally attempt it. So, mom had an appt. to donate and I thought I'd go along with her and see if they could squeeze me in too, if they couldn't so be it it wasn't meant to be...I had worked all night with my dad to help him out so I was exhausted and I hadn't eaten before I went (big mistake). I met mom there and to my horror they could squeeze me in. I passed the screening thing and was taken back to the room where they take the blood. It was packed because they had a special promotion thing going on. SO, they stuck me and things were going well. My bag was filled and I thought whew that wasn't so bad...Then they took the needle out and told me to hold my arm up for a few minutes. While I was doing that I got really icky feeling, dizzy, clammy, the room was spinning...I asked my mom if that was normal and she said no, and she told the nurse. They quickly aimmed a fan at me, covered my forehead with a wet rag to help...it didn't. I fainted. Do you know that when you faint you have no control over your bodily functions? While I was passed out I barfed all over myself AND pissed my pants!!! OMFG. I came to and they were cleaning barf off me. I remember before donating I had to pee but didn't have time before they called me back, and suddenly I didn't need to pee any more lol. I asked the nurse if I had wet myself and she said she thought I was just wet from puking...but I knew better lol. Once I got to where I could stand up, I went to the rest room to wash up more. I had puke all over my clothes. The nurse (Bethany) brought me a t-shirt to wear, ones they had previosly given away for promotions at a blood drive. It was teal and purple tye dye. I thanked her and then I wondered what to do regarding my wet pants..She brought me another promotional item, pj pants...they were green and red plaid. I looked like a bad tourist Of course it was that time of the month for me so I had to wear my wet panties still because they didn't have any promotional panties haha. I wrapped my sweatshirt around my waist and tied it to hide if any wetness came through. They wouldn't let me leave for a long time because my pulse and blood pressure was all messed up and I was so pale. Finally they gave me the ok to leave. I was so happy to get out of there! I had to drive 45 min. to get home. Stupid me didn't think to put the bag of pukey clothing in the trunk, instead I had it in the car and the smell was awful!! I couldn't wait to get home and shower! I showered as soon as I got in the door...then I started getting the chills, took a 3 hr nap, thought I felt better....got up and mom made me soup (I was living with her at the time), and while she was cooking I almost fainted in the kitchen again. I guess I was catching something and when they drained me of blood the symptoms got worse because I was feeling really sick the rest of that night. Bethany the nurse called to check on me later that evening. WHen I told her I was still feeling sick, she told me that they would have to throw out my blood. So I went through all of that and my blood couldn't even be used. (they don't want any recipient getting sick).

Now I know to always get plenty of sleep and eat something before donating and usually things go fine (Yes, I STILL donate). I did pass out and barf one other time lol, but most of the time it goes ok. And suprisingly they still ask me to come back to donate LOL.

3. Given my weight, I should be on the Biggest Loser...but thats to hard. So, I'd like to be on What Not To Wear instead, maybe they could teach me to dress better for my fatass body. But, seriously, could I spend that money at places like Target, Walmart, or Fashion Bug? The stores they have in NY are way to expensive, and I could stretch that money out so much better at my stores and get lots and lots more things. :)

4. Never had any plastic surgery. To expensive for this poor woman. Maybe if I ever got to my desired weight I'd somehow figure out a way to get all the excess skin and crap removed...but ummm like thats gonna happen...

5. I don't have any jeans right now. I can't find any good comfy fat lady ones.

There ya have it people! My answers to 5QF. I hope you enjoyed them. Please, by all means jump in. Either visit Mama M.'s blog and join that way, or just comment here with your answers if that is easier :)

OH, one more thing. I'm going to start a Question of the Day on my posts. I'll post it at the end of each post (hopefully I'll remember) and I look forward to my readers taking a minute to comment and answer the QOTD. It would totally make me happy...so please do! Here we go:

*QOTD: If you were stranded on an island for the rest of your life, who is the one person in your circle of family or friends that you would most want to be stranded with? Who would you least want to be stranded with?


Cha Cha Cha CHANGES!

Good morning! TGIF! As you can see, I've made some blog changes. I got the itch and had to scratch it LOL. I hope you like the re-do. Simple, yet springy still...I think.

Thank you Tammy for helping me re-size my header to fit better :)

What do you think of the changes?

I think I'm going to add a new feature too, a Question of the Day. I'm hoping when I do that, my readers will comment and answer the question :) I'll put the QOTD up later when I do Five Question Friday...

Toodles for now...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty....Aubrey?

Once again, I'm sorry for not posting last night. I was working on pics to post and all the sudden I started feeling ill. I was very dizzy feeling, and sick to my stomach, it wasn't fun. So I decided to get Bree to sleep, and head right to bed myself, blogging and pictures could wait...

My daughter Aubrey thinks she is a kitty. First thing out of her mouth when I get her out of bed in the mornings is, "Meow", same goes for after her naps, "Meow". Off and on (moreso ON) during the day, she will "Meow" and crawl around, she will want to be petted, and when she is, she purrs. Its very cute...but also odd! This has been going on for a while now. Should I go along with it all the time? Or try to get her to stop? I guess its not hurting anything, I just don't want her to be in total kitty mode all the time... She will also sit on the floor, pull her foot up, lick it, and then wipe by her cheeks like she is a cat giving herself a bath...I don't think this is normal. LOL What are your thoughts?

I've been itching for change...again. I kinda like my blog look now, but part of me thinks its a bit 'busy'. I also get frustrated that I can not post pics the size I like without part of them being chopped off on the side. AND it totally bugs me that my button doesn't match my blog... I'm weird like that. I need things to match. So I've been thinking about making some changes yet again. Not sure what to do yet exactly though, so I'm looking for your opinions. Let me know what you think about these ideas:

*Should I go with NO background images at all? If I go with no background, would YOU rather see white or a color?

*Should I go WITH a background image that is solid, not stuff on sides, just one thing all over?

*Would it bother you to see advertising on my blog? I've thought about this a lot. I don't have many followers or visitors to make a lot of money, but a few cents here and there might come in handy. I mean, since I love to blog, why not make a few cents doing it, since I'll be blogging anyways?

*What are your thoughts on Vlogs? (if you don't know what that is, it's a video of me talking instead of me typing what I'd say here)

*What would YOU like to see, or NOT see on my blog...your feedback is appreciated.

Ok, I promised the other night I'd bore you guys with pics and videos on my next post, so I'm sticking to my word...be prepared to be bored :) I've put some of the gazillion pics I took the other day into a few collages.





And here is a video of Moo enjoying the bubbles (excuse the messy backyard):

Moo & Bubbles from Renee Kofoid on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yes, I'm posting!

After slacking, and being without internet, I am finally posting. Sad thing is though, I don't have a whole lot to say! The last few days have been tiring. Miss Bree isn't sleeping good...again, or still..She had a few good days last week, but we are back to the crappy nights again now. I've been feeling somewhat lazy, and for the last 2 days I've had a super sore stiff neck, I must have slept on it wrong the other night. My housework has been neglected for that reason, and also because we've spent a lot of time outside the last 2 days.

The weather has been nice the last few days, much better then the SNOW we had over the weekend. Bree has enjoyed playing in her sandbox and on the swing & slide in the back. We also got a bubble machine, Bree & Moo our dog love to catch the bubbles. Its funny when the dog does it, you can hear her teeth chomp together as she bites the bubbles. Goofy dog.

I have video I need to upload, and a ton of photos that I should put into a collage so you can see many without this post being a mile long and taking forever to load...but that'll have to wait until tomorrow. Right now this chick is beat and needs to get to bed, its way past my bedtime and after the crappy nights I NEED sleep. So, I'll just leave you with a few pics for now. Sorry for the boring post.

Jilly jumping off our old swingset...


Moo, peeking through the fence...

Bree ...

Cool bubbles from the bubble machine...

Jilly & Bree...

Those are just from today, I took ummmm 214 pics :) I have a picture taking problem lol. The great thing about digitals, is you can take a bunch, delete the ones you don't like! More pics to come tomorrow. Heading to bed now.

G'night and toodles!

Oh NO you just didn't...

Sorry for not posting last night. I was going to after Dancing With the Stars was done, but when I came back to my computer, I discovered the stupid internet was down. I was not a happy camper. How dare the internet go down?! Our service has been sucking quite a bit lately, going out here and there. Its frustrating.

Just wanted to let you know I was still alive...I'll post more later (providing the internet works then). Heading out to pick up some groceries in a few...fun fun.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

5 Question Friday on Saturday :)

Sorry, I didn't post yesterday. Not sure why I didn't, I guess I was tired. The girls & I went shopping for some things after school, then had a late dinner, then Kels went to babysit, and Bree was up till 10:30...yeah, that's why I didn't post. Better late then never right?

Before I do 5QF, I want to ask that you continue to pray and keep Elliott in your thoughts. He is hanging in there, and trying to fight. Cindy posted a new picture on his caring-bridge page, and I was shocked/amazed at how many things he had stuck into his arm. WOW, it looks like about 50 tubes/hoses etc., I've never seen that many at once. Scary stuff. Hugs to the Aldrich family.

Here are a few pics for you before I get to 5QF too. First, our cool pancakes we had for breakfast today. Apparently we can never have naked pancakes again, they have to be colored. Jilly wanted turquoise pancakes, and I jazzed them up with a little design. Then, while I was cleaning up the kitchen, little Miss Bree snuck the pancake mix out of the kitchen and decided she wanted to mix up her own pancakes, she poured some into a play cup, and all over the carpet.

Yeah, this last pic, is what we woke up to this morning. The last few days have been so nice we've gone without coats, now today snow. I love snow, but right now I'd love for it to leave and not come back until Nov. 1. :)

OK, now on with the show. Time for Mama M.'s 5QF.

My Little Life

1. Have you ever had a celeb sighting?

2. What temperature do you keep your house?

3. Do you notice dust at other peoples homes?

4. What's the worst job you ever had?

5. What is your most sentimental possession?
1. Umm I remember having a few, but I don't remember who they were lol. I do remember at Disney World with my 1st husband, we saw a football dude, can't think of his name right now.

2. My husband & I disagree on temps. I think this is normal. We've agreed to keep it at 72 in the winter (for now, once Bree is older it will probably be colder in here), right now since its not as cold outside, its set for 70.

3. Not really. I suppose if it was several inches thick I might, but normally no.

4. Gosh, my memory fails me again. I guess I'd have to say Burger King? I think there was something else, but being old and pre-alzheimers I don't remember lol.

5. I'd probably say my kids pictures. Mine got lost in a move, and it makes me very sad. I don't want anything to happen to my kids pictures. I want visual memories for when my pre-alzheimers turns into the real thing!

There ya have it. My 5QF submission :) Not to exciting this time.

Happy Saturday. Toodles

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Elliott needs urgent prayers/well wishes

Remember my friend Cindy's son that I talked about a few times this last week? Well he is in the hospital and things are NOT GOOD at all. My son just called me to fill me in, and if he is correct on what he is saying, well...I don't even want to think about it... The doctors are doing everything they can right now, I hope its enough.

My Wish. Any Dentists out there?

I have a wish. It will probably sound crazy (and gross to some). My wish is that there would be a dentist somewhere that would take pity on me, and offer his/her services for free...to YANK OUT ALL MY TEETH and give dentures. My teeth are falling apart, most of them are broken in some way. They are ugly as hell. And lately, they are painful. I have no dental insurance, and no money to spend on getting them fixed without it, so I'm kind of screwed. Not to mention the fact that I am terrified of the dentist.

This will probably disgust you, to learn this little tidbit about me...I have not been to a dentist since I was in High School...I'm now 41 yrs old. At first I didn't go because I was without insurance. Then when I got some, I didn't go because I was terrified, and they were not hurting, and not as ugly at the time, so I didn't feel the need to go...mistake. Then it got to where I didn't have insurance again, and now I'm miserable. I'd like a day with no teeth pain. I'd like to be able to eat things and not worry about breaking teeth, or how I can chew the food. I'd like to SMILE for pictures. I'd like to smile and laugh when talking to people without worrying if they'll see my ugly teeth. I think I'd have so much more confidence if I had a pretty smile, I'd feel so much better about myself. It might even motivate me to shed some of the fat I have, so my body matches my mouth. Oh well...its just a dream. I highly doubt any dentist will want to grant me my wish, without payment. I can dream can't I?

I should take pictures of my teeth to show you all...but, that would just gross you out, and totally embarrass me...so I'll not do so. But picture this...brown spots, cavities, broken teeth, some just small pieces of teeth at the gumline. My top front tooth is half chiped off the side, and the rest is going to come soon I think. My bottom front teeth are decaying at the base, and part has cracked today, so its just a matter of time when things will get worse... Its bad people, seriously.

I guess I didn't take good enough care of them when I was younger. Even though I brush daily, more then once...it hasn't helped. It makes me sad, depressed, and ugly. I wish I could turn back time and have a re-do with my teeth.

If I ever do get to a dentist, they are going to literally crap themselves when they see how disgusting my mouth is. I'm going to feel so embarrassed, and want to crawl in a hole.

I just want to be put to sleep, teeth yanked, dentures in, to feel pretty and smile again. Is that to much to ask for? Yes. It is.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sunny Days! Outside Fun!

The last few days the weather has been in the 60's, so I've been spending a lot of time outside with Bree, Jilly & Kelsey. Other than that not much has happened around here, so this post will be short and sweet on typing, and big on photos LOL. I hope you don't mind.

A few things first before the photos though...First, Happy Birthday to my friend Cindy, the one I posted about the other day. Unfortunately, her birthday hasn't been very happy. Elliott has had a bad few days. They are not sure if its a reaction to his new meds or something else. Tomorrow they'll be taking him to the hospital to see what is going on. If you would like to visit Elliotts CaringBridge site, please by all means, do so here.

Second, my friend Kami, is making me a new purse! I'm soooooo very excited. I've been really wanting a new purse for a while now but I haven't seen any that totally floated my boat...and of course money has been slim....so no new purse for this fat old mama. I will be paying Kami, for she is custom making this purse for me. How awesome is she? I think I deserve a new purse...don't you?

Ok, now on with the photos. These are from today. We went to 2 different parks, and fed some ducks at the lake in town. There aren't very many ducks around yet, but in a few weeks there will be lots of them. After fun at the parks we stopped by McD's to have a Shamrock Shake. Yep, they are a bit costly, but its St. Patricks Day! .

Speaking of St. Pat's day, we had green pancakes for breakfast. Green raman noodles for lunch, and for dinner we had green mashed potatoes, green beans, and green deviled eggs (and roast too, but thankfully it wasn't green!). Did you do anything green today??

Ok, seriously now, here are the pictures, for real...enjoy.
Bree on St. Pats Day collage
Jilly on St. Pats day collage
Kelso on St. Pats day collage
Day at the lake & park collage
BAH! Had to edit this post and make the pictures of Bree smaller since it cut part of her face off in the one row of pics. :( That is the one thing I HATE about this new layout on here. I remembered on the other collages to make it so nothing good would be cut off when the picture was made smaller...forgot to do that on Bree's. :( I guess we are stuck with the smaller sized pic. Poohy.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cookies & Friends

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to visit my mom for a bit, and then to my friend Cindy's. I met Cindy several years ago through a Caringbridge site. We had both commented on it, she saw my location was near her, so she emailed me. We became friends. We don't get together as often as I'd like anymore, she is busy working, and I'm stuck out here with the crazy kids LOL.

Cindy is the mom of Elliott. Elliott has fought cancer, not once, but twice. Elliott has had a bone marrow transplant too. (Thank you donor, whoever you are!) Elliott also has some liver problems, and it seems that he has some heart problems too now...these are probably caused from the cancer, and treatments I'd assume. Elliott is quite the fighter.

Cindy's birthday is on March 17th. Nearly every year since Elliotts been diagnoised with cancer, he has been in the hospital or really ill at Cindy's birthday. It is rather depressing for her (and Elliott), and she now kind of dreads her birthday because she is afraid its going to bring bad news. I'm sure I'd feel the same way if I was in her shoes.

I thought I'd like to try to do something to cheer Cindy up. I'm not made of money, so a fancy schmancy gift was out of the question. So I thought and thought, and came up with cookies. I can make cookies. They are tasty. I've got most of the ingredients to make them, so cookies it is! Saturday I slaved away in the kitchen and made some yummy cookies that I shared with my friend on Sunday. I decorated them in her favorite colors, green, pink and peach. I didn't do a bunch of shamrocks, because I know it bothers her that people lump St. Patricks Day and her birthday together. The cookies turned out pretty decent. Not overly spectacular, but I'm still learning cookie techniques...some day I'll get them to my liking...or maybe not, since I'm always way over critical of my cakes/cookies. I packaged them up, put a bow on them, added a home made card that had a penguin(Cindy loves & collects penguin things) on it that Bree made with her foot print...and off we went to deliver them. They seemed to be a hit :)

Cindy is pictured here with Bree, she was trying to get her to do the Peace Sign...Bree didn't cooperate. Cindy sent me a msg on my facebook wall today saying she took some of the cookies to work with her, and the people loved them and said I should sell them. That made me feel great :)

I'm glad my ability to bake and decorate could make some one happy. It makes it all worth it. Happy early birthday Cindy!

If you'd like to read up on Elliott, please feel free to check out his caringbridge site here.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a super day! Toodles.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Someones in the kitchen...

That would be ME! Seems like I've been in the kitchen all day. I wasn't...but close to it. Made a trip to the store to pick up a few things this morning, then hit the kitchen.

What have I been making? Hmmm well...I made some brownie cookie bar things. I saw them on a blog a few weeks ago and started drooling over them. Come to find out, the recipe was on the back of the cookie mix I got today, so it was a sign I had to make them. :) They are very good, and very rich. I think the little piece I had put about 5 lbs on my ass. You should definately try them. I'll post a picture of Bree helping me make them towards the end of this post...

I also mixed up a little something else, then it had to chill, before I could finish the process. The finishing process is rather time consuming, which is why I felt like I was in the kitchen all day. I'll post more about what that was, maybe tomorrow...because its a secret.

Pretty boring post isn't it? Sorry. I'm to tired to be fun and exciting. Bree has been sleeping crappy, and so have I. I'm praying tonight goes better...but its still going to suck with the time change, I'll be losing an hour I don't have to spare. Bah.


Friday, March 12, 2010

5 Question Friday 3-12-10

Peek a boo, I see you! :) I love that picture of Bree. It was taken yesterday as we played outside enjoying a nice springy day.

Today is FRIDAY! That means, its time for Mama M.'s 5 Question Friday, and I'm going to participate again. I hope you will too, either blog about this, or do it in the comments. I love hearing from the few readers I have.

My Little Life

Here we go...you should know the drill by now, Mama M's questions, then below my answers to these questions. You should visit Mama M.'s sometime by the way, to see the rules of this, and how the questions are picked, heck you can even submit YOUR OWN questions, maybe some Friday she'll pick yours...mine have been picked many times now, there is one of mine in today's as a matter of fact, and one last week too, and if I remember right one the week before that as well. Its fun, makes me feel 'special' lol being picked. On with the show...

1. How much time do you spend on the computer a day?

2. Will you pay for your children's college or raise them to pay for their own way?

3. Have you ever been in a car accident?

4. What is your favorite book?

5. Do you make your bed everyday?

1. Way to much. My computer is located in the living room, where we spend 95% of the day. When I'm not playing w/Bree or the other kids, I'm usually at the computer talking to my friends Tammy & Kami, and keeping up on our forum, and also reading blogs to find new crafts, and recipes etc. Oh yeah, and there is this thing called Facebook that sometimes keeps me occupied too... I can't afford to go out and do all kinds of stuff, so my computer is my friend, and my friends are on my computer :) It keeps me sane when the kids and the kids choices of TV shows are driving me crazy.

2. My kids will pay their own...I wish I could afford to pay it for them, but that isn't the case.

3. Back in Jan. (the 18Th to be exact!) I was in one. It was not my fault. This dude just started backing up on the road, without looking to see that hey, someones behind me! That someone was me, with Jilly & Bree. Thankfully none of us were hurt. My van just recently got repaired.

4. I don't have a favorite BOOK...but I have a favorite author, and series of books. Janet Evanovich, her Stephanie Plum series. I have read them all, and anxiously await each new one. The 16Th in the series is due out in June, I can't wait! These books are mysterious, adventurous, romance, and HUMOR (lots of humor) all in one book. I highly recommend them.

5. I'd say about 90% of the time.

There ya have it. I hope you enjoyed this installment of 5QF :) Please, leave a comment, maybe answer these 5 questions too. Thanks for stopping by! Toodles!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Feels Springy!

Last night was another crappy sleep night :(. Bree went to bed at 11:15, I let the dog out locked up the house and went to bed too, but I couldn't fall asleep! It was so frustrating, because I WAS TIRED! Before I could sleep, Bree woke up at 1:00, and we had to cuddle a bit till she went back to sleep. Once she did, I was finally able to fall asleep myself...until she woke me up again at 3:00. This time every time I tried to get her back to bed she would wake up and fuss, it took forever, I think it was after 4:00 when I finally got her back in her bed. I sure as heck didn't want that alarm going off at 6:30. So I get up, go to the coffee pot, which brews for me about 15 minutes before I get up...and I see that the pot isn't full. I was trying to figure out the deal, did I not fill it all the way in my tiredness the night before? Did Kels get up and have some already? Nope. The filter had caved in on the side, causing coffee grounds to go through the hole that the coffee goes into the pot through...and it was clogging it. BAH! Not a good way to start a day when coffee was needed badly. I had to re-filter the coffee into a cup so I'd not be stuck with a cup full of grounds. Of course Bree woke up during this, so she had to supervise what I was doing, and then follow me to the shower. She sat in there and brushed her teeth and stuff while I did my thing. Its much easier and faster to shower without her in there, I always hope and pray she sleeps in the morning until after shower time, but no such luck today. Oh well, at least she was in a decent mood, that's a plus!

So the morning started out icky. The weather was gloomy too. I thought I heard it was supposed to rain all day. I was pleasantly surprised when it didn't, and the sun even made an appearance! I told Bree that if she took a nap, we'd go out and play if it was dried up a bit when she woke up. Once we sat down to cuddle for nap, she was out within 2 minutes, I guess she really wanted to go out :).

After picking up Jilly & her friend Jackie from school, we did go outside to play. Bree colored with her sidewalk chalk for a bit, and jumped rope (tried to anyways), and when Daddy got home from work, they went for a walk to visit Grandma Mary for a few minutes, she just lives a few blocks away. But, before that, the girls & I went to Jackie's house, so Bree could see Jackie's little cousin, Gordo. He is going to be 2 this month. Apparently, he & Bree are a couple...they did a lot of kissing and hugging. It was very cute! Every time Gordo kissed Bree he got a huge smile and was so proud of himself. Bree is now calling him her boyfriend.

Pretty cute huh?

That's about all the excitement that went on around here today. Pretty boring isn't it? Sometimes boring is good though... Here are a few more pics from today that I want to share:


Until next time...Toodles

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Whole lot (or little) of nothing

Not much to post about today. Pretty much another boring day. Last night sucked. Miss Bree went to bed at a decent time yay, but she ended up waking up many many times last night. So today I was a touch cranky, and exhausted. On top of that, I woke up feeling dizzy, the room was spinning for a while. That made me run late getting ready. Thankfully that part didn't last to long, but I had a headache most of the day. Just felt blah. I hoped and prayed Bree would nap early, so I could as well, but that didn't happen. When she finally went down, I tried, but knowing I had to be ready to go pick the girls up from school in less then an hour, put a damper on me sleeping. I figured once I fell asleep I'd have to get up, and worried I might over sleep and miss picking up the girls...I maybe dozed for about 5 minutes, not enough to make me refreshed at all. Bree's late nap will probably keep her up late tonight too, I'm not looking forward to that. Anyways, enough of my complaining about sleep...

Earlier today Bill was laying down in the bedroom, watching a movie, and probably sleeping. I was cleaning the kitchen, and Bree was playing in her room. She was being pretty quiet, so I went to check on her. When I got in there, she tells me, "Daddy won't play with me." Then she said, "I don't like Daddy anymore." I said to her, "What? You don't like Daddy anymore?!" She said..."Daddy is a pain in my ass!" EEK! I LOL'd. I know, I shouldn't have, but it was funny how she said it and how she used the naughty word. Yes, I know its bad, and laughing probably encourages her...I couldn't help it. We have discussed that the word ass is naughty and little girls shouldn't say it. Oh, and Bill had gotten up and was at her bedroom door just as she said this...He blames me, says I must have said that about him. I may say he is a pain in my ass from time to time, but he says those words too, its not just me. Yes, I know...we both need to watch the bad words...easier said then done.

Yesterday, Bree & Bill were playing. Bree is really into weddings, getting married, that kind of stuff. So she puts on her crown/veil, and puts a hat on Bill, then gives him a spoon, which is supposed to be his flowers, and she gets one for herself. Then she takes his hand and leads him down the hallway, while she hums a tune (must be her wedding march). When they get to the living room, Bill sat on the couch. Bree whips off her veil and says, "WHEW! That was a close one!" I guess the thought of marrying her daddy was kind of scary. We both chuckled at that one.

Bree loves watching Nick Jr. between shows on there sometimes they show different craft things you can do with your child. One of them was to make a little toy Zee (a bird character on that channel) pillow, I've been wanting to make one with her, today I finally did. Supposedly you can glue it together, but the glue we have apparently sucks, because it didn't hold crap. I ended up sewing it. Let me tell you, I'm NOT a sew'r....lol sewer? No, seamstress is the word I think...anyways, I'm NOT ONE. It looks like crap, but it should hold together, and that's all that matters. Bree is happy with it. See:

So there ya have it. A whole lot (or little) of nothing. Thanks for stopping by! See ya tomorrow? I hope so. Toodles!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Bill!

Today is my husbands birthday :) Please take a minute to send him some birthday wishes in the comments area. He doesn't read my blog often, only seems to come on when I say something about him haha, so maybe he'll actually read today. He has today off from both jobs, so he'll get to have some relaxtion time today. Bree might keep him somewhat busy playing today though, I don't think he'll mind.

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday. My internet was out most of the day :( It finally came on and I was getting caught up on emails, twitter, facebook etc., then I went to cook & eat dinner, and give Bree her bath, when I came back to my computer, the internet was down again. Comcast better get their act together or I may have to go all postal on their ass. LOL. I didn't have anything exciting to post about anyways yesterday. It was a pretty boring day (especially since I had no internet!) . It was a lazy day. I did some laundry, and watched kids shows with the rugrats all day. When Bree napped, I sat and dozed off in the chair a few times. Woke myself up several times with my own snoring haha, how sad is that.

I'll try to post more later tonight, hopefully something fun and exciting will happen that I can share with you, so I don't bore the pants off ya. Toodles for now.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Do you ever wonder?

While watching TV with Bree, I wonder about a lot of the shows she watches. I think they are decent shows, don't get me wrong, I just wonder about parts of some of them. Like...

Max & Ruby:
Ruby is the big sister, she takes care of Max, gives him baths, feeds him, dresses him, takes him to the store, rides a city bus, etc with Max. Guess how old Ruby is...She isn't a teenager, or adult, she is 7! Yes 7! Would normal 7 yr olds do all that stuff? Probably not. Another thing, where are Max & Ruby's parents? They are NEVER on there, nor mentioned. Their Grandma visits, but it appears no adult lives with them. Interesting.

Wow Wow Wubbzy:
What exactly is a Wubbzy anyways? Howcome all the charactors wear clothing...except Wubbzy who is naked most of the time? Its not like he has genitalia showing or anything, but still, everyone else has clothing, why not him? Or is it a her? I don't know...

Yo Gabba Gabba:
Ummm, where do I start? LOL. What was the person smoking that came up with this show? There is a DJ dude that wears a unitard and a fuzzy shower/swim cap type hat. There is a giant ribbed one eyed sex toy looking dude called Muno...Wow. Maybe the person that came up with that one is compensating for something he is missing, or if it was a woman, maybe she is in need of a new toy or something. Its just sooooo bizarre.

Ni Hao Kai Lan: This is another show where there are no parents around. Her grandfather is though...not sure what happened to the grandmother, maybe she vanished with the parents. Kai Lan teaches kids about Chinese. I thought she lived in China...nope, she doesn't, but she visited there once.

Caillou: First, the name...drives me nuts, it sounds nothing like it looks. Second, where is his hair? He's like 4, you'd think he'd have some by now. Just wondering.

There are more that leave me scratching my head, but right now I'm to tired to remember them LOL. Its been a long day. Woke up way to early due to a stomach ache & headache. Stomach ache cleared up after a few hours but the headache has remained all day. I was hoping to nap when Bree napped today, but she only took a 20 minute one while we were at the store, so I didn't get a chance. So, now that she is in bed, I'm taking my cue and heading there too!


Friday, March 5, 2010

5 Question Friday & Cake

It's been a long long day. Last night I baked the 2 layers of the cake, and we mixed up 3 batches of fondant, and started the coloring process. It takes FOREVER to color fondant. Kels & I farted around with cake crap until midnight last night. First we'd plan it one way, then change our minds, then we'd forget about something and have to rethink it...Kels was very picky about what she wanted for her cake...and quite the pain in my rear. I was tired and I wanted to go to bed. Finally about 12:30 I get all cozy in bed, but go figure, I can't fall asleep. It was after 1 before the sandman finally came by. Of course at 3:00 Aubrey woke up, so we had to cuddle in the chair for about half an hour. I was not happy when I woke up about 3 minutes before my alarm went off, I wanted to still be sleeping. I thought I overslept, because it was so light outside, but thankfully I didn't.

Then things got busy....really busy. I drove Jilly & the neighbor girl to school, stopped by Casey's for a drink, went to the grocery store in town, then the bank, then Dollar General, then family dollar, and then to Ace Hardware...all in search of skewers, that I needed for this stupid cake. No one had them. I got a dowel instead, the thinnest I could find. It did the trick, thankfully. (Funny thing is, when Bill came home for lunch, I told him all the places I searched for skewers...he said, "Oh, we have some of those back in the cupboard"...and he went and got them! UGH I wish I knew that! Would have saved me a LOT of running around and time this morning). Oh, did I mention, all of that was done BEFORE 9 a.m.? By the time I got home I was ready for a nap. To bad that wasn't in the cards.

Kels & I got busy making pieces for the cake out of fondant. Did I mention I HATE working with fondant? I guess I'm just an old fashion buttercream kind of gal. Its just sooooo time consuming. Maybe its because I don't have a clue what I'm doing. We worked on this damn cake all day, I kid you not. And I still think it looks like shit.

I think I like the looks of it without the big #16 better. Anyways, I'm glad its done. I don't have to hear her changing her plans any more...not till next year anyways. Right now Kels is downstairs hanging out with her friends, while I'm dreaming of bedtime...I'm soooo very tired.

Now, on to Mama M.'s 5 Question Friday...

My Little Life
Here are todays questions, my answers will follow below.

1. What's your guilty pleasure?

2. What is your favorite TV series?

3. Can you speak any foreign languages?

4. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

5. What's your favorite kind of M&M's...peanut, almond, straight up regular, etc.?

1. McDonalds cokes. I get them as often as I can, and feel guilty about spending money on them...but its better then spending it on smokes, booze or drugs...right?

2. I think my favorite is Grey's Anatomy...or maybe Private Practice...or maybe Dancing with the Stars...or maybe Desperate Housewives...hmmmm can't decide

3. I can speak a few words of Spanish, that I learned courtsey of Dora. I can also speak a few things in Norwegian, like counting to 10, My name is Renee, I love you, Thank you... My ex (Jilly's dad) is Norwegian. He only speaks to Jilly in Norwegian. I find it a facinating, yet complicated language.

4. I probably own 6 pair. Only wear 2 on a regular basis...mostly.

5. My favorite kind of M&M's are mostly regular, and the limited time Coconut ones, those were fab.

There ya have it folks. How about YOU answer those questions today too...leave a comment with your answers :) I love comments, and I'd love to get to know you more through your answers.

I can no longer hold my eyes open to type, so I'm outta here! G'night and Toodles!

Somebody shoot me now...

I haven't forgotten about you all, I've just been in cake and fondant hell since last night (and had cranky kids to boot). Another busy day of cake/fondant hell today, these things take me forever. I'll get to posting a real post and 5 Question Friday later. Please be patient :)

I've gotten some new followers! Yay! Welcome ladies :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Its Wednesday! Excited? Me? Not so much. Just means I'm a few days closer to some busy days coming up. I've gotta get Kelsey's cake done on Friday. I was going to go shopping tomorrow for my supplies, once I cash my check...then I realized its dated for FRIDAY! Eek. So, now I have to go shopping for the cake stuff on Friday, then bake the cake, wait for it to cool, then make all the fondant and work on decorating it, which is going to take a long time, because I suck at using fondant. I was hoping to buy the stuff one day, and bake, then spend the next on decorating, now I have to cram it all into one day. I sure hope Bree cooperates with me.

Speaking of Bree. She has amazed me today, and made me laugh. The things she comes up with... We were making a craft and she was jabbering away. Then she says to me, "I need to calculate how much money I have left." Umm wow! Even *I* don't use the word calculate, where did she learn that? And, on that note, what kind of 2 yr old talks about calculating money?!

Later today, Bree fell and hit her head on the floor. She cried pretty hard for a bit. I kissed her owie, held and cuddled with her, trying to calm her down. I was talking to her and telling her that it used to be, when she got an owie, all I had to do was kiss it and things were all better, but that didn't seem to be working today. I asked her what it would take to make her owie better this time...Her reply: ICE CREAM! LOL silly girl.

Before lunch Bree told me her throat hurt, then she asked to cuddle. I asked her if she was tired and she said yes. We cuddled in our chair and watched TV, in less than 5 minutes, she was out, and she slept for over 2.5 hours. She must have really needed it. She woke in a pleasant mood too yay. I checked on her and she was awake in her bed, she didn't see me so I just left the room quietly, thinking maybe she'll go back to sleep. A few minutes later, I hear, "MOM! Come in my room and see my shadow!" haha, she is fascinated by shadows. She ate a quick late lunch once she got up, then it was time to go pick the older girls up at school.

After school, Jilly used Skype for the first time to talk to her dad in Norway. They did a video call. She was pretty quiet though, I think she felt weird talking over a computer. She does miss her dad bunches, and I'm sure he misses her bunches too.

Our evening has consisted of cooking dinner, cleaning up dinner, baths, and playtime. We are so boring. Aren't ya glad you stopped by to read all about my boring life? LOL. *I'M* glad you stopped by. :)

Oh, I keep forgetting to mention, I'm the 'Date of the Week' over at Mama M.'s! She has a page of 'personal' ads, not the kinds that get you dates, but a kind of like classified...people tell about their blog in a short paragraph, and if you like what they say, you visit them, and hopefully become a new follower to that blog. Its a cool idea. I've had several visitors here due to the 'personals', thanks Mama M.

Anyone wanna count the rings on this tree and tell me how old it is?
Probably not... I'm really curious though...to bad I'm to lazy to go out and count myself...

Here is a picture of Bree & Bill from last night. She made him wear one of her hats. I had to be sure to get a picture, pink is Bill's color ;)


I've probably bored you enough for one night, so I'll close now...Toodles!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I was trying to msg a friend about something and somehow I ended up following my own blog. I'm such a blonde...LOL

New Look-Cheerful

Hello Hello Hello! Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday. I planned to do it when Bree went to bed, but due to a late nap she had, she ended up being up until 11, and by then I was to darn tired to type.

As you can see, my blog has gotten a new look. I farted around with a few different things, and finally decided on this look...for now. Its nice and cheerful, and kinda says bring on spring, don'tcha think? I did have to change the layout to fit things properly, and when doing that, I noticed my pics that have already been put up, got chopped off some. Dang it. I can't win. So, from now on my pics either need to be smaller, or they'll be cut off a bit...bah. Not sure how long I'll keep this look...time will tell. Sometime I'd like to convert to a 3 column blog, but I don't know how...I've read things on how to do it, but I'm instruction dyslexic I think, its all like a foreign language to me! I need someone to DO IT FOR ME. :) Speaking of people doing things for me...Thanks to my friends Chrissy for making my blog button, and Kami for helping me put my picture strip onto my banner! Oh, and if you'd like to snag my button, please do, except, I disabled right click in order to protect my pictures and stuff, so that part doesn't work. You'll have to highlight the code, hit control & C to copy it, and to paste it to your blog you'll have to do control & V. Sorry its a pain, just trying to protect my pics from nutcases that steal pics of other peoples kids.

In other news...Kels had a decent birthday. We didn't do anything big, for several reasons, such as...
1. Can't afford it.
2. She was at her dads most of the weekend.
3. Our house doesn't hold big parties well. To small of a house, and to much stuff IN IT.
4. Her recent behaviour does not warrent a party.
5. A house full of teens scares the heebie jeebies out of me!
6. Did I mention we can't afford it? No money sucks big...
That being said, for her birthday it was just us here at home. I gave her the gag gifts that I blogged about a few days ago. She was NOT AMUSED. LOL. She didn't find it funny...party pooper. Her main present will be delivered sometime in the near future. We enjoyed some jello cake, which is what she wanted. Instead of just boring white cool whip on top, I decided to take a few minutes to decorate it a bit. Cool Whip is a pain in the rear for rose making by the way. It turned out ok though. After all that Kelsey went to spend time with her friend Autumn.


This weekend coming up, Kelsey will be having a few friends over to celebrate her birthday. They'll watch movies, snack, have a fancier cake, and just have some good old fun time hanging out. I hope the cake she wants turns out, it will be covered in fondant...I'm not good at fondant!

Yesterday, Kels was sick, she was getting ready for school, we were about ready to leave...and she ralphed. Bah. Today she went to school....but a bit ago, I got a call to come get her. Thankfully my mother in law picked her up for me, since I was blocked in. The city is cutting down the tree next to my driveway in the neighbors yard, and there is tree mess all over.

tree collage


Anyone watch Dancing with the Stars? What do you think of the Stars picked for this season? I'm not a huge fan of any of them...but I'll still watch. I just don't know who to cheer on! I guess I'll just have to watch and see, make my mind up after that.

I think thats all for now...Toodles!