Monday, August 31, 2009

Sleep Sleep, where for art thou?

It was a rough night. I'm super tired. Why you ask? Maybe you didn't ask...but I'm going to tell you anyways :)

3 Wake ups from Aubrey. Will she EVER sleep all night?? I think my mom cursed me to have a child just like myself-apparently I was a crappy sleeper until I was over 2 yrs old. Bree also gets some bad sleep genes from her father. He can fall asleep well, but has problems staying asleep.

3 Wake ups from the stupid dog. She had a tummy ache and yucky poop issues. I think the new rawhide bones we got her are causing this. Remind me, NO MORE RAWHIDES!!

2 Wake ups from the cat (s). Not sure if it was 1 cat or both cats, I was to tired to look closely. The cat (s) had to play with a plastic bag that was in our bedroom. Apparently she didn't get the hint when I threw something at her the first time. The second time did the trick.

So after that I lay awake...with a stomach ache! BLAH! I tossed & turned, and tossed and turned. FINALLY, I started to doze off, and caught a few winks...until the phone rang. I really really hate that Bill's main employer calls so early in the morning so often...They know he isn't here. They must like waking me up. After hanging up the phone, I cursed them, and attempted to return to slumber, which I did...just in time for the alarm to go off! Its all so frustrating.

Aubrey took an early nap this morning, so I took advantage of it and laid down as well. I laid down for about 2 hours, probably slept maybe 15 minutes of that. Its better then nothing...I was just hoping for more. I was so cold! Couldn't get warm, I think that was part of the reason I didn't sleep much.

Bill ended up only working 1/2 a day today. We had lunch together, then he want down to his pc, while I was at mine. Once Bree woke from her nap and ate, she summoned Daddy to come sit down and play playdough with her. When she got tired of that they came out to the living room to play a bit. When it was time for me to go pick Jilly & Kels up at school Bree acted like she wanted to stay with daddy. So I went out the door, got in the van...and out comes Bill with Bree. She changed her mind he said. So he loaded her into her car seat and I started down the driveway, she screamed. She wanted he got her out. I started to back out the rest of the way and she started screaming for me. She really didn't know what the heck she wanted...I guess she cried almost the whole time I was gone. Sheesh. Such a mommy's girl sometimes.

The girls & I all went outside to play this evening. The older girls did their homework out on the picnic table while Bree ran around and played in her sandbox. She loves being outside in our backyard. Its going to really suck when the super cold weather comes and we are stuck inside all the time. We'll both be going crazy by then...heck I'll probably end up making a duck movie sequel! See, last winter, I was bored, Bree was sleeping, so I made a movie using her rubber duck was quite humorous if you ask me... If you are interested in seeing it, let me know, I'll link ya to it :)

After dinner the little girls played playdough for a bit, and then we had orange sherbert, yummy. Then came bathtime :) One of my favorite times of the day. I enjoy watching Bree play in the tub. She usually loves taking her baths. She has a doll for the tub now. It swims, if the batteries are in it. We just got it last week, tried it, it scared the crap out of we removed the batteries and now she loves it.

As I type this, Bree is sleeping (already had 1 wake up though). Soon Bill will get up to go to work, then Jilly & I will go to bed. I am SO EXCITED! I can't wait to try to sleep...I pray tonight is much better then last night. Cross your fingers for me! :)

I guess thats it for now...Sorry I bored you.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chilly Days

Well, I blew it, I missed a day of blogging! I was on a roll too, darn it. Oh well...not that anyone actually reads it anyways :P If ya do read it...leave a comment please even if its just a "HI" so I know you stopped by. If I don't know you personally, maybe let me know how you came about my blog?
The last several days have been CHILLY. Weird for August. Today when I got up, the house was 67 degrees, a tad nipply if ya ask me LOL. All this chilliness makes me want to eat stuff like chili, cheesy wild rice soup, warm bread, apple cider, and all the good things associated with fall and cooler temps. To bad I'm broke and can't go grocery shopping for ingredients to make all that stuff.
I'm so glad we got a few fall/winter clothes for Aubrey the other day. She has been wearing them. Yesterday she wanted to wear her new sweatshirt, its pink, with hearts, and its all soft on the inside. Made it nice to cuddle.
Spent a lot of time yesterday cleaning. Boring, but it had to be done. The bathroom got a good cleaning. I even steam cleaned the living room, hallway and bathroom carpets. They look much better now. Probably won't last long, but thats the good thing about owning a steam cleaner, you can do them whenever you need to without having to spend a fortune getting them done professionally.
Today I need to go to the local nursery place to see if I can get some kind of plant for Jilly to take to school. I looked in her assignment notebook Friday to discover she has to take a plant, dirt, and gravel to school for Monday. Kind of a pain, since its not really "planting" season. Hopefully I can find something in town and I don't have to head out to LaSalle.
Can you believe its almost September? Holy cow, time flies. Next it will be Thanksgiving, Bree's 2nd birthday, and Christmas...EEK! Money tree please bloom before then :)
I guess I've rambled enough for now...

Friday, August 28, 2009

TGIF? and Rambles

Yay yay yay its Friday!
That means tomorrow I don't have to get up early and shower right away.
But I bet Miss Bree decides mommy needs to get up early anyways, because she is like that ya know...
I'm having another bad hair day. Not that you care or anything, just wanted to share. LOL. I'm in need of a serious haircut, a GOOD one. I've been getting far to many bad haircuts lately. I need a good reliable haircutter.
Jilly didn't cry today when I got her up for school. I'm hoping the PE teacher crap improves to make the school year better.
Another soggy day today. I've had my fill of rain. Yesterday was CHILLY. Kinda early for this chilly crap. I wonder what winter will be like if its this cold now in August? Maybe it will be super cold and extra snowy. Is it bad of me to be thinking of snow already? I LOVE snow, just so ya know ;)
Can you believe it, I've blogged 3 days in a row! New record I think!
Someday I might actually have something important to blog about lol, so keep checking. Until then, you just get my ramblings...hence the blog name, Renee's Ramblings :)
I'm thinking of making some homemade playdough for Bree to play with today. Not sure how well she'll do with it. So I have a recipe, its supposedly "NONedible" But how can that be, if it contains all edible ingredients? Hmm? I suppose they say that just to not encourage eating...but if she does, I doubt it will do any damage other then making her poop pretty and colorful :)
I'm on day 2 of back pain. Yesterday I had Jilly walk on my back, as she does often for me. Most of the time it feels heavenly...but she must have jumped to hard in the one area because its hurting me to move and breath in. Guess I should stop breathing for a bit. Just kidding.
OMG as I'm typing this, Bree is reaching into her pants and undoing her diaper. The lil turd!! Now she is trying to put Jilly's belt on. What a nut.
Speaking of Jilly...she goes to her dads today. I hope they do something there to celebrate her 9th birthday, since they didn't have her last weekend.
Next weekend the girls & I are going to visit my brother and sister in law. We will be staying overnight. It will be Bree's first sleep over anywhere...I hope it goes well! I worry about middle of the night wake ups (yes, she is 20 months and we STILL have many night wake ups) where she wakes everyone up at Bro's house...oh well, it will be good practice for them, since they are expecting a baby in Nov. :)
Well, basically I just typed a whole lot of nothing. LOL. Its stuff, but probably stuff no one really cares about...sorry if I bored you. At least I blogged, 3 days in a row! Trying to keep up on things a bit more.
Enough rambling for now...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh what a beautiful morning...

This has been a rough morning.
First, its another rainy/gloomy day.
Second, Jilly is afraid of her new PE teacher. She cried hysterically this morning because she didn't want to go to school because of him. She said he is a yeller and he scares her. Poor Jilly. She is usually pretty good at school, and while I'm sure she isn't perfect, I highly doubt she deserves to be yelled at by this teacher. Just my opinion.
Thirdly, Moo (the family money draining dog), has diarrhea. Not pleasant.
Fourthly, after dropping the girls off at school today and heading home, I was thinking about sippy cups. I thought to myself, Bree has some good ones, they hardly ever leak, I should tell my friend Tammy about them, since her little one shakes the heck out of her cups and milk spills sometimes on things...Then I turned around, and Bree had her cup upside down shaking it, and milk was all over Bree & her carseat. See what I get for thinking I had a good thing? LOL. I think I must not have put the valve into the lid tightly this morning because when I opened to check on it, the valve was in the bottom of the cup...which is why it spilled everywhere.
Fifthly, upon returning home and having Bree eat breakfast she decided to be a lil'turd, and dumped her food out on the table & floor, and proceeded to "squish-it" in her terms. Oy. What a mess.
So, as you can see, its not been a beautiful morning. I'm hoping the afternoon is much better. I'm working on improving things on my end, by eating chocolate, the cure all. Only thing its really going to do is make my already fat butt even fatter... But at least the chocolate tasted good and made me feel a tad bit better...for a second anyways.
Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Well, I was going to TRY to keep this updated, but I see I have failed, and failed miserably!
I don't remember what all went on in July because well... my memory sucks :) I do remember visiting the zoo with my hubby and the girls. Other then that who knows.
August has been busy, and money draining. First it was school registration. Of course more school supplies had to be purchased. Kelsey's broken glasses needed repaired. There was also Zach's 19th birthday, and Jilly's 9th birthday. Oh yeah, also my sister in laws baby shower. Then today, we had to purchase Kelsey's class ring. Which, was very costly if ya ask me! She's going to have a lot of earning to do...
I'm so excited that school has started. My home as of this week is quiet(er). I'm not pulling my hair out daily because the girls are fighting. Its wonderful. Only sucky part is having to wake Aubrey from a nap sometimes to go pick the girls up, but we'll manage.
Today Bill (hubby) had the day off. It started out as a crappy day, because he was so grouchy! He was complaining about everything, yelling and ranting. When I took the girls to school I was thinking damn its going to be a LONG day! Thankfully his mood improved greatly when I got home. We ended up going shopping for a few groceries and some fall/winter clothing for Aubrey since she has nothing. So, it wasn't all that bad of a day.
I'll close now, because Kels has some earning to do, by giving me a foot massage :) I'll post a few pics quick for your enjoyment (hopefully). Have a great day/night/whatever!
Jilly after her first day of school:
Jilly's birthday cake I made:
Aubrey smelling a flower(aka weed):
Aubrey...just being cute:
Jilly blowing out her birthday candles:
Thats it for now...toodles !