Friday, July 25, 2008

This and That

Aubrey turned 7 months on July 19! Can't believe she is that old already! That same day Zach discovered Aubrey's first tooth. She likes to chew on his finger while riding in her car seat, she bit down and he felt it. I'm excited to see toothy grins :) But my boobs are not looking forward to teeth!
Yesterday we got rid of one of our dogs, Ariel. I hope she goes to a good family that can devote a lot of attention to her. Now we just have Jasmine aka Moo. She is doing ok, sometimes she gets lonely though and howls for her sister.
Today I've been busy trying to clean the house. It was looking pretty gross. Of course I'm still not done, but I'm taking a much needed break while Aubrey is napping. It seems as soon as I clean something, I turn around and its dirty again from my girls being pigs. I'll be glad when school starts.
Thankfully we are all feeling better! FINALLY. Not much else is new...

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