Saturday, October 11, 2008


I'm still around. Don't post here much because I don't know that anyone actually reads it! If you do read it, leave me a comment so I know I have some followers...Please.

The weather this weekend has been wonderful so far. It sure doesn't feel very Octoberish...we better enjoy it while we can!

The girls are doing well in school thankfully. Kelsey went to homecoming last weekend and had fun. Jilly is having fun being a crazy wild drama queen 3rd grader.

Zach starts a new job at the end of the month, he'll be working at Petsmart in Yorkville. He is really excited about it.

Aubrey is crawling, and pulling herself up to standing. Soon she'll be running ;) Now if I could only get her to sleep at night I'll be a happy camper. She currently wakes anywhere from 3-9 times a night! Makes for a tired and cranky mommy.

Bill's working 2 jobs trying to keep us afloat. I offered to work but he says no, I need to be with Aubrey. While I'm sad he has to be so tired working 2 jobs, I am also thankful I can be with Aubrey...that is where I belong.

As for me...been busy chasing Aubrey, keeping house although looking at it you'd not think I'm doing very well LOL the kids mess it faster then I can keep it clean. I've also been spending some time on scrapblog making cool things, its fun to be creative.
Oh the pictures above...the first is Aubrey wearing her lamb outfit...although it looks bunnyish to me. The second one is Aubrey after "feeding" herself some Trix yogurt. I hope you enjoyed them.


Becky Kramer said...

I check here all the time and enjoy the updates :).


Anonymous said...

You need to update the kids ages, lol...Mom