Saturday, December 17, 2011


I've been anxious for snow...yet Mother Nature has been mean and not provided me with much. There was one day we had a few flakes fall, I ran out to see them, then ran back in to get shoes on, by the time I did it had stopped. Then, a few days before my birthday we got a tiny dusting, not even enough to cover the grass, and barely enough for a snowball. I was excited we got some, but majorly disappointed in the lack of it. Every day, I wish for snow. It is December after all, and nearly Christmas, the ground & trees should be white and pretty, not ugly drab colors of dead grass and trees... I check the forecast online often and I get a :( face because there isn't any snow in the forecast day after day...even yesterday when I looked at the 10 day there wasn't any other then next week a rain/snow mix. Imagine my surprise when I went out to the kitchen this morning and glanced out my window and saw this SNOW! I was so excited! I called for Bree to come look out the window, she too shared my excitement. We grabbed our shoes, coats, and her mittens, and grabbed the dog and headed out to play in the snow while Moo (the dog) did her business. It was awesome. I'm in snow heaven. I want more...I'm greedy that way, sorry.

I know, most of you are snow haters...I'm sorry. Please don't rain on my parade :P


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Dazee Dreamer said...

I told you that you are NEVER to believe the weather people. They are dumb.

Glad you got your snow.