Saturday, June 13, 2009

Camera Happy!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVVVVEEEE my digital camera. (Although I'd like a better one that takes pics faster, but I enjoy what I have until then lol) Anyone that knows me knows I take tons of pics of my girls, mostly Bree because I'm with her all day while the others are out and about. I try to have my camera with me whenever we are playing outside, so I can just click away. I take hundreds of pics when I do this, some are cute, some not so much...but those can be deleted! :)

Yesterday we were outside and of course I had the camera. While Bree didn't cooperate very much, Little Miss Poser Jilly did! Then Kelsey joined in and posed too. I took about 250 pics lol. I put 80 onto photobucket. I can link you if you want to view them, let me know. For now I'll just show you a few. Enjoy!

Whatcha think?

Bree's waking up, so time to say....Toodles!

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