Monday, June 29, 2009

I told ya so!

See, no one missed the lack of posts, because I seriously think no one ever comes to my blog...except for maybe Kami, since she has been the only one to comment lately! Thanks for caring Kami :) If anyone else comes here, please leave a comment, so I know if I should bother updating. :P

Today is Kelsey's last day of drivers ed class! One less thing to have to drive her to lol. She has one more week of her earth science class then no more school crap till August. Well...except for flag practice. But no more waking up early for anything woohoo.

Nothing new has happened since my last post really. Dog is still in a cast, and the last time she went to the vets the dude said it could take up to 4 months for it to be healed. Are you kidding me??

Its been really hot out lately, so our days have been spent outside playing in Bree's little pool, or her playing in her new (used) sandbox with pink sand, or enjoying the air conditioning inside! As usual, I've taken lots of pics lately...I'll post some at the end of this post, and a video too! Thrilled eh?

Jilly was at her dads all last week, and will be this week too. I miss her lots. BUT I don't miss the fighting between her and Kelsey. Or the constant eating all day and messes, and going in and out a gazillion times a day, and watching all the reruns on Nick & Disney. Aubrey really misses her "ninny" that is how she says Jilly.

Today Bill took Kels to school for her last day of drivers ed, and he let her drive his truck! EEK! I hope Kels did well. Bill said on his way out, if he dies, he is going to haunt me forever LOL.

Just a question for you, and an odd one at that...why does blue foods (koolaid, juice, fruit snacks, yogurt etc) make green poop? Wouldn't ya think it'd make blue poop? Just something to ponder...

Something random: McD's $1 large fountain pops rock my world!

LOL bizarre post today eh? Because I'm in a weird mood and really don't have much to talk about...strange for me isn't it? So, I'll post some pics here now to bore you with...

Aubrey trying to be an ostrich by putting her head in the sand:

Tiny bubbles:

Jilly the poser:

Slip & slide fun:

Aubrey in her new suit:

Funny face:

Here is a link to see a video of Bree & the bug, since I'm not sure how to post the actual video here...

There, now that I've probably bored you to death, I'll say...


Tammy said...

Those pictures are adorable and I just love the video!

Joanna said...

I'm really bad about following other blogs - but I do read yours.. just takes me a while. LOVE the photos!!