Friday, October 7, 2011

Homecoming 2011

Last weekend was Mendota's Homecoming. Friday was Spirit Day for the students to dress up in school colors and look goofy. I was a nice mom and bought Kelsey a shirt & shorts to wear, and did her hair.


That is supposed to be an M, for Mendota. We sprayed her hair purple & gold...although they don't look it much because of Kelsey's regular hair color underneath.

After school Kelsey had to come home and shower, then she had a job interview for Pizza Hut. After that she went to dinner with her dad and they went to the homecoming game together. I'm happy to report Mendota WON the football game. It was also their first homecoming game on their new field/stadium!

Saturday Kelsey's friend Autumn came over to go to the dance with Kelsey (Autumn graduated from Mendota last year). They spent a ton of time getting ready and taking pics of themselves and facebooking them. The dance started at 8, and the girls were finally ready to leave for it at 8:20. I didn't get much for pictures because they were in a hurry, and it was dark out, not good for pics. Here is one decent one I got. (Kels is in the black/teal dress, Autumn in green)

I like the dress...just wish it was a few inches longer. :) I bought her the dress, and paid for her tickets for her & Autumn for the dance...No thanks from Kels for any of my homecoming purchases is for her...just complaints that I didn't pay for her to get her nails done nor her hair done. :( It frustrates me.

When the girls returned from the dance they hung out in Kelsey's room making all kinds of noise, not much sleep that night.

The following day she slept most of the day, even though I begged her for a little help around the house & with her little sister since I was still recovering from my teeth yanking and I didn't have much energy. I got none.

I think she needs to start saving now for Prom...because with her attitude and lack of thanks I'm not feeling in the generous mood... :P

The girls did look nice and pretty though for homecoming. I'm glad its over.



Amanda said...

That M is too cool!!

Dazee Dreamer said...

Stick to your guns on that. Honestly, if she can't be thankful, then let her suffer.

For Heavens Sake! said...

Something has got to change with Kelsey's attitude. I'm with Dazee Dreamer.