Friday, October 28, 2011

I Spy 10-28-11 (yes I'm late again)

This week has been messed up. It's been busy, crazy, stressful, and painful to name a few ways to describe it. Bill's been home off and on all week. Monday I had that dental procedure, I was all nervous about it but it went ok. I was sore that evening but things are healing up. Tuesday Kelsey had a dental appt, and it seemed to take forever. I don't remember what all I did Wednesday, but whatever it was it kept me busy lol. Yesterday was busy too, and in the evening Kels went balistic about some stuff so I never got around to posting this... Then today brought another busy day, cleaning in the morning, ER visit in the afternoon. My crazy Bree keeps climbing onto the countertop in the bathroom. I sent her in there to go potty before we picked the girls up at school today. We heard her in there smacking the mirror which means she was on the countertop... we went in there and told her to get down and to not do it again for she'll get hurt. She climbed down and as she was at the floor she stumbled and fell hitting her nose really hard (you could hear it hit) on a metal step stool. Ouch. She screamed bloody murder for a good 35-40 minutes, her nose swelled, and it bleed a bit. 2+ hrs and xrays later we find her nose has a slight crack in it, but it won't affect the appearance of her nose so its ok, and she has a cut inside her nose. She is to ice it, take pain meds if needed, and take antibiotics to prevent any infection that could come from bacteria getting into the cut in her nose. So yeah, fun times...NOT.

Dazee's I Spy was actually yesterday but I'm still participating. Theme this time is JUST LIKE HALLOWEEN.


Jilly the pumpkin girl and Bree as strawberry shortcake. They dressed up to go to CVS to get goodies. When we got home they carved pumpkins. Bree wasn't to keen on putting her hand in hers. I took about 10 pics of her with her pumpkin, this is the closest I could get to her actually looking towards the camera...and it isn't a very good one. Drives me nuts when she looks everywhere but at the camera!

Bloggers choice pic will be....

Look Mom!
This picture always makes me laugh. This is Jilly when she was younger, with pretzels up her nose. Do not try this at home, leave it to the professionals.

Next weeks theme is: TREE(S), and bloggers choice.



Dazee Dreamer said...

I freaking love the photo's. Especially the first one of Jilly. way cute.

and the pretzels up her nose. cool.

Mad Mind said...

I love the costumes! They are awesome. I can tell the girls will have fun. And I just laughed at the pretzels in the nose. She seems like she would be fun to hang out with. I have a grandson who lives to make others laugh.