Sunday, September 13, 2009

Copy Cat!

Aubrey is such a copy cat lately. Some of the things she does is really cute, some not so much lol. Some of the cute things:

When I dry my hair, at the end, I bend over and dry the back top of my hair as I'm flipped over kinda....Whenever I do that, Bree bends over and puts her head on the floor to try to do what I do. Other times when I dry my hair she shakes her head a bit like I do.

The other day there was a big branch that fell into our yard. Bill picked it up and broke it over his knee into a few smaller pieces. Of course Bree watched this, then went and got a stick and tried breaking it over her knee just like daddy father (thats what she calls him) did. The stick was to big for her to do it, so Bill got her a thin one to do, and helped her, she thought she was totally cool!

Thumbs up! Zach is trying to teach Bree to do the thumbs up thing, except Bree can't get the concept quite right...she points her index finger up and says "thumbs up!" lol

Peace! This is another thing Zach is teaching her, the peace sign. Of course she hasn't quite got that concept either, but she tries very hard. Usually she ends up just hold her hand up with her fingers all spread out and says "peace!".

Maybe once I clean up a bit today I'll try to get video of some of this stuff...she probably won't cooperate once the camera is out though, thats usually how it goes.

Just thought I'd share :)


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