Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pissed off!!

I keep my photos on a certain photo site, it starts with the letter *P*. Lately they have gone delete happy with some of my photos. They say they violate terms. I say BULLSHIT. It was bad enough when they deleted here and there, a picture of Bree in her diaper talking to her dolls, comeon! She rarely is in just a diaper, because I just don't like that. But on the off chance she is, and does something cute, I take a picture. Apparently its wrong/nasty/pornographic to have a 1 1/2 yr old in a diaper, GOD FORBID! Are you telling me that all the diaper companies should stop advertising their diapers? Babies are diaper clad on the boxes and packaging, and in the commercials. What about the diaper clad roller skating babies for the water company's commercial? My gosh, what perves they must be to have done that!

So anyways, before it was a picture here and there. It ticked me off. Then today I went to my *P* albums to add some pictures of Bree, and I discover not just one or two pics have been deleted, but bunches!! One was Bree wearing pants but no shirt eating a Klondike bar. Oh the horror, baby girl boobies!! Not sure what all the others are because I didn't have them all labeled...I know one was of Zach's graduation. Umm no one was naked in that picture, I'm sure of it! So, what the hell gives? I'm just so damn mad. My albums are private, only people I invite can see my pictures, it has a password to protect it. I should be able to have my daughter in a diaper in that album. PLUS I PAY for their service. Screw them. I will be moving my photos elsewhere as soon as possible, and I will make sure to tell everyone I know how sucky *P* is. Once I make all my arrangements I'll be giving *P* a piece of my mind, and I'll tell them where they can stick it...Heck, I might even send a picture of it! HA!!


Anonymous said...

Oh man... so sorry to hear about your pictures!

Thanks for the suggestions... I'll be sure to check that stuff out!

Kami said...

GIVE IT TO EM HARD RENEE! They are pissing me off as well and will be changing soon as well.