Friday, September 11, 2009

TuTu's, cakes, photography, and babies

Last week I entered a contest on a blog, the prize was a tutu of choice from this certain Etsy store. I looked at all the tutu's and fell in love. I'm very girly girl and like my Aubrey to be pretty and girly girly too, so I really wanted one for her. The one I wanted was a black and yellow one and it came with a black shirt and wings, it is a bumble bee costume. Bree looked at the Etsy store with me and she kept wanting me to go back to the Bee one. Unfortunately, I did NOT win the give a way :( But I'm really really wanting tutu's!! So, I think I might make some.

A year or so ago, I had some left over tulle from other stuff, and I wanted to take Bree's picture, so I quickly made a tutu in about 20 minutes. Considering I didn't really have enough tulle, nor pretty ribbon, it wasn't a spectacular tutu, but for pics it worked ok. So I CAN make them, I just need proper supplies. It would be so much easier to buy from the etsy store, maybe even more cost effective by the time I get all my supplies to make the 2 I want to make...but by doing it on my own, it lets me release some of my creative energy...which is something I miss doing.

So, wish me luck, in my tutu adventures :) If/when I complete them I'll be sure to have Bree model them so I can do a photoshoot and I'll post pics.

On other creative release news (lol), I have a cake order to do for next weekend. Yay. I haven't done many for my friends lately since I moved out here to Mendota. The one I'm making is for my friend that lives near my mom. My friends son is turning 1 so I'll be making something big birdish I think, and I'll be sure to make him a little smash cake. I enjoy doing cakes, but I hate the mixing of frostings & colors, and the clean up! I also hate when my daughters hang over me watching. I know they are just curious and fascinated, but it totally messes me up, I can't concentrate on what I'm doing...(I have the same problem typing lol, if someone is watching me I make a gazillion typos!)

I've been in the mood to do a photoshoot lately. I'd like to get some pics of all my kids together, but that is difficult without major fighting. I like doing photos outside because lighting is much better, gotta get as many in as I can before cold weather comes. Zach isn't much for his picture being taken. Kelsey isn't to bad. Jilly is a total poser, the camera comes out, Jilly goes into pose/model mode. Bree is a beautiful subject, but getting her to be still is very difficult!

I really wish I could win the lottery. I have bunches of things I'd do with the money (house, new cars, pay off debts, etc). One thing I'd really like to do is buy a GOOD camera, take classes on photography, and set up a little studio to take pics of my kids and friends & family. I really like to do photos, I just don't know proper ways of doing it, lenses, settings etc.

Has anyone started thinking of Christmas yet? Tonight while Bree was playing outside I kept thinking of something creative I wanted to do. I would LOVE to make some kind of ornament with special meaning and a special saying on it and I'd send it to all my members in my December Due Date group. We've all been together for a few years now and they are truly my friends, and I thought it would be nice to do something special for them. Money is super tight around here so I'd have to be creative on a budget... Still thinking....

Have I mentioned lately that I'm really in the mood to have another child? I know, crazy right? Where would we put another? Could we really afford it? I wish I didn't have this overwhelming urge... My husband is feeling it too I think. He's made a few comments lately on having one. I do know this...I'm getting OLD. So if we want another we'll have to do it soon. I also know mother will NOT be happy. She thinks I have enough kids, and that another will be to risky. Whenever I have something important to tell her she always says, "Please tell me you're not pregnant". :(

I guess thats enough rambling for now...Toodles.

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