Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chilly Days

Well, I blew it, I missed a day of blogging! I was on a roll too, darn it. Oh well...not that anyone actually reads it anyways :P If ya do read it...leave a comment please even if its just a "HI" so I know you stopped by. If I don't know you personally, maybe let me know how you came about my blog?
The last several days have been CHILLY. Weird for August. Today when I got up, the house was 67 degrees, a tad nipply if ya ask me LOL. All this chilliness makes me want to eat stuff like chili, cheesy wild rice soup, warm bread, apple cider, and all the good things associated with fall and cooler temps. To bad I'm broke and can't go grocery shopping for ingredients to make all that stuff.
I'm so glad we got a few fall/winter clothes for Aubrey the other day. She has been wearing them. Yesterday she wanted to wear her new sweatshirt, its pink, with hearts, and its all soft on the inside. Made it nice to cuddle.
Spent a lot of time yesterday cleaning. Boring, but it had to be done. The bathroom got a good cleaning. I even steam cleaned the living room, hallway and bathroom carpets. They look much better now. Probably won't last long, but thats the good thing about owning a steam cleaner, you can do them whenever you need to without having to spend a fortune getting them done professionally.
Today I need to go to the local nursery place to see if I can get some kind of plant for Jilly to take to school. I looked in her assignment notebook Friday to discover she has to take a plant, dirt, and gravel to school for Monday. Kind of a pain, since its not really "planting" season. Hopefully I can find something in town and I don't have to head out to LaSalle.
Can you believe its almost September? Holy cow, time flies. Next it will be Thanksgiving, Bree's 2nd birthday, and Christmas...EEK! Money tree please bloom before then :)
I guess I've rambled enough for now...

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