Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh what a beautiful morning...

This has been a rough morning.
First, its another rainy/gloomy day.
Second, Jilly is afraid of her new PE teacher. She cried hysterically this morning because she didn't want to go to school because of him. She said he is a yeller and he scares her. Poor Jilly. She is usually pretty good at school, and while I'm sure she isn't perfect, I highly doubt she deserves to be yelled at by this teacher. Just my opinion.
Thirdly, Moo (the family money draining dog), has diarrhea. Not pleasant.
Fourthly, after dropping the girls off at school today and heading home, I was thinking about sippy cups. I thought to myself, Bree has some good ones, they hardly ever leak, I should tell my friend Tammy about them, since her little one shakes the heck out of her cups and milk spills sometimes on things...Then I turned around, and Bree had her cup upside down shaking it, and milk was all over Bree & her carseat. See what I get for thinking I had a good thing? LOL. I think I must not have put the valve into the lid tightly this morning because when I opened to check on it, the valve was in the bottom of the cup...which is why it spilled everywhere.
Fifthly, upon returning home and having Bree eat breakfast she decided to be a lil'turd, and dumped her food out on the table & floor, and proceeded to "squish-it" in her terms. Oy. What a mess.
So, as you can see, its not been a beautiful morning. I'm hoping the afternoon is much better. I'm working on improving things on my end, by eating chocolate, the cure all. Only thing its really going to do is make my already fat butt even fatter... But at least the chocolate tasted good and made me feel a tad bit better...for a second anyways.
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