Friday, August 28, 2009

TGIF? and Rambles

Yay yay yay its Friday!
That means tomorrow I don't have to get up early and shower right away.
But I bet Miss Bree decides mommy needs to get up early anyways, because she is like that ya know...
I'm having another bad hair day. Not that you care or anything, just wanted to share. LOL. I'm in need of a serious haircut, a GOOD one. I've been getting far to many bad haircuts lately. I need a good reliable haircutter.
Jilly didn't cry today when I got her up for school. I'm hoping the PE teacher crap improves to make the school year better.
Another soggy day today. I've had my fill of rain. Yesterday was CHILLY. Kinda early for this chilly crap. I wonder what winter will be like if its this cold now in August? Maybe it will be super cold and extra snowy. Is it bad of me to be thinking of snow already? I LOVE snow, just so ya know ;)
Can you believe it, I've blogged 3 days in a row! New record I think!
Someday I might actually have something important to blog about lol, so keep checking. Until then, you just get my ramblings...hence the blog name, Renee's Ramblings :)
I'm thinking of making some homemade playdough for Bree to play with today. Not sure how well she'll do with it. So I have a recipe, its supposedly "NONedible" But how can that be, if it contains all edible ingredients? Hmm? I suppose they say that just to not encourage eating...but if she does, I doubt it will do any damage other then making her poop pretty and colorful :)
I'm on day 2 of back pain. Yesterday I had Jilly walk on my back, as she does often for me. Most of the time it feels heavenly...but she must have jumped to hard in the one area because its hurting me to move and breath in. Guess I should stop breathing for a bit. Just kidding.
OMG as I'm typing this, Bree is reaching into her pants and undoing her diaper. The lil turd!! Now she is trying to put Jilly's belt on. What a nut.
Speaking of Jilly...she goes to her dads today. I hope they do something there to celebrate her 9th birthday, since they didn't have her last weekend.
Next weekend the girls & I are going to visit my brother and sister in law. We will be staying overnight. It will be Bree's first sleep over anywhere...I hope it goes well! I worry about middle of the night wake ups (yes, she is 20 months and we STILL have many night wake ups) where she wakes everyone up at Bro's house...oh well, it will be good practice for them, since they are expecting a baby in Nov. :)
Well, basically I just typed a whole lot of nothing. LOL. Its stuff, but probably stuff no one really cares about...sorry if I bored you. At least I blogged, 3 days in a row! Trying to keep up on things a bit more.
Enough rambling for now...

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