Monday, August 31, 2009

Sleep Sleep, where for art thou?

It was a rough night. I'm super tired. Why you ask? Maybe you didn't ask...but I'm going to tell you anyways :)

3 Wake ups from Aubrey. Will she EVER sleep all night?? I think my mom cursed me to have a child just like myself-apparently I was a crappy sleeper until I was over 2 yrs old. Bree also gets some bad sleep genes from her father. He can fall asleep well, but has problems staying asleep.

3 Wake ups from the stupid dog. She had a tummy ache and yucky poop issues. I think the new rawhide bones we got her are causing this. Remind me, NO MORE RAWHIDES!!

2 Wake ups from the cat (s). Not sure if it was 1 cat or both cats, I was to tired to look closely. The cat (s) had to play with a plastic bag that was in our bedroom. Apparently she didn't get the hint when I threw something at her the first time. The second time did the trick.

So after that I lay awake...with a stomach ache! BLAH! I tossed & turned, and tossed and turned. FINALLY, I started to doze off, and caught a few winks...until the phone rang. I really really hate that Bill's main employer calls so early in the morning so often...They know he isn't here. They must like waking me up. After hanging up the phone, I cursed them, and attempted to return to slumber, which I did...just in time for the alarm to go off! Its all so frustrating.

Aubrey took an early nap this morning, so I took advantage of it and laid down as well. I laid down for about 2 hours, probably slept maybe 15 minutes of that. Its better then nothing...I was just hoping for more. I was so cold! Couldn't get warm, I think that was part of the reason I didn't sleep much.

Bill ended up only working 1/2 a day today. We had lunch together, then he want down to his pc, while I was at mine. Once Bree woke from her nap and ate, she summoned Daddy to come sit down and play playdough with her. When she got tired of that they came out to the living room to play a bit. When it was time for me to go pick Jilly & Kels up at school Bree acted like she wanted to stay with daddy. So I went out the door, got in the van...and out comes Bill with Bree. She changed her mind he said. So he loaded her into her car seat and I started down the driveway, she screamed. She wanted he got her out. I started to back out the rest of the way and she started screaming for me. She really didn't know what the heck she wanted...I guess she cried almost the whole time I was gone. Sheesh. Such a mommy's girl sometimes.

The girls & I all went outside to play this evening. The older girls did their homework out on the picnic table while Bree ran around and played in her sandbox. She loves being outside in our backyard. Its going to really suck when the super cold weather comes and we are stuck inside all the time. We'll both be going crazy by then...heck I'll probably end up making a duck movie sequel! See, last winter, I was bored, Bree was sleeping, so I made a movie using her rubber duck was quite humorous if you ask me... If you are interested in seeing it, let me know, I'll link ya to it :)

After dinner the little girls played playdough for a bit, and then we had orange sherbert, yummy. Then came bathtime :) One of my favorite times of the day. I enjoy watching Bree play in the tub. She usually loves taking her baths. She has a doll for the tub now. It swims, if the batteries are in it. We just got it last week, tried it, it scared the crap out of we removed the batteries and now she loves it.

As I type this, Bree is sleeping (already had 1 wake up though). Soon Bill will get up to go to work, then Jilly & I will go to bed. I am SO EXCITED! I can't wait to try to sleep...I pray tonight is much better then last night. Cross your fingers for me! :)

I guess thats it for now...Sorry I bored you.


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