Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Howdy Partners.

I'm still alive. I bet you were wondering, since it's been so long since I posted.

I've just been in a cranky mood, didn't really have a lot to say. Plus Bree's been sick and clingy so I didn't feel like blogging with a child attached to me, it makes it hard to type.

But...what has probably kept me away the most is knowing that whatever I type on here, the spacing will not show up, making it hard for my reader to read. And that pisses me off. Blogger needs to fix this problem, like NOW, or better yet, like YESTERDAY. Damn its been weeks now. I'm so frustrated.

Anyways...on with the Dear... letters (letters good or bad, to vent/praise, whatever). Please go over ----> to the side there and see Dazee's link to visit her blog Crazy Daze & Nite Dreams. She's the wonderful fun gal that started this all and she has become quite my buddy, we talk every day, all day long lol. I <3 Dazee.

Here we go...

Dear Blogger...Fix the damn spacing issues already.

Dear Weather...Where did our nice spring weather go? Its now spring break for the kids and the weather is cold/windy/rainy.

Dear Bree...I'm glad you are finally feeling better! Last week was rough. Puking in the van is gross. Fevers of 104 are not good either. Stay better now please.

Dear Bree...Forgot to mention...enough of the bratty attitude ok? Dang it's almost like you are PMSing. You've been watching your sisters to much.

Dear Repeats...Enough already. Give me new episodes of Greys & Private Practice. Repeats suck.

Dear Jilly...Can you ease up on the dirty dishes? Dang, I swear you dirty enough dishes in one day that a normal family of 5 does.

Dear Corn...I love you, why are you so very mean to me?

Dear Swagbucks...You are taking way to much of my time lol. I want bucks bucks and more bucks...gimme :)

Dear Robin...I hope your babies stay safe. Building your nest in our backyard was a bad bad idea. You see, our dog likes to eat things, like bunnies, and I'm pretty sure birds are on her list of tasty snacks. I fear your babies will fall out of the nest and become Moo's mid-day snack :(

Dear Renee...You've been bad bad BAD!! You totally went off your diet, and probably gained back all you lost. Get your ass back on track.

Dear doofus next door...You are crazy for starting to mow your grass already. Once you do it the first time of the season it starts growing faster. I know you love to mow, you like do it every other day...but we, your neighbors, do not like to hear your mower blaring every other day. Especially when my husband is trying to sleep. Plus, have you seen the outragous gas prices? Why would you want to mow so often and have to get gas for your mower all the time? You must have money to burn...how about sending some my way?

Dear Hot Cop neighbor...You can mow anytime you'd like...would it be to much to ask for you to wear your cop uniform while you do it? mmm mmm good :)

Dear Kelsey...I hope you have a great time at prom on May 7. Dang prom stuff is expensive. Thank God you have a free dress (Thanks Aunt Beth!). There are tickets, dress alterations, hair, flowers...its all coming at a bad time, May is a killer money month. So, you BETTER have a good time darn it LOL.

I guess thats it. I'm not going to spell check, or anything, because I'm feeling lazy...so excuse errors.



Elliottsmama said...

Most of our neighborhood has mowed once already. It is how you get it cleaned up from winter. You know our yard, it is a lot of work. But with gas prices I am sure we will let it go a little longer than usual. And NO girls, the pool is not open yet

Dazee Dreamer said...

hahaha, hot cop mowing. I love it.

Proms. I was just glad that my daughter was all for just renting prom dresses. Way less expensive and and new dress every time.

Oh Robin. Please take care of your babies.

Mindi said...

haha! Thank god for spell check! I feel the same way today! And I can't imagine having 3 girls in the house-2 is enough! Ava can be a diva at times too! Hope Bree is feeling better! Ava and Lauren both have been sick lately! :/