Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Good morning. I hope today my post has paragraph spacing. I'm getting totally frustrated at this issue. It makes me not want to post. I've looked into it, and apparently I'm not alone, others have this problem too...yet no one has said there is a fix for it yet. It's time for the weekly Dear... letters. Letters for good or bad, just to vent/praise, whatever. Please join in. If you'd like to blog your own Dear... letters please hop over to Dazee's blog and link up. I'm not going to post the link, or the picture on here, in fear of if I have spacing it will mess up when I add that stuff lol, thats when it all started last week. So please go ----> over there and grab the link to Crazy Daze & Nite Dreams. Dear Special K...I like the flakes in your Chocolate Delight cereal, but those fake chocolate wanna be chunks SUCK. I should have known the name 'Chocolate Delight' was to good to be true. Dear Kels, Jilly, Bree...I like that you are sharing, but I don't want you to share germs and sickness! Seems stuff is going around and around lately... Get better, and keep better, all of you. Oh yeah, and don't give anything to me! Dear Key Lime Cove... You made quite the impression, the girls, especially Bree talk about it all the time. Bree just told me that after we pick the girls up from school today we need to go back to the waterpark. LOL. I wish it were that easy. Dear bathroom carpet...if I have my way, you will be HISTORY. Soon hopefully. Carpet in a bathroom is a BAD idea. The toilet has overflowed one to many times and its disgusting and smelly. I'm trying to talk my husband into letting me get you out. I don't like you. Dear TP companies...You should send me free product. I keep you guys in business. Dear Bree...ease up on the TP, you caused the toilet overflow the other day. Dear Tuesday & Wednesday nights...I don't like you. You are filled with LOUD snoring, crappy sleeping, and restless hours. Dear readers...Have you noticed the new header? Or the new page? Dear rainy days...Boo. The whole week on the forecast last night showed rain rain rain rain. Bah humbug...snow would at least be prettier. :P Oh well, hopefully it will green up the grass, and get some stuff blooming, I'm tired of leafless tress, they are gloomy and boring. Dear gas prices...damn. give us a break already. We may all become hermits, and not by choice. Dear swagbucks...Umm, I'm addicted. LOL. Gimme my bucks. :P I do wanna say though, I hate your damn surveys. I always have to answer a bunch of stuff then you tell me I don't qualify, and I get now swagbucks for it. That is frustrating. I need a nap. Toodles!


Dazee Dreamer said...

hahahaha. I love your dear letters. I can just hear you saying all that stuff.

Amanda said...

Hope you got your nap. :)