Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finally Escaped From the Kitchen

WOOHOO! I'm FREE I'm FREE! At least for now anyways :) Last week I seemed to spend all my time in the kitchen. Today I've spent all my time in the living room (and umm the bathroom, tummy troubles today!) relaxing and catching up on some things I've been needing to do on the computer. If you haven't noticed, I changed my blog header. I used some of the pictures I took last week. I hope you like it. If not...TO BAD :) Hmmm I wonder if this post will have spacing, since the last few posts I've done the paragraphs haven't worked! Cross your fingers. If not...TO BAD LOL. Seriously, if this shows up with no paragraphs I'm not sure what to do...any suggestions? I hope everyone has had a great weekend. Tonight we are supposed to get some sever storms I heard. Yikes. Thunderstorms I don't mind, as long as power stays on. The thought of tornados, and night time tornados freaks me out! Cross your fingers that the bad stuff misses us. Here are a few pics of the things I've been making in the kitchen, enjoy! Toodles!

spring flower cake

Heaven Sent baby shower cake

cookies spring




Dazee Dreamer said...

so freaking cute. I wish you lived closer so you can make one for me

Tammy said...

The cakes and cookies look amazing!

I don't use your blogging system so I don't know if you can manually go in and adjust the HTML or not. If you can, type < p > at the beginning of every paragraph and < / p > (no spaces)at the end and that should force the paragraphs to separate.

Mindi said...

*GASP!!* You are so talented! I heart!