Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It's time for weekly Dear... letters! Letters for good or bad, letting off steam or singing praise, whatever :) Please join along! I think I missed last weeks, sorry Dazee.

Dear Bree...You are a goofball.


Dear full moon last night...You looked pretty cool.


Dear Watermelon Lemonade... You are so good. Yummy.


Dear tree in my yard...you are so very pretty in the spring when your flowers have bloomed...to bad with the wind and rain they only lasted 2 days.


Dear baby spiders...stay off of my chair! I went to sit in my chair outside a few days ago and noticed something, a bazillion baby spiders, EEK!

Dear Moo...I hope you stop feeling itchy soon, or whatever it is thats causing you to be constantly going at your butt goes away. I really don't want to try to drain your butt....Gross.

Dear Dancing with the Stars...Good season, I've enjoyed it all. I'm glad Chelsea is in the finals, she is my favorite, my next favorite is Hines. I like Kirstie too, and I liked Ralph... I will be glad when it is over next week though, I hate that you take over 2 of my evenings.

Dear Amanda (of i am baker/i am mommy)...Thanks for sending the gift card that I won from your blog. I used it to buy some k-cups so I can enjoy quick and easy coffee in the mornings.

Dear Swagbucks referrals...I have 3 of you, none of you have tried to get any swagbucks yet :( I can help you if you'd like. If you score I score, lets work together. I've got a wishlist of things I want to buy with my swagbucks :) I'd really like a new camera, or a kindle...

Dear readers...anyone wanna join Swagbucks? If yes, please click here and sign up as my referral!

Dear hot cop neighbor...Please don't move. You mentioned the other day you have an offer in on a house in the country. The girls and I will be sad to see our eye candy leave.

I think that is it. I'm to tired and my finger hurts (sliced it while cleaning the other day), so I think I'm going to go to bed.


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Dazee Dreamer said...

hahahah, dear cop. should I start praying for the offer to fall through?