Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I've been busy!

I've been busy! Sorry for neglecting you all. I feel like I've really gotten behind on things. I will be glad when prom is over, so I can relax a bit!

Since money is tight, and I like to be crafty, we are trying to do a lot of the things (flowers, hair, manicure) ourselves, instead of paying an arm and a leg somewhere for things. Even doing this, its still costing quite a bit.

Kels got her dress for free from her Aunt. It is not really what Kelsey would have picked on her own, but it works for this year. I told her she needs to get a job to start saving for next years dress (which royally ticked her off LOL. Hey, I paid for my prom dress back in 1987, and it was over $400! A lot over actually, if I can do it she can do it). We had to pay to get the dress altered, because I'm not a seamstress!

We tried what seems like a million different hairstyles. We did hair several nights the last week. I'm not a hairstylist either, but I tried. I think we have found a winner, and I hope like hell it turns out on Saturday.

I made Kelsey's wrist corsage, and a flower ring to go with it. I love working with flowers. Back in my younger days I helped out a bit at a friends flower shop, I picked up a few things. I saw the rings online and thought hey I could do that I did. Now I have to make another for one of Kelsey's friends.

I got to thinking yesterday, hmmm Kelsey doesn't have anything to carry her phone in, or her id while at prom. She needs a clutch, but dang, I don't want to pay a lot for something she's only going to use for a few hours....I wonder if I could make something out of ummm DUCT TAPE :) Guess what? I could! (Pics will follow at the end of the post) I made it today while she was out with a friend, and suprised her with it tonight. She said "hey, this kind of rocks" so I guess its a hit.

Seems like I've been running around here and there and totally busy with prom stuff for the last week or so. I'm pooped.

Prom is Saturday. I'll be playing photographer too and taking pics of Kels and her friends over by the lake in town before the grand march. Kels has to be at school at 5, they do the grand march at 5:30, then off to the dinner/dance. After that they go to the local Elks club, and are again announced and do a walk in I guess...then a post prom thing. Going to be a busy day. My niece Emily is going to come babysit Bree so I can concentrate on doing Kelsey's hair, pics and all the other stuff that day.

Here are some pictures of all the things I've talked about...Enjoy!

prom hairstyle trials

corsage & ring

Choosen style

duct tape clutch
Whatcha think?

After all the work I've put into this, and all the money spent, my daughter is still complaining and mad at me...because I won't pay for her to get fake nails at a manicure place, and I won't pay for a spray tan. Sorry, my money tree never bloomed, she'll have to get over it.



Dazee Dreamer said...

damn that money tree. I think everything turned out awesome. I love the clutch.

Tammy said...

I love the waterfall braid and the first one in the second row. So beautiful!

The clutch is so cool! As I've already told you, I think you should do a tutorial for it. It's really wicked!

Kelsey will just have to understand that you can't afford to pay for all that extra stuff. Who gets a fake tan anyway? They look terrible! Besides, if she wanted it then she should have done some babysitting or something to earn the money to pay for it herself. It isn't like the prom was a surprise. She's known about it all year... heck since she started high school so she should have planned ahead.

For Heavens Sake! said...

I love the 2nd row 1st hairstyle the best! Love the flowers and clutch too. You did a great job. Kelsey should be thankful you are so creative and willing to help in that way. She knows the $ is tight...she's not stupid! See you all prom night!