Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I'm soooo behind on blogging. Things have been hectic, and at times I've been lazy, other times I just didn't know what to talk about...so I ignored my blog. But by golly today I am going to break my slacking streak and get a post done.

It's time for my Dear... letters, my dear friend Dazee's creation, letters good or bad, to whomever, getting things out. Dazee's link (Crazy Daze & Nite Dreams) is over there on the side, check her out. She's goofy, like me.

Dear Optical migraine...you come NOW when I'm trying to blog? How dare you. Leave me alone. It's hard to read what I'm typing when my vision is all distorted.

Dear self...Ease up on the sleep drool will ya? Geeze. Nothing like waking up in a puddle of spit. Must be from all those hot dreams I've been having lately ;) LOL. Seriously though, I drool a LOT when I sleep, thats gross. I want to invent a pillow case that is made out of something like ummm a womens feminine product (pad), its soft, yet it absorbs everything so you can't feel wetness on your skin...maybe it would hold my gallons of slobber at night.

Dear Kelsey...Next time you plan to walk around all day in sunny 90 degree weather, please remember to use your sunscreen. Kels stayed over at a friends and went to Somonauks Memorial Day events...and returned home a lobster. Don't believe me? See for yourself:

She's been in some pain, obviously. This picture was taken yesterday night. Today she is blistering, and she has a nice big ugly blister right in the middle of her chest. Thats HOT. NOT.

Dear laundry...my oh my how I dispise you. Do you somehow reproduce while in the baskets? There is always so much of you. This picture below shows some of the mountain of laundry I had to fold...


Dear Moo...I really don't like you much...but Bree does...


Dear Bill....we really need to get a new weed wacker...as you can see from the picture above we have some serious wacking to do...

Dear Tigger...You are such a good kitty, putting up with Bree trying to dress you, and constantly pestering you. She loves you bunches. She's so nice covering you up, and putting something under your head for a pillow...


Dear picnik...I've just discovered some new things on you tonight, now I'm spending way to much time playing around with pictures...

Soooo cool eh?

Dear Sylvia T.... I'm guessing you read my blog? Thank you for signing up on swagbucks as my referral! Now, search, and earn some swagbucks, we can both benefit :) I can teach you if you'd like...drop me an email (info on my contact page)

Dear Swagbucks & iRazoo (something similar to swagbucks)...I've decided to be a good mom. Instead of spending my amazon cards that I get through you on myself (like the camera I want, and a kindle), I've decided I shouldn't be selfish, I should use the cards to buy Christmas presents for the kids... So fork our some more codes, let me win some megabucks and stuff...please?

Dear rain...You can take some time off, a week at least...We've had to much of you lately. The other day we had like monsoon rain. We got over 3 inches in just a few hours...I'll post a quick look of some of our rain on a video towards the end of this post for the hell of it.

Dear old sump pump...the night we got 3+ inches of rain was NOT the right time to die. Waking up at 2:00 a.m. to discover 3 inches of water in our basement was NOT COOL. Thanks for ruining a bunch of our stuff...

Dear flooded basement...YOU SUCK. Stinky, messy, wet (duh). You made a ton of work for me. In fact one day I spent 8+ hours working to clean you up. Not fun, at all.

Dear tornados...stay away! You've done so much damage all over the U.S. Please go and never return. My heart breaks for all those suffering loss of family/friends, and their homes. We had warnings and scary weather here recently and I was so scared, especially after seeing how bad damage can be from those places hit.

There ya go. I finally got a post done. I hope to get another done soon. But don't hold your breath LOL.

Rain video below


Dazee Dreamer said...

I'm so with you on the drool thing. I don't understand where that all came from. It's just gross.

You can tell Bree doesn't have to clean up after the dog and cats. Then she might not like them as much.

Amanda said...

you find the coolest photo stuff! And poor girl... as someone who burns A LOT I can feel her pain!