Monday, May 9, 2011

We Survived Prom 2011!

Happy Monday!

Prom is over, thank God! :)

Saturday was BUSY. Saturday was STRESSFUL. Saturday was FUN. Saturday was TIRING!

My niece Emily came over at about 1:00, and it was time for me & Kels to get moving. First Kels put on her nail stuff, I was going to do it, buy my eyes suck with these new glasses and I couldn't see well enough to line up the nail sticker things. Yeah I suck. LOL, but she got it done ok. Then she did her make up. Next came the hair...I did the waterfall braid thing then started the curling marathon. Kelsey has really thick stubborn hair. We used a ton of hairspray, and I did ringlet curls in small pieces of hair all over, the smaller the sections I curled the better the curl turned out. I finally got it all curled, it took over an hour. By the time I finished, the first sections I did were already starting to lose some curl! OY. Oh well, not much we could do at that point, we were already late, we were supposed to be at her friends at 3 for pictures, and we just finished curling at about 3, she still had to get her dress on. In our rush to get ready, we forgot her earrings and necklace, so the first set of pics she's not wearing them. We remembered at her friends house, and when we came back to pick up the other girls we made sure to put on the earrings & necklace then.

After taking pics at the friends house, we came back home to wait for Grandma. Kels went with her friend to the Lake in town where I was going to take more pics of them. Grandma finally arrived and we booked it over to the lake for a fast photo session. It was 4:30 by then and Kels had to be at the school by 5 to line up for Prom Walk. Here are some pics of our time so far, friends house, lake, and then prom walk.

Prom collage 1

prom collage 2

prom collage 3

prom collage 5

prom collage 4

prom collage 6

prom collage 7

I took a ton of pics even though I was pressed for time LOL, sorry for the overload.

Did I mention that Kelsey's friend she went with is also named Kellsie? Cool huh? Did I also mention that Kelsey's friend Kellsie is BALD? Well she is...and I think she is beautiful. She wore a wig to the dance, but later took it off, and came to post prom without it (you will see in a minute). Kellsie has some kind of immune disorder that attacks her hair follicles, she has lost all of her hair.

I don't have any pictures of the actual prom, as it was for the students not the parents, but I have pics of Post Prom. Here, after prom, the kids go to the Elks Club a few miles from the school. Its a big to do I guess, this was our first time experiencing it. They have all the kids leaving the dance line their cars up, then they are escorted to the Elks (roads closed for them and everything). Once the line arrives, the first car of promers get out, and they walk up a ramp and are announced and talked to by the announcer (Mr. Holzman), as their car gets parked by a valet. Each car stops, the kids get out, go up the ramp etc...Thankfully Kels & Kells were not to far into the line so I wasn't there all night lol. There were a lot of people there! I was a bit chilled so I was glad to see the K's arrive so I could leave soon :) I watched a few more after them and then hit the road. Here are some pics of the Post Prom.

prom collage 8

Kels beat me home, she & Kellsie left right away. They were tired. Kels & Emily ended up visiting until 3 a.m. or so, then they went to sleep. Bree was up till 12:30, I went to bed not long after her. It was a tiring day for all.

Bree did get a tiny nap at prom walk...Emily held her for me so I could be taking pics. Thanks for your help Emily!

This is Emily, Bree, and my mom. Thanks mom for coming out to the prom walk too!

I hope you all enjoyed the pics.



Dazee Dreamer said...

How awesome that Kellsie embraces her baldness.

For Heavens Sake! said...

The girls were beautiful and you did a super great job on her hair, flowers, etc. I'm so glad Kelsey had a great time!