Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Time Blog Slacking

I suck.

It's summer time, and I've been slacking at blogging. Sometimes I've been lazy. A lot of the times I've been busy. Sometimes I've got nothing to say. Other times I've got nothing NICE to say LOL.

So far this summer I've been driving Kels back and forth to speech class, and helping her with speeches, thankfully class ended last Wednesday. We've had a few days at a friends pool (Thanks Cindy & Dan). The girls & I went strawberry picking for the first time. My husband had several days off so I didn't blog then. We spent a day outside tiding up the yard some and trimming our overgrown bushes. We had a trip to the zoo last week too. Just been too busy and tired to write much around here. I'm sorry. I'd like to make a promise that I'll do better...but I can't. I know things are going to be busy so I might not be posting much...

Tuesday Jilly has a tooth to get pulled. Please say a prayer that she can remain calm, and that its not to terribly upsetting and painful for her.

Soon Jilly will be going to VISIT her dad in Norway. She is excited. Her passport finally arrived a few days ago. I'm anxious for her to get time with her dad, I know she misses him. I'm also worried about her being gone.

I've got 2 Relay For Life events coming up, so I'll be busy with those. I hope the weather cooperates this year!

Sunday I was supposed to do a photo shoot, but it got cancelled, I'm hoping it gets rescheduled soon. I'm excited about taking someones pictures other than my own family!

I got a kindle :) So I'm going to get in some summer time reading. I did some work for it, and I'm so excited to have it!

I'm going to close this post with some pics of things we've been up to lately...Enjoy!


zoo collage





waterballoon collage

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Dazee Dreamer said...

be still my beating heart! 2 posts of yours to read in one day. tear, tear.