Thursday, June 30, 2011

Super Moo to the Rescue!

This is Moo

This dog drives me crazy in more ways then you know... But, tonight she actually impressed me.

Jilly & Bree were playing in the little kiddie pool in the back yard. Moo & I were sitting on the swing watching them.

Jilly started to splash like a crazy girl and started screaming.

I think Moo thought she was in danger.

Super Moo to the rescue!

Moo darted off the swing and went to the side of the pool, putting her front feet on the side. She barked loudly like she was trying to get my attention (even though I was already watching).

When I didn't get up (no need to, Jilly was playing and not in danger), Moo took it upon herself to jump into the pool and go to Jilly like she was rescuing her!

It was very cool.

Maybe we should rename her Lassie :)

Jilly thought it was so cool, that she kept trying over and over. Each time Moo would be sitting quietly till Jilly started splashing and flailing around...then the barking started and she'd jump in.

Moo has a special bond with Jilly...Jilly is Moo's humping toy LOL, she doesn't want anything to happen to her. Gross eh? Moo is very attracted to Jilly's leg. Moo is a girl by the way...and she's fixed...not sure why she's so in love with Jilly's leg...



Dazee Dreamer said...

I think that is so sweet, except for the humping the leg thing. I'm grossed out a little by that.

Joanna said...

That's awesome!! I think it's super sweet that you know you have a dog that is going to protect the kids like that.

I will say, my dog is also female, fixed, and humps pillows. I've always wondered why - but it's nice to know that I don't have the only humping female dog. :)

For Heavens Sake! said...

That was cool...Moo to the rescue!
LOL on the humping as you know my little Xiao Xiao likes to hump Cassie the dragon toy that used to be Jillians.