Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Our family, Bree, Jilly, Kelsey, Bill & I, went on a mini-vacation over the weekend.

We drove to Gurnee, IL, and first went to the Gurnee Mill's Mall. While there, we had a great (and expensive!) lunch at Rainforest Cafe. We all love that place, so much to look at there. Then it was Build-a-Bear time. Each of the girls wanted something. Kelsey got a Peace Sign Bear, Jilly got a dog, and Bree got a Hello Kitty. The younger girls got dresses for their animals. Bree picked out a Cinderella outfit & shoes for her Hello Kitty, Jilly got her dog a dress. Bill's wallet was a lot lighter when we left that store. After that, we did a bit of window shopping, trying to save some money for the rest of our vacation!

We left the mall and headed to Key Lime Cove! We got checked in, then had dinner in one of their eaterys. Next came time for the waterpark! The girls had a blast. After that it was the arcade time, they loved that too. Most of the weekend we ate, spent money, swam, played games, and ate some more. It was a great weekend.

Our room had 2 queen beds, and a fold out couch. Kels & Jilly shared one bed, Bree & I the other, Bill took the fold out couch. I was happy to see our room had a Keurig coffee maker :) The room also had a mini fridge, which came in handy.

For the rest of this post, I'm putting up a bunch of pictures for you to enjoy. I'll also put up a few videos...if I can get it to cooperate.

rainforest cafe

our room

K.L.C. waterpark

Kelsey at K.L.C.

Jilly at K.L.C.

Bree at K.L.C.



junk food bree



Dazee Dreamer said...

That looks like so much fun.

For Heavens Sake! said...

Love, love, love the pics!

Mindi said...

My kids would DIE!!! How fun! It's similar to a place we have here, but it's not indoors! That would be nice when we have Winter until May here sometimes!