Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kicked Booty

On Monday, in my Dear... letters, I mentioned that I needed to get back on track in the working out area, since I had been slacking.

I did just that.

Monday I did some pilate type exercises upstairs, then I went down on the treadmill and did my most intense workout yet. I did 5 minute walk/5 minute jog intervals, and I did it for over an hour. I did 4 miles!

For those of you that work out often, and are in better shape than I, this is probably no big deal to you. For me, this is major! Normally I do 20 minutes or so tops. Maybe a mile or a little more. Never as much as I did Monday. I was quite proud of myself.

I was tempted to just be done working out after that. Instead, I pushed myself even further. I did a work out on the wii. I was so beat after that. I was sweating like a pig, a stinky one at that. I went upstairs to shower.

Then, I popped 2 Aleve. I needed them, I was already in major pain with my stupid heel, and I knew more pain would come as a result of my hard workout.

The rest of the afternoon I crept around, it hurt to move. I relaxed most of the afternoon.

After dinner it was time for one of my favorite shows, Dancing With the Stars. Instead of just sitting here like a couch potato, I went downstairs to watch it while doing the wii fit plus free step. This is basically just stepping up and down on the wii board. They have 10 minute, 20 minute, and 30 minute ones to pick from. Once you get it started, you can flick over to regular tv and watch tv as you step, the sounds you need from the wii come from the wii-remote. I chose the 30 minute step. I didn't just do it once. I did it 3 times while I watched DWTS! Those 3 times equalled 9020 steps!

My total calories burned from the wii time I did yesterday was the highest ever for me.

wii calorie
Excuse the crappy picture, I took a pic of the tv with my phone, it went all wacky on me...but you get the gist I think.

So, yesterday, I burned a total of 1241 (actually probably a bit more from my pilates stuff, I don't know how many I burned on that) calories. To me, that rocks. Yay me.

Today...well thats a different story LOL. I'm really sore today, and I've been busy, so today I only burned off about 250 calories.

Today was also disappointing....the scale said I gained a pound...after I lost one yesterday. It might be that I weighed in at a different time...who knows. Damn wii weigh in is moody lol.

I'm hoping tomorrows weigh in shows a loss... cross your fingers.



Dazee Dreamer said...

I'm proud. and gain a pound lose 2 pounds. it is coming off

Mindi said...

You are doing AWESOME! Way to go!!