Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Tuesday is here, which means its time for the weekly Dear... letters. Letters for good or bad to whomever...


Dear Tummy Bug...Leave Bree alone, and stay away from the rest of us too. Poor Bree has had yucky poops for several days now and on Sunday she was puking up a storm. Enough already.

Dear Diet...you suck.

Dear wii weigh in...$%^$ you.

Dear my fitness pal... you blow.

Dear fat...flee the premises.

Dear self...you are a loser, but not the kind of loser you are supposed to be!

Dear pain...You totally suck. I hate you. Go away. I'd like to be able to work out without being in agony with every step. Actually I'd like to be able to even walk without being in agony with every step. You left for a year or so, then you came back after my jogging last week, and you came back with vengeance.

Dear Aleve...I know you can work better & faster... please?

Dear city...Not thrilled with the fact that we have to have city tags for the pets and you are going door to door to verify. Just another way for you to rob us of our money.

Dear Great Clips...I wish I could get a Great Clip at your place...95% of the time I get a crappy clip. Got a bad haircut last night. Oh well, at least I had a coupon so I got my crappy haircut for half price.

Dear Dancing With The Stars...I'm glad to say I don't hate anyone in the new cast...yet. Not sure who to root for.. I'll miss Derek this season!

Dear Bill...I love you, but I hate your damn snoring!!

Dear Kelsey...Stop forgetting stuff! I'm tired of bringing stuff to school for you that you forget. Gas is expensive now ya know, and you are a big girl, capable of remembering your calculator & stuff.

Dear gas prices...geeze..chill out.

Dear weekend...can you get here a little faster?

Dear massage...I wish I could get you when we are at our mini vacation. There is a spa there, Bill was going to let me get one, but I was stupid and said we should spend the money on the kids instead. Now it looks like we'll be spending a butt-load at Rain forest Cafe, and Build a Bear etc... I'm pretty sure there won't be any left for that massage...what was I thinking?

Dear Keylime Cove...I hope you are as fun as you look and you provide the family & I with a wonderful time.

I'm tired.



Dazee Dreamer said...

A little on the pissed off at the diet stuff huh. lol you crack me up.

I especially loved the letter to Kelsey.

You my friend, rock for always doing the Dear Letters. I owe you big time.

Amanda said...

Here is hoping you get that massage girl... :)