Monday, March 21, 2011

Late...(or Early) Dear...

I didn't get around to Dear... letters on Tuesday, so I'm late...or I'm early for this weeks, however you want to look at it.


Dear spring weather...Its good to see you! Bree has enjoyed some outside time this last week.

Dear snow...I still love you, but we need to take a break from each other. We need some time apart, to see other spring, summer, and fall... You'll always be in my heart, but please keep your distance...until Nov. 1. xoxo

Dear Kelsey...I'm glad you spent a lot of quality time with Bree yesterday, and that you even gave her a bath. I like that you did my cool thing and colored the bathwater with food coloring for her. time can you do a little less coloring please? Bree came out looking sunburned from the red coloring LOL.

Dear self... You've been a bad bad girl. Slacking on the workouts, eating to much crap... You need to get back on track, get your rear in gear.

Dear Cindy...I hope your first birthday without Elliott went better than you thought it would, and that you enjoyed the company and the cake :)

Dear grass...Hurry up and green up, you look mighty ugly right now. I need you green so I can go outside and take some new pictures of the girls.

Dear lottery... I need to play you and win. I want a fancy schmancy camera, a bigger house, bills paid off, new wardrobe, and the ability to go on a vacation more often.

Dear Key Lime Cove... We miss you :) The girls talk about you daily and they want to go back!

Dear Bree... That poop you did this morning totally looked like an ice cream cone! It was very cool...for poop lol.

Dear Dancing With The Stars (DWTS)...I'm looking forward to tonight's show! Thank God you don't have any Palin's on this season.

Dear Readers... I hope I've pleased you all now. I took off the 'hard on the eyes' stuff, and increased the font size.. anything else?

I think that's all for now...



For Heavens Sake! said...

Font size is much better! I like your collage too!

Elliottsmama said...

Yes, your efforts made my birthday bearable but I so miss my child. I thank for your kindness

Dazee Dreamer said...

I loved each and every dear letter. you are too kind to keep changing the look of your blog for others. I'm just a bitch and do what I want.

Mindi said...

Amen on green grass!!