Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Come on in & sit a spell, I've got some letters for you to read. Joining up with my dear friend Dazee and her weekly Dear... letters. Letters to whomever, good or bad, like venting and/or praising, just getting stuff off your chest out of your mind... that kind of thing.


Dear Key Lime Cove...We had a great time at your place over the weekend. I hope we can come back sometime in the future, we miss you already.

Dear slippery floors at Key Lime Cove...get a grip! You are so slick both Bill & Bree fell on you over the weekend. Bree fell twice, once hitting her head.

Dear Build-A-Bear...You have a way of sucking little girls in, and draining their daddy's wallets...

Dear Rainforest Cafe...You are such a cool place but dang you are noisy. We couldn't hear ourselves talk during our lunch the other day without yelling. You are also a money draining place. So is Key Lime Cove lol.

Dear Bree...You talk a LOT! You start as soon as you wake up, and keep talking until you fall asleep. Sometimes you even talk in your sleep.

Dear Bill & Kelsey...at 3:30 a.m. on Monday morning, you were snoring in unison.

Dear Wii Fitness...Please be kind to me on weigh in tomorrow after my diet vacation.

Dear heel on my left foot...I don't like you, enough of the pain already. I'm tired of being in pain with every step. Tired of limping. Tired of popping pain pills. Pretty sad when my 10 yr old tells me I'm taking to many pills lately.

Dear Keurig...I'm pleased with my k-cup order and loving my Keurig machine. I was happy to see one at Key Lime Cove in my room too.

Dear Moo (or dog)...it was great having a vacation away from you.

Dear readers...Be sure to read the other posts from today too :)

I guess that's it for now. I could go on and on, but I would just bore you...



Dazee Dreamer said...

I'm so jealous that your room had a Keurig. I would have loved that in our room.

I hope that the wii is nice to you too. Or I might just have to hurt it.

Amanda said...

GLad your vacay was fun!!

Mindi said...

Your dear letters are always great! I need to do one someday! Geez I suck!