Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Enough is Enough

Saturday evening, I noticed a slight ice haze on stuff in our freezer on our side by side. I thought hmmm maybe one of the kids didn't shut the door tightly, I'll shut it tight and all will be well.

Boy, did I think wrong.

Sunday, Bill brought home a few groceries, I needed to put some stuff in the freezer. I opened it up to find things thawed out, water dripping from the ice maker...oh goody. He said he thought the door was ajar. I told him I made sure it was shut tight when I went to bed so I don't think that is the case. He said keep it closed a bit and we'll see what happens later.

Nothing good happened. It got warmer. Stuff got ruined.

He said, "seems weird that just the freezer side is broke" that got me thinking, uh oh, come to think of it when I got some pop out earlier it wasn't super cold.


So, the frig side and the freezer side were broke. It was a holiday weekend. Not good. Bill & I spent the day moving all the stuff that we could to our spare frig in the basement, thank god we have that! Other stuff went into coolers. Meats got cooked up. It was a busy day, plus I was trying to get a cake baked. I felt like I was in the kitchen and on my feet all day, I was tired.

So Tuesday comes, holiday is over, we call the repair people and are told they'll come out on FRIDAY! I was not a happy camper to hear that! Thankfully they called this morning and said they could squeeze us in.

So the guy comes and looks at it, needs something for it and goes to get it and returns. Then he tells me the bad news. There is no gas as he said, aka freon (sp?), and there is a compression issue of some kind or something something about vacuum hose and a hole. He said the proper way to fix it would be a new compresser thingy, and freon stuff cleaning out the old thing etc, which runs $500-600. He must have seen my jaw hit the floor lol because he told me there was another option...he could put some leak seal stuff and freon stuff, it sometimes fixes it, but its iffy, could last a day, or years, you just don't know till you do it. Oy. Bill was at work, and I was afraid to make a decision so I called him for his input. He said to go with the cheaper option! So the guy goes back to his workplace for the stuff, and comes back to tell me they were out of it. They had to send someone out to Rockford to get it and he'd be back later today to fix it.

Thankfully, he called a few hours later and was able to come back and get the job done. As of now, my frig and freezer are COLD :) Cross your fingers it stays that way for many years!!

I asked him if this was a common problem, he said no, not in something this new. Our side by side is only 4 yrs old. I'm a little disappointed in Maytag right now. :(

I hope this is the last of our breakages. Seems like everything in the house has died recently. We have had enough!


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Dazee Dreamer said...

yeah. what you said. I'm hoping that it stays fixed for as long as you need it to