Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Survived!

I'm happy to say I survived my dentist visit and all my teeth extracted yesterday. I was super nervous! I took my valium at 8 like I was supposed to, my mom drove me. Soon as we got there I used the bathroom and then they were ready to take me back! I guess thats better then sitting around waiting nervously.

I sat in the chair and they got me ready. Let me say one thing, THANK GOD FOR THE GAS! That stuff made it much more tolerable. The gas was started first, then the novacaine...ick. My mouth was so huge (or felt that way at least) that half the time I wasn't sure if I had it open or not lol. The whole thing seemed to go pretty fast (even though it was nearly 3 hrs). If I felt anything I was given more novacaine...except at the very end. They had pretty much maxed me out on it and since my blood pressure was so high (160/100) they didn't want to risk giving any more, at the very end I felt a few stitches being put in. It hurt a tad but not awful since I did have some numbing (just not enough). According to the dentist all went well in the removal.

I had to sit a bit after to make sure all was well and I was given care instructions. At this point I had tears in my eyes , from relief of being done, then all the sudden I got the giggles! I kept laughing and nothing was even funny! My mom was back there with me at this point, she was laughing at me/with me. LOL. I was so glad to get out of there! Mom drove me back home. I talked a lot I think but I doubt she understood a word I said because I had so much gauze in my mouth.

Once we got home mom went and picked up my meds (Thanks Mom!), and I got settled on the couch, where I remained almost all night....like until 3 a.m. The evening was hard while I had gauze in, because I kept having to write notes to everyone because no one understood me. Bree didn't like that I couldn't talk to her. Late evening I took the gauze out and thankfully the drooling stopped, for I had gone through a ton of gauze & paper towels trying to catch all the slobber LOL. I spent the evening chilling out, and watching DWTS, while my family made a mess...which I had to clean up today. Kels did make Bree dinner, and take Moo out for me. Jilly felt bad later that night and folded a basket of laundry for me.

I stayed on the couch most of last night trying to sleep, I was trying to stay upright as much as possible. I was awake far more then I was sleeping unfortunately. At 3 a.m. ish I said screw this I'm going into bed... I still had sleeping issues after that. Today I'm sore, swollen a bit and exhausted, and a tiny bit hungry. I got in 2 bites of yogurt this morning, and about 3 for lunch...enough to get food into my stomach to take my pills. I'm crossing my fingers that once my husband gets home tonight I'll be able to take a little nap!

I told you I'd take a before pic, and I did. I'm going to post it, so if you don't want to see turn away now. Its just what my smile looks like, I couldn't get into my mouth to show you all the other broken yucky teeth, but I'm sure by looking at the front you'll get the idea.

004 cropped
Now you know why you rarely see pics of me, and if you do I'm not smiling. Soon I'll try to get some full body pics too for a before pic, I'm hoping I'll shed some pounds and by the time I get my teeth I'll look a lot better!

Time for me to ice ice baby...trying to get swelling down.


Dazee Dreamer said...

wow. you really did need some dental work. hurray for you to finally be getting it done.

Danielle said...

Feel better soon, Renee!

Amanda said...

So proud of you... and so glad you are ok!!! I know how painful teeth stuff can be, and this is such a positive step forward for you! :)