Saturday, September 10, 2011

Still Alive

Yep, I'm still around...sorta. :)

I've just been lazy when it comes to blogging! :( I suck. I've been trying to keep up with swagbucks, irazoo, superpoints etc., and trying to read the bazillion blogs I subscribe to, and I've neglected my very own blog. Sorry. I'm pretty boring anyways, not like you are missing anything really exciting...

I did go to my dental appointment. It was tough. I had the craps days in advance I was so stressed over it. As soon as I walked in the door and sat down in the waiting room I lost it. I got all teary, I'm such a BIG BABY! I don't know why my fear is so bad, but it is. I got lots of x-rays taken that day, and talked to the dentist about the dentures. Just for the record, I do NOT have a BIG MOUTH. :) The ladies that took the x-rays said they had to use the smallest thingy for my mouth because it was so tiny. I told them that was the first time I ever heard that one! LOL. Most tell me I have a big mouth. Anyways.. I'm going to get all my teeth taken out at once, and I hope and pray the valium, and the gas calm me down enough to get through it. I'm not looking forward to the oodles of shots of novicaine, and the sights/sounds/smells of the dental visit that day. I would really love to be knocked out for the process, but that costs a lot more. I'm sure I'll have some pain for a few days at least. I just pray everything goes smoothly. I will be without teeth for a while, not looking forward to that, I think I'll become a hermit for awhile so no one sees me toothless. I'm thinking of taking a "Hello my name is...GUMBY" sticker with me the day I get my teeth yanked, then as soon as they are all out I'll slap that on me LOL. I have an appointment for Sept. 26th for the teeth removal...please say prayers for me that morning and keep me in your thoughts! I'm going to try to take some before pics not only of my crappy teeth, but of my fat body too... and hopefully when I get my pretty new teeth I'll have a less fat body to go with them, and we can compare before & after pics...

I'm already super nervous about that appointment on the 26th. I'm even dreaming about the dentist, and not really in a good way LOL. Last night I dreamt that I took Jilly for her appt., the dentist yelled at me because her teeth were so bad, then yelled at me that I owed him $150. Then he told me that I was trying to use my big boobs to get a discount! I was so mad in the dream that he said that, because I wasn't using them. Sure I had boobs, but they are attached to me, its not like I can leave them at home, and in my dream I was not flaunting them in any way to where he'd have thought that. It really upset me. I was waiting in my van for the receptionist to come out so I could talk to her (she is a friend of my moms) and the dentist came out and I wanted to run him over! Nice dream eh?

August 23rd was Jilly's 11th birthday, and also her first day of 6th grade. It was a half day of school, so after she had a few friends over for cake. Three 11 yr old girls...oh my, they acted so goofy and drove me up the wall lol.

Jilly had a nice day, despite having to go to school that day.

The weekend after Jilly's birthday, we took the girls to a place in Yorkville called Hoppers. Its an indoor place that has a bunch of bouncehouse things, and a velcro wall. They had a blast. We were there for several hours.
We look forward to returning. Even parents could go on the stuff, it was fun. Bill took some pics of me, but I look like a big fat pig with a broken tooth and it was disgusting, so I'll be posting no pics of me there!

Last weekend we went to the fair down the street from our house. Our town puts on a pretty pathetic fair.. Its rather sad. I wish they'd take lessons from the Sandwich Fair. I did take a few pics of our fair, but nothing really special, so I won't bore you with those. This week was the Sandwich Fair, and again we went for wristband day. We got there around 10:30 a.m. and left at about 7:20 p.m.! The girls & Bill got wristbands so they could ride as many rides as they wanted. I didn't get one because I get sick on nearly everything! I was the watcher of the stroller and the picture taker for the day. Last year Bree LOVED the giant slide and merry-go-round. This year she only went on the slide about 5 times. She did try a few other rides but didn't like them. First it was the bee ride, Kels rode with her. She was ok when it started out, but then the bee went up in the air, and Bree did NOT like that at all. Later she tried the teacup ride...which is a smaller version of the teapots at Disney sorta. She was excited but nervous to try it. Once the ride started I guess the cup kinda tilts a bit and it freaked her out, Jilly ended up hugging and consoling her the rest of the ride. Bree did still enjoy the merry-go-round (which she calls the miracleround lol) and she rode it with Bill and the girls several times, she does not like riding on the horses on it though, she must ride on the bench or she freaks out. Kels rode a few rides with Bree & Jilly then went off on her own for the rest of the day. Jilly rode a few rides, her favorite was the hang-glider one. My favorite thing of the day was a turtle funnelcake.. which is funnel cake, powdered sugar, a ton of whipped cream and caramel & fudge drizzled over the top.

The second to last pic is Jilly in an inflatable wheel thing, she was like a hamster lol. The last one is her chowing on a deep fried pickle on a stick... Everythings good on a stick right? She loves pickles and wanted another!

Yesterday Bill & I went and got some much needed haircuts! My hair is short again and it feels great!

I think that is all for now. I'll try to keep up a little better with my my mom can stop bugging me about it LOL (kidding mom).



Elliottsmama said...

I thought you were waiting on the dentist till January?

Danielle said...

Good luck at the dentist! (When the time comes around.. I'm saying it now because I might forget when the time comes)

*Hugs* I hate having nightmares. Mine are especially bad when I'm prego! I've been having some doozies lately myself.

Bummer that Jilly had to go to school on here b-day! :( At least it was only a half day. Looks like you guys had fun at the indoor playplace! :)

Looks like you all had fun at the fair too. You just HAD to mention the turtle funnel cake didn't you?!! lol Now, I WANT ONE!!!! Grr. Dang it, Renee! :D