Monday, September 12, 2011

I Spy (better late then never)

My dear buddy Dazee has started a new meme thingy, and last week was the first one...and because I suck as a blogger I missed it! So, because I missed it, I'm unable to link up to the others, but I figure I can still blog about it :)

It's called I Spy. Dazee gives us a prompt for a photo, and then we take one or use one that goes along with the prompt as we see it. Then, we can put a photo of our choice no matter what the theme. Tomorrow (correction, THURSDAY) is a new one, hopefully that one I can get on time lol, but for now, here is my version of last weeks...the prompt was WEATHERED


Here is my WEATHERED photo(s):

I took this pic this morning after dropping the girls off at school. This water tower has seen better days...I wonder how old it is. It definately is weathered...

And MY CHOICE photo:

This was on the drive home Thursday night. Along lonely road, normally a boring drive with nothing but corn & bean fields to look at, but the sky made the trip home nice.

The next I Spy's(tomorrow) prompt is: BUGS EYE VIEW and Bloggers choice... hopefully I can get it done on time.

Hopefully if I get my rear in gear I'll also get my SOOC post done Saturday too, I missed last weeks and I think the week before :(.


1 comment:

Dazee Dreamer said...

wow, those are both awesome shots. I love the road one.

Its amazing when you get looking for the "prompts" what you see everyday but don't realize it.

And, by the way, the meme is on Thursday. Don't want you to get too far ahead of us.