Monday, September 12, 2011

Stuff 3

A few months ago I did the 'Stuff ' post, where I put stuff that I'm doing now to words that were given. I figure I should do one now, just for the heck of it.

Listening: MadTV is on...stupid show

Eating: NOTHING, could really go for a caramel apple parfait from McD's though.

Drinking: NOTHING, but could go for an ice cold coke from McD's, or a mug of hot tea.

Wearing: PJ's...which consist of a tank top and shorts

Feeling: Yucky. I'm tired and I've had a stupid scratchy throat all day...if I'm going to be sick it needs to get it over with already, I have big plans in a few weeks and I can't really be sick at that time.

Weather: Clear, hopefully cooling off by now, I believe it was in the mid-80's today. I'm turning the a/c back off tonight (turned it on yesterday) and hopefully it STAYS off until next summer.

Need: To win the lottery! (LOL I think I answered this question the same each time)

Thinking: That I'm so ready for bed!

Wondering: Why are goldfish called goldfish when they are ORANGE not gold? Why does the lid on the tuna can never come all the way undone with the hand held can opener? I always gotta twist it to get the last tiny bit undone.

Internet find: Hmm not sure I found anything today really...


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