Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kelsey's Homecoming

Kelsey took her friend to homecoming on Saturday. The afternoon didn't go well. It rained. Kelsey's hair was uncooperative, she had make up troubles, and was kinda cranky! I spent over an hour putting ringlets into her hair, by the time I got done with the one side and got to the other, the side I started on had already started to flatten big time. We couldn't do much to it after that because of all the hair spray in it, so we had to rewash her hair. Then I came up with the idea to put a bunch of braids in her hair so it would look crimped. So Kelsey's friend Caitlyn and I got busy doing braids really fast! She then dried them with the hair dryer, then did her make up, and got dressed and we took the braids out. Thank God it worked and looked good.

I took the girls out front for some pictures. We had planned to go to the lake for pics, but it was rainy/sprinkly, so we went out front under our tree. Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy. :)

homecoming 1

goofy Kels

huge boobs

Sorry about the caption on the last just looks like that is what she is saying LOL.

The girls had a great time. I was glad when it was done :) Next big dance will be PROM. Yikes. She already has a dress for that, so we are one step ahead.

I went to bed last night, but couldn't sleep right away. I had the TV on and was flipping channels. During that time, I saw a commercial and it made me laugh out loud. I thought, "wow, is this for real?!" its pretty funny. See for yourself. Maybe its just me, I have a sick sense of humor. :)

Did you laugh?

QOTD: Pancakes or french toast?



Dazee Dreamer said...

French toast. yum

mypixees3 said...

definitely not are actors and actresses. the "tennis" player...she is the lady from my name is earl, believe. well thats who she looks like. and the guy in the beginning with the small balls...he is an actor too

Renee said...

I know its a joke type of thing...but what I want to know is, does AXE really have this product, something marketed at cleaning mens balls.. :) I know they are actors, I'm not THAT blonde. LOL

Mindi said...

Fun pictures! I love your little subtitles-makes me laugh! Hope they had a great time!!

French toast for sure!

Amanda said...

She is beautiful!

Pancakes. All the way. :)

Danielle said...

Kels looks so pretty!!

I've seen that commercial... it is pretty funny. I was lmao the first time I saw it.

French toast.