Friday, September 24, 2010

Red, Green & Blue

Red, Green & Blue, those are the colors of my latest cake/cupcake order. Its for a friends son's birthday, he is turning 2, and he loves Elmo, and Sesame Street. These were pretty easy to make, thankfully :) I've been spending way to much time in the kitchen LOL, but I like it, just wish I had someone to clean up the mess after I make my creations!

Take a look...


Sorry that I didn't get creative with the pictures. I was tired, so I boxed them up and took a quick pic before heading out of the kitchen.

QOTD: Did you see the Katy Perry song with Elmo that was going to go on Sesame Street? Do you think she is showing to much cleavage for Sesame Street? I've seen a lot of news stories about is on, and a few other places too, in case you haven't seen it yet.



Dazee Dreamer said...

omg, that cake and cupcakes are amazing girlfriend.!!!!!! You rock!!!!!

I did see the katy perry video. honestly, a lot of kids moms probably dress as slutty as her. and don't you think the person in charge would have put more clothes on her. I don't know, i've seen worse I guess

Shelley T. said...

Those cupcakes are so cute! I so wish I was that creative, although I have never really tried.

I caught the Katy Perry video last night when they were saying that they decided against using it. I just do not get why they are blaming her for this. I would think it is Sesame Street's job to ensure that everyone is dresses properly for the show.

Renee said...

Thanks girls :)

You would think that if there was question of her dress, they would have noticed during filming and changed it don'tca think? I think its all kinda crazy. I see worse then that at the local high school, in the Walmarts, and malls... I truly think the kids are more interested in Elmo and the song then what she is wearing anyways.

Mindi said...

Seriously? Those are the cutest cupcakes/and cake I've ever seen! You are amazing!!!

I haven't seen the video, just a snap shot of the clip of her and what she was wearing next to Elmo. First thing I thought of was obviously the camera guy/and other crew on set were sure enjoying her performance, so much that they wouldn't even take it into consideration! What a waste of time! I'm sure her schedule is crazy busy.