Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Please pass me....

Please pass me some:
duct tape
and how about a padded cell too...

Why you ask? Well its not for me, well in a round about way it is... I swear to God Jilly is Pre-PMSing. She used to be a good kid, spunky at times but could behave and be fun to be around. Lately she has been a BEAR! She whines and complains about EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING. She picks fights with her sisters for no reason. She back talks to me and to Bill. She just isn't the pleasant Jilly that I know and love. I of course still love her, evil or not...I just miss the old Jilly.

The way she acts lately reminds me of when Kelsey or myself are PMSing. I got to wondering if she can like pre-PMS before she is even getting a period... did a little googling and sure enough it is a possibility, according to this article anyways. Maybe that's it, maybe it isn't...

Maybe she is just being a turd because this is her way of handling her dad being gone? Or maybe she is just being a bratty 10 yr old...Both are options I suppose.

I don't want any more mean looks, scowls, attitude...


I want the old goofy, fun, nice Jilly back...please? :)





Have a lovely Tuesday everyone. :)

QOTD: Do you suffer from PMS?



Bria Lorck said...

Well, I do have PMS. But I'm pretty good about letting people know I'm suffering! A nice scowl does well! But there is an episode fro the shoe The Doctors that actually talks about PMS. And there are actually foods that can make the symptoms worse than they are. You should check it out. Maybe Jilly has been gorging on one of those foods!

Dazee Dreamer said...

I'm going with ALL OF THE ABOVE. pre-pmsing and her dad being gone.

I don't think I have pms, but then, I try to stay on my medication. :)

Amanda said...

lol I dont think I do. But my hubby might have a different answer.

Your sweet girl is just gorgeous with that big smile and shining eyes... hope it is just a phase!


Mindi said...

I think 10 is a hard age! At least from what I've seen from my neice, who is practically our daughter and is over a lot! It's been a really hard year for her. She has parent issues too, plus I think you're right with the whole 'pre' thing!!