Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Long Time No Blog.

I have not dropped off the face of the earth, although sometimes I wish I could! Just kidding, sorta.

Things have been really busy here.

We had the local crappy fair to visit. I was shocked that it was even worse then last years crappy fair. Bree liked seeing the few animals at the petting zoo. The rest was pretty boring. This fair has NOTHING compared to the Sandwich Fair (which we are going to tomorrow).

Bill has had a few days off, of both jobs. Sat., Sun., Mon., and Tues. so we were busy. Miss Bree loved having him around, and she became quite his little buddy. Bill is off his night job for 2 wks vacation, so I've been at the computer a little less in the evenings because of that.

I've been doing some major basement cleaning. Saturday I did some at my moms. Got a lot of the stuff I had stored there forever out. The kids & I spent a lot of time that evening going through old pics and baby books. I'm so sad that Zach's baby books were pretty much ruined do to a basement flood years ago. Sunday I worked on a section of MY basement. Got several bags of trash, and a pick up truck full of stuff for a garage sale mom & I are going to have in the semi-near future. I only got a section done, still have tons more to do in my basement. Wait, maybe it was Sunday & Monday I did the basements, hell the holiday and Bill being off totally messed me up. I think it was Sun. & Mon... Hmm now what did I do on Sat.? I don't remember lol.

Tuesday Bill, Bree & I took stuff to my moms that I got from the basement. Bree got to ride in daddy's truck, something she hasn't done since we got our van pretty much. She LOVED it. Now she wants to ride in daddy's truck all the time.

Today my mom went in the hospital for knee replacement surgery. Everything went ok I've been told. I talked to her a few times today, she said she was in pain, but trying to rest. I spent the day in the van. Had to take the girls to school. Came home for breakfast. Then Bree & I had to go to my mom's house to let her dogs out to pee (30 min drive to moms house). We had to take one of her dogs to the vet (another 30 min away), for she was going to be boarded there until mom gets home because she is on meds for seizures and without mom home to give her meds it could get bad. Then it was Target time. Then Aldis, then lunch, then back to moms for another pee trip for the other 2 dogs, then home...but only for an hour, then it was time to go get the girls at school.

Tomorrow we will be gone most of the day for a family thing ;) I hope by Friday I'll be awake enough and not busy long enough to post something good here, with pictures, instead of boring stuff like now. I hope all you blog world friends stick around, and forgive me for my lack of posting lately.

QOTD: Have you been to a fair/carnival lately?



Dazee Dreamer said...

you made me extremely tired reading about everything you have been doing.

Elliottsmama said...

Was at the fair yesterday. It is not the same without Elliott. Probably take a break from it for a couple years

Mindi said...

Didn't make our fair this year, just Lagoon (which has more rides anyways!) Hope your mom is doing ok after her surgery!