Monday, September 13, 2010

Sweet? Innocent? Goofy?!

My little Aubrey aka Bree is so cute. Every day she makes me laugh and smile...and some days she makes me pull my hair out!

She looks so sweet and innocent...especially when she is sleeping...

sleepy Bree
Looks can be deceiving. :)

Friday I was trying to get some cleaning done around the house. I cleaned the kitchen, washed the floor. I scrubbed the bathtub and surrounding area, all that fun stuff.. As I was scrubbing out the tub area, Bree decided to have a little fun. She took off her clothes, put on her swim suit, then climbed up onto the bathroom counter and into the sink. When I saw and asked her "What the heck are you doing?!" She calmly responded with a smile on her face, "Mom, I'm going swimming! duh!" LOL I couldn't help but laugh. She really enjoyed her sink pool time as I cleaned. Then I had to re-clean up the counter & sink, for someone got water everywhere...

sink swimming
(yes, I know, gold sink...UGLY)

When I was doing the kitchen cleaning Bree was supposed to be out in the living room playing and watching TV. But she was really doing something else...She was doing this:

cooler dipping
Yes, she was purposely dipping her head into the cooler that had ice/water and pop in it from the day before (I was to tired to empty it the night before when we got home from our outing), and she was LIKING IT. Crazy girl! She also made her baby go into the ice water. I had a picture of Bree as she came out of the water, but it didn't turn out well, so I'm not posting that one.

Next she decided to annoy her brother Zach, who was in the bathroom trying to do his duty...She wanted to go in there too. She banged on the door a few times. When that didn't work she said she was going to unlock the door and get it. I asked her how she'd do that, since she can't reach the key. She came up with a plan...She tried to carry the cooler over to where the key was, but it was to heavy, so she pushed it over :) To bad she couldn't reach the key still. She was rather ticked off about that.

Lunch time came around, so I made her a grilled cheese (her favorite) and a couple chips. She also said she wanted ice, and was trying to eat the ice in the cooler, so I got some crushed ice from the freezer and gave her that. I stepped out of the room for a few minutes to do some more cleaning, and came back to see a lovely mess. She took her grilled cheese sections, crammed it into the little bowl that had the ice in it, she broke up her chips and sprinkled them on top, then she took a stem of fake flowers she likes to play with, and took the flowers off the stem and added it to the bowl of everything else. She took the bare stem and stuck that in too. She announced to me that she made 'strawberry shortcake' and asked me if I wanted a bite. Oy.

Such a imaginative mischievous, goofy, spunky girl I have.

QOTD: Do you remember doing anything mischievous as a child?



Dazee Dreamer said...

omg woman, you are gonna have your hands full. what a crack up.

Mindi said...

hahahhaha! CC looks so sweet when she sleeps too! She must have a head of steel to stick it in ice water! hahahaha!