Friday, September 24, 2010

Yucky start to the day...TGIF?

After showering this morning I came out to my desk to enjoy my coffee as the girls were getting ready for school.

I sat here for a bit, then got up to check on the girls, make sure they were actually getting ready.

I put my hand on the back of my desk chair, and felt something crusty...Upon taking a closer look, I discovered it was something from the cat. Not sure if it was once runny poop, or if it was cat puke...but it had already got hard and crusty. Disgusting.

Then, I happened to look at the floor, near my discover some more recent cat stuff...again, not sure which end of the cat it came out of, but it was brown, and yucky...and all over the damn carpet. Gross.

As I was gagging, looking for something to clean up the cat stuff, I happened to glance at my desk. Guess what I saw? Yep, cat stuff, on my desk. It was on the edge of my mouse pad, and a little spot on the desk and on my pen. YUCK. I'm so glad I didn't stick my arm in it when I was on the computer earlier.

Before taking the girls to school, I had the pleasure of cleaning up all that cat stuff. Not fun.

So, finally, running a few minutes late...we get out the door. Drop off Jackie, head to Jilly's school...Drop off Jilly...head to Kelsey's school...Just as we are in the turn lane to go into Kelsey's school parking lot, Bree coughed a second and BARFED, all over herself, and a bit on her car seat. Grrrrreatttttt...

Bree's freaking out. The van smells like puke. Kels is glad to exit the van in the parking lot quickly. Bree gets pissed because Kels doesn't want a hug from her (didn't want to get puke on her), so Bree starts crying...Kels came back and carefully hugged her.

I got out of the van, and tried to make an effort to clean Bree up the best I could. I tried talking her into letting me take her dress off, and her wearing a sweatshirt and her panties, and be covered in a blanket until we got home, but she wouldn't go for she wore her puke covered dress until we got home. I went into the van door closest to Bree, but wow, the wind was whipping around like crazy, and it was COLD, so I went to the other side to try to clean up stuff before we ventured home.

Once we got home, I had her jump into the shower to get cleaned up. Then I started laundry. Then went to clean the mess up in the van. Not fun.

I'm hoping that is all the bodily explosives that I have to clean up for today. I've had enough, I've reached my quota. I don't have time for yucky stuff. Today was going to be a partly relaxing day for me, so much for that...

This afternoon Kelsey gets out of school early. Then once Jilly is done, we have to go deliver the cake/cupcake order I made and showed you in the previous post. So, I really & truly hope Bree is not going to puke anymore...could make for a long ride if she did, its already long.. 30 min each way.

Tonight Kelsey is going to her homecoming football game, her dad is going with her, she'll enjoy that time with her dad. She doesn't get enough of that kind of time, and really craves it. If she didn't have a wicked step mom in the picture she'd get more fun times with her father.

Jilly & I need to have a little talk tonight about some things. Hopefully she'll get what I'm trying to tell her, and work on things a bit.

Tomorrow will be busy too. Gotta pick up Kelsey's friend at some point. The girls will be getting all glamour-fied, and going to the homecoming dance. Lucky me has to pick them up at 11:00 p.m...which means I'll have to wake up Bree to do it, can't leave her home alone sleeping obviously...which means she'll probably not go back to sleep for many hours...which means I'm going to be tired, mad, and cranky. Beware.

So yeah...TGIF. Bullshit. LOL.



Dazee Dreamer said...

omg. I'm eating my lunch while reading this. and it's chinese food, so could you kindly not talk about poop and throw up

Renee said...

LOL shame on you for not sending ME some chinese food! Hey, didn't you just the other day post a picture of POOP? At least I didn't give you a visual :P

Shelley T. said...

On Squinkies -

My 4 year old is already asking for more. I actually looked at Target yesterday and all they had was a display and an empty shelf. I think these just might be the next big thing.
Love you blog by the way. - today's post made me laugh. That is something that would happen to me!

Elliottsmama said...

I know you don't need reminding, but be glad they are alive to aggravate you and take up your time. I would trade places in a heartbeat

Renee said...

Cindy, You are right, I don't need reminding Cindy, I am grateful I have them alive and well. Doesn't mean I have to enjoy cleaning up puke tho :)

Shelley, Thanks :) Santa will definately have to check out the Squinkies!

Mindi said...

Sorry little Bree is sick! It's so sad when they are, and no fun at the same time! Hope Kels has a great Homecoming. I still remember mine, it's a fun time in life!!

Shelley T. said...

I try to do reviews and sometimes giveaways but it is very time consuming and with two little girls, a full time job and school work I do not have a lot of extra time! But when I see something that either Big J or Little J will love (and sometimes me!) I try to get a chance to review it. And yes Big J is always excited!